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Being at the World Trade Center now reflecting and praying for peace. Lets all make a difference and move towards a new future together.

Recognizing Our Kochos – In the first Sichas Mussar of the zman, Rav Weinberger discusses the untapped characteristics we each hold inside which are so vital to this time before Rosh Hashanah and yom kippur. 5774!
Recording Date: Aug 26, 2013
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Given at Yeshivah University. Beginning with the moment of crossing over from the end of one year into the beginning of the new year. The story of the Rebbe from Radeshitz – a mikveh in the Lodz ghetto. We are looking for a mkiveh, a spiritual gate and pathway. Hearing blessings within the tochachah (reproof). One essential sentence of the tochachah. What does serving Hashem in joy “merov kol” (from so much of everything). Hashem has bestowed so much upon us, He has invested Himself in us – and we do not recognize these gifts; THAT is Hashem’s complaint. It is forbidden, at this time of the year, to ignore Hashem’s gift and the abilities we were given which includes the gift of teshuvah. Adam harishon’s honesty – I ate, and I will eat again! The despair of thinking that I can’t stop sinning. The incoming assumption as opposed to the actual conclusion. We have wings of powerful winds and eagles. What use are our capabilities and gifts from Hashem if we don’t know, remember or believe in them? Let’s remember!

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Inspiration from 9-11, Midnightrabbi inspires always brings an insight if your looking for one:)

Being at the World Trade Center now reflecting and praying for peace. Lets all make a difference and move towards a new future together.

From Dan Winger – As the anniversary of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks on our great nation gets closer, I find myself going through many different emotions. I will NEVER forget that day of horror as long as I live. I watched as thousands of my fellow citizens were murdered in front of my eyes and I felt so helpless to do something. To this day the main emotion that surfaces is anger. Angry that I could not do something. As a police officer, you are trained to help save peoples lives. I could do nothing since I was so far away. I pray for the families of the victims that terrible day all the…

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Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

How do you deal with life in the spotlight?

I don’t know. How do you deal with it? It’s pretty cool.

You change your appearance — that’s one thing! Do people not recognize you these days?

Not even at my own shows!

When I saw you at the hotel, I didn’t even recognize you. You were wearing blue gym shorts, a blue T-shirt and tennis shoes — you just looked like a regular basketball player. People always grow and change and that’s awesome. Why did you decide to make your religious transformation so public?

The question is how do I not make it anything but public? I didn’t think I wanted to mention it. I wasn’t planning on mentioning it afterwards, with the Twitter thing. But I was going through Twitter and I read that quote ["When the tide comes in I lose my disguise"] — a fan quoted that lyric from “Thunder,” and I was like, “Oh, that’s perfect!”

‘Who is to say what the disguise is?’
Sometimes you write lyrics and it can mean one thing for you and then a year later it can mean a totally different thing for you and at that moment I felt, wow, there is something inside of me even at that point that felt that I was in disguise. There was some part of me even four years ago when I wrote that song that felt one day I’m going to take off my disguise and then, on the other hand, you can say, “Who is to say what the disguise is?” Maybe the other one is the disguise. But in that moment, I felt it was time to reveal panim, the face. So then I was thinking, “People will see me at shows and they won’t get that it’s me — I’m gonna have to mention it. People are going to want to know what’s going on.”

How are you navigating your current level of Jewish observance on the road?

It’s kind of a different thing for me now. There are certain things I am still holding on to strongly, like obviously not performing on Shabbos, not traveling on Shabbos. Kosher. Kosher has been easy for me in this run because we have a chef and he is a vegetarian and he cooks just for me. So that one’s like knocked off. So that’s that. Shabbos is Shabbos.

‘There are so many rules in Judaism, and if you get into them and you get obsessed and you have the kind of life that I have, it can make you a very unhappy person’
Everything else, for the most part, I’m not holding myself to it in terms of the rule aspect of it. It is more about an ideal. Ideally I would like to put my tefillin on every morning and daven mincha and daven ma’ariv [two of the three daily prayer services]. And I would like to say brachos [blessings] and all these things. But I sort of stopped holding myself to it. It is a weight off now I do it when I have the time and it feels right. When I make the time, I am a little bit more accepting, a little more patient with myself maybe than I was in past years trying to fit in putting tefillin on with, like, in the morning when I had to be at a radio station at 8:30… There are so many rules in Judaism, and if you get into them and you get obsessed and you have the kind of life that I have, it can make you a very unhappy person. It can make everything complicated and more stressful than it needs to be, so I kind of loosened the knots a little bit.

How was the transformation for your family?

My one-year-old dealt with it. He had to get used to seeing my face. I think the first time I held him, he didn’t recognize me. But it was very quickly that he got it. I think they look in the eyes. And the feeling and the voice. Maybe more than anyone else my one-year-old son got it right away. No judgments, certainly from him. And then, my other two boys go to Chabad school (in Los Angeles), and I had to warn them and tell them that people might say stuff. We had to have a lot of conversations.

‘More than anyone else my one year old son got it right away. No judgments’
I think it’s given them a whole new take on… everything, because they will want to know. That things are not as simple; life is a little more complex. It is not so clear.

We had a conversation with my son on the way up here that was so interesting, where he was saying that… the whole thing with Jews and non-Jews and the differences and all that. I try to open them up and just give them alternatives. Basically, I just tell them, “When you are raised in a religious family, you learn that there is no alternative. That there is one ultimate truth. And you can see it might come in various shades and colors. At the end of the day there is one truth and that one truth is this.”

I’ve had to talk to my kids and explain that maybe that’s not so. Basically what I tell them is that no one can ever be sure of anything — and in this life, your teachers, parents, yourself — you can have your own ideas, your own opinions, intuitions feelings, etc., whatever it is. But never to be too sure of yourself, and never to be too sure of anyone because, at the end of the day, we don’t know. That was a new idea for them. But amazing conversations — me and my sons.”
Please read my blog its to hard for me to say more, other than quote my friends , ” I was even more scared after seeing matis
I was done from the music bus.
I realized though that Hashem needs warriors everywhere
where one falls
he raises another!
Lets start with Getting our kids back to Torah and seeing its light
Daven to H” about it
the lines get so blurry with Public rebuke
or anything in the like!”
I agreed but make sure you all speak to your local truthful Rabbi before being confused by any public statements and paths of modern day musicians ! Hashem Yerachem ! Moshaich now !

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Before anyone gets confused, please read this , an Anonymous answer to Matisyahu’s changes and his article in with five big ?’s!

The first big question is why does post an Exclusive Interview about an Exclusive person such as Matisyahu , which should right now only confuse people :) ? Why didn’t you post a response to Matisyahu’s post which is bordering on Apicorus etc… and Matisyahy has much more influence in this article than

The second big question is why post from Matisyahu numerous times his confusing response about re-defining Judism, and comments such as  “I was literally walking out of a jail cell that I had been in”… ?

The third big question…

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Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

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Inline image 1Happy Chanukah and light up the lives of our children with kindness and donations!

THANKS TO YOU, the Jaffa Institute’s 2012 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS were AMAZING! Now please help us and our 30 2013 Bar Mitzvah students to make their day extra special and help change the direction of their lives forever. Please join us and donate generously by clicking here -> and in the comments say that you are Eli’s friend to secure you part in these special boys’ Bar Mitzvah!

Updates on Our Sister Organizations of from our newsletter 2012!
Bar Mitzvah at Bet Shemesh

2013 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS is in your hands!

Bet Shemesh B’nei Mitzvah Ceremony 2012

On 23 April 2012, 15 boys who study at the Bet Shemesh Education Center celebrated their B’nei Mitzvah in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Judean Hills. Like all of the boys at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center – a residential high school for at-risk boys – these adolescents come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Sadly, their parents simply could not afford to provide them with celebrations to mark the important milestone of becoming Bar Mitzvah.

This year, the Center fulfilled the dreams of its B’nei Mitzvah students. The day’s events marked the culmination of a course in which the boys studied the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as an important boundary between childhood and adulthood. The young men began their special day with their family and friends at a beautiful ceremony, which was followed by a luxuriously catered meal. In honor of the momentous event, each of the boys was given a set of teffilin and a tallit, as well as a wrist-watch. They were then taken on an exciting field trip to the Old City of Jerusalem, where they enjoyed several historical tours and ate delicious pizza. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Western Wall; a poignant occasion which held much meaning for the Bar Mitzvah boys.

We would like to thank the Goldsmith Family and all the other donors who made this special day of celebration possible.

For more information about this year’s celebration as well as footage of the day’s events please click here

To see more photos of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, please click here and here

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THE JAFFA INSTITUTE ANNUAL GALA DINNER 2013 <- for more info Click here <-

You Are Cordially Invited!

The 2011 Gala Dinner

Guests of Honor: Beryl and Neil Davis

Chairman: Adv. Eyal Rozovsky

Host: Sharon Kidon

January 13th 2013

Avenue Conventions Center, Airport City near Ben Gurion Airport

2011 Gala Dinner

All proceeds from the event will benefit the children of Jaffa and south Tel Aviv participating in the Afternoon Activity Centers.

Come visit otherwise donate safely and secure !
Please help us share awareness and help us make this happen, with advice appreciated!
This is the link for Donations  , please leave in comments eli!
sincere thanks and happy chanukah!

Eli and family and friends :)

Everyone who helped with our recent campaign also deserves thanks , please help and share so we can live in peace and calm with all those under threat need thanks –


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Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!

Help Us For 13 In 2013 To 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah In Israel For Special Boys,  As You Make Your Bar Mitzvah Celebration For Your Beloved Son, Please Help Us Make Ours For Our Sons!

You can donate kindly here and securly :) 2013-14 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS Is In Your Hands!-><- and in the comments say that you are Eli’s friend.

Bet Shemesh Bar Mitzvah Ceremony 2012

On 23 April 2012, 15 boys who study at the Bet Shemesh Education Center celebrated their B’nei Mitzvah in a beautiful

ceremony overlooking the Judean Hills. Like all of the boys at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center – a residential high school for at-risk boys – these adolescents come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Sadly, their parents simply could not afford to provide them with celebrations to…

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Forgiveness 2012-3 5773, new beginnings!

Inspiration for the new year, with forgiveness, please forgive me and only good news for us all!

Click here for great inspiration from a deep source -> Shalosh_Seudah_Torah Vayelech

The learning for this week’s shiur, Vayeilech &more,  learning should be a zechus for the speedy redemption of:Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).Please remember him in your tefillos. Guys please share! The Supreme court will IYH look over appeals on September 24th (day before yom kippur) and decide which cases they will review.�
The supreme court receives 10,000 cases a year, but only reviews 75-80 of them! It’s up to us to spread the case to the whole world (or at least to people we know).�
Please sign the petition from the link below.
Gmar Chasima Tova to everyone.� Check out this new short clip about Sholom Rubashkin’s case and the justice system:�Send it to all your friends via twitter, facebook, and of course your entire email list!May Sholom Rubashkin indeed see the justice he so

Alex Clare meets Idolator. And hes not an Idol, hes the real thing , check it out for yourself!

Asking Forgiveness <- click here for orig. link! :)

For on this day [Yom Kippur] He shall effect atonement for you to cleanse you. Before G‑d, you shall be cleansed from all your sins—Leviticus16:30.

On Yom Kippur, G‑d mercifully erases all the sins we have committed “before G‑d”—but not the sins we may have committed against our fellow man. If we really want to come out of this holy day completely clean, we need to first approach any individual whom we may have wronged and beg their forgiveness. This applies whether the offense was physical, emotional, or financial (in which case, seeking forgiveness is in addition to making appropriate monetary restitution).

Just as the offending individual is enjoined to sincerely seek forgiveness, so, too, the victim is expected to wholeheartedly forgive—provided he is assured that the plea for forgiveness is indeed sincere.

More Details:

  • It is proper to specify the wrongdoing for which you are seeking forgiveness—unless doing so would cause further embarrassment to the victim.
  • If the injured party refuses to grant forgiveness, the offender should try approaching him several times, each time in the company of a few friends (who can try to convince the victim of the sincerity of the offender’s intentions).
  • If the individual whom you have wronged has since passed away, and the gravesite is in the vicinity, take a minyan to the gravesite and beg forgiveness there. If the gravesite is not in the vicinity, you can appoint someone to go to the grave together with a minyan to ask for forgiveness on your behalf.
  • The content on this page is copyrighted by the author, publisher and/or, and is produced by If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with the copyright policy.

Thank G-d Rivkalah’s arm is better ! Thanks for your Tefillos!
No more cast like the Struggle Group :)

This is a great story how we suffered after yom tov, this plumber cleaned out 2 playmobile men from the toilet by filling our house with poo and still didn’t manage to clean the block, the worst plumber and he advertises as a playmobile man lol finally after some real cash paid came a real perosn and now we’re cleaned up spiritually and physically, thank you G-d ! Struggle Group!

Fiddler Raises the Roof

Daniel Ahaviel is one of the Jewish world’s top fiddlers; he’s also our dear friend and spiritual brother. He’s the one who plays the violin on our Judean Dream album. There’s no one who can fiddle and dance like he can. Daniel lives and breathes the joy of serving Hashem. Rebbe Nachman teaches that you can’t make teshuva if you’re not happy, so we need to put smiles on our face before Yom Kippur, and not be sullen like some folks think. And by the way, Yiddishkeit is cool…  

When the prophet noticed the Children of Israel deviating too far from their roots, he urged us, “Return Israel to Hashem, your G-d… return to Hashem” [1]. Why did the prophet see to repeat the fact that we must return to Hashem? In addition, why emphasise that it is Israel who must return: obviously if they are the ones who were sinning it is they that must repent?!

Furthermore, a significant part of the repentance prayers [2] seems to involve expressing that the complete repentance programme is too cumbersome! Are we trying to make things worse for ourselves?!

Amongst the many who were affected by the Tsumani disaster, was a South African Jewish family. The husband was out at sea at the time, whilst his wife, baby and maid were on the beach. The maid was the first to spot the gigantic Tsunami wave and unsuccessfully attempted to attract her employer’s attention. It was too late. He watched helplessly as his family was washed away, whilst he himself managed to grab onto a tree as he was washed ashore.

In the meantime his wife and maid were pressed up against the side of a tall building. They were up to their necks in water and the mother became frantic – she had lost hold of her baby!

In the meantime the maid felt something brush against her leg from the side. Instinctively she picked up this ‘thing’ – it was the baby!

G-d is our Heavenly parent. He wants us – his baby – to return to Him.

This is what the prophet is coming to emphasise:

It is not just about ‘returning to G-d’, but rather that we – the sons of Israel – the children of G-d, return to our Father in heaven.

We do not just simply return to G-d for our own benefit, but rather because just like a parent desires their child to ‘return’ to them, so too our Heavenly Father desires and helps us return to Him. The repentance programme of contemplation, removing oneself from sin, regret and acceptance to improve in the future might all seem daunting, or even ‘against all odds’. But so might reading, writing, walking for the first time or learning how to ride a bike. As long as our teachers want us to learn, then we can indeed succeed to great heights. And so we must remember that it is our Heavenly Father that we are talking about who wants us to return to Him! All we have to do is express our desire to return to Him, appreciate that we will need His help and take the first few steps to return to HimimHimH.

Have by father best Shabbos,

Dan. <-click here for more!

Knuckle Bumping[i] from Gutman locks IMG_1392
     When I told this Israeli to talk to G-d, he “smacked” his knuckles against the sky as if he was “knuckle bumping” Hashem! I thought that I had seen everything, but this one cracked me up.
What Are You Supposed to Think?
     What are you supposed to think when you see a Jew who looks like this? “Weirdo! Ha! Ha! I wonder where he has been? Oh Boy! Look at that!” …and on and on.
     But you know what? We all have looked like we needed help at sometime in our IMG_0120
lives. And you know what else? If you will extend yourself, and help even the strangest cases, G-d is going to extend Himself, and help even you. [i] A recent fad type of handshake!

Highlights from the High Holy days of Tishrei! :) new year too!

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Don’t be a chicken! :)

 !Don’t be like Chickens Yom tov is coming

Erev Yom Kippur

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Hallel, Hoshanos

The Festival of Sukkot – Blessing the Lulav…

Rebbe Sukkus time intense , shsh

Kaliver Rebbe had us in mind when he was waking up the lost yidden

Hoshanah rabbah – Judgement

Dancing children Sukkot in Jerusalem 5771

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Click inspirations-for-today Everyday! From Gutman Locks – His Sons Are Not Jewish
I explained to them in a way that children could understand that G-d is Infinite, so they should never worship a limited god. Then, I showed them how to pray for their loved ones. Although we are to help all people, including non-Jews, if a non-Jew’s father is Jewish, we have an additional reason to try to help him.A Non-Jew’s CommentTo the video; Jews Should Marry Jews

If you are Jewish, and dating a non-Jew, read this 43-year-old American’s comment to my video on the importance of Jews marrying Jews.

He wrote:“I agree that Jews marrying Jew is the most important message. My family line ended up non-Jewish because my grandparent’s son did not marry Jewish, and now everyone in the family is not Jewish in two generations.”Gutman adds:

Look beyond the sensual moment before you get involved and become attached. Do not throw away your 4,000-year-old family for a physical attraction. A central prayer that we say three times a day warns; “Do not follow your eyes and hearts for they will lead you astray.”[i]

More from Gutman locks “He’s a Heretic!”You never know when you ask someone to do a mitzvah what is going to happen. This Israeli walked by, and when I asked him to put on tefillin he roughly pushed me off.A religious Jew who was walking in the other direction called out to me, “Forget him. He’s a complete kofer!” A kofer is a Jew who denies the Torah, a heretic.

Just then, as if the Israeli had heard him, but really he was way too far away to have heard, turned, came over, and told me to help him to put on tefillin.

After he finished I asked him what changed his mind. It was as if some mystical voice told him to do it. He said, “Someone has been pressing me to do it.”I said, “But it was a good thing to do, right?” He agreed, and he walked over to the Kotel looking satisfied.

     The Jew who heard him push me off, and called him a kofer did not see that he turned, so he still thinks that he is a denier. But you can never judge someone else’s place. It is hard enough to be fair even when you judge your own.August 30, 2012 (1 photo)

A hot 16 bar freestyle from Nosson Zand, Boston-bred emcee and singer/songwriter recently on tour with Matisyahu, Dub Trio and The Dirty Heads. Nosson Zand o…

eli gold old song “shalom” from 12 years ago saved from a wreck ->inspirations-for-today/

The Cry of a Child

You shall not see your brother’s ox or sheep going astray and ignore them; rather, you should restore them to your brother.

And so you shall do with every lost thing of your brother – you may not remain oblivious (22:1-3)

When Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch was a young man, he lived in the same house as his father, Rabbi Schneur Zalman. Rabbi DovBer and his family lived in the ground floor apartment, and Rabbi Schneur Zalman lived on the second floor.

One night, while Rabbi DovBer was deeply engrossed in his studies, his youngest child fell out of his cradle. Rabbi DovBer heard nothing. But Rabbi Schneur Zalman, who was also immersed in study in his room on the second floor, heard the infant’s cries. The Rebbe came downstairs, lifted the infant from the floor, soothed his tears, replaced him in the cradle, and rocked him to sleep. Rabbi DovBer remained oblivious throughout it all.

Later, Rabbi Schneur Zalman admonished his son: “No matter how lofty your involvements, you must never fail to hear the cry of a child.”

The Lubavitcher Rebbe told this story to a gathering of community activists in 1962. “To me,” said the Rebbe, “this story characterizes the approach of Chabad-Lubavitch. With all the emphasis on self-refinement and one’s personal service of the Almighty, one must always hear the cry of a child.

“This is most applicable today, when so many Jewish children of all ages, have fallen out of the cradle of their heritage. Their souls cry out to us, and we must have the sensitivity to hear their cries and to respond. We must interrupt our prayers and our studies and do everything in our power to sooth these desperate souls and restore them to their cradle.”

Jaffa Institute B’nei Mitzvah Project

This campaign is being run for the children of the Jaffa Institute.

Campaign Owner: Chantal Jacobs

THE  Jaffa Institute ‘s YOUTH 4 YOUTH Program



The most significant event in each young Jewish person’s life is their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah marks an individual’s entry into adult life and is an important time when adolescents can begin to reflect upon their responsibilities not only towards themselves and their families, but also towards the wider community.

Embarking upon a Bar or Bat Mitzvah project is a valuable experience which enhances the development of a young adult’s sense of social justice and reinforces the Jewish principle of Tzedaka. Learning about those less fortunate than themselves and taking action to relieve their suffering enriches the Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience and enhances its meaning.

Participants in the Jaffa Institute’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah program are encouraged to learn about the 30 different programs that the organization runs while considering the different needs that our services address. They often choose to embark upon their own fundraising initiative in order to contribute towards their favorite Jaffa Institute program.

When the participants or their friends and family come to Israel, they are always welcome to visit the program that they have supported and see the positive impact that their Bar or Bat Mitzvah has had upon the children of the Jaffa Institute. They can also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Institute’s Food Distribution Center where they can pack boxes of food for needy families.

To Donate please leave a message, your “Eli Goldsmith’s friend” thanks :) https://www.rootfunding.comdonate&campaign :) <- click here!

The Summer Newsletter gives thanks to our kind donors :)

Updates on Our Sister Organizations of 

On April 23rd 2012, 15 students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center celebrated their B”nei Mitzvah in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Judean Hills. Like all of the boys at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center these adolescents come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Sadly, their parents simply could not afford to provide them with any celebrations to mark the important milestone of becoming Bar Mitzvah.This year, the Center fulfilled the dreams of its B”nei Mitzvah students. The day”s events marked the culmination of a course in which the boys studied the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as an important boundary between childhood and adulthood. The young men began their special day with their family and friends at a beautiful ceremony, which was followed by a luxuriously catered meal. In honor of the momentous occasion, each of the boys was given a set of teffilin and a tallit, as well as a wrist-watch. They were then taken on an exciting field trip to the Old City of Jerusalem where they enjoyed several historical tours and ate delicious pizza. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Western Wall; a poignant occasion which held much meaning for the Bar Mitzvah boys.We would like to thank the Goldsmith Family and all the other donors who made this unforgettable day possible.For more information, Click here<- and please contact Eli Goldsmith by email at or by telephone at +972-57-3175856.

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center was established to give boys from disadvantaged communities all over Israel the opportunity to realize their full potential. Coming from families entrenched in poverty for generations, most of the students had already begun the decline into delinquent behavior and truancy before they entered high school. The Center”s core aim is to give these boys-deemed “unlikely to succeed” by their social workers-a second chance.As the 2012 school year came to a close, the Center staff witnessed the impact of the school materialize before them as 18 boys graduated in a beautiful ceremony. The graduates have new ventures to look forward to as 15 begin various yeshiva programs which prepare them for the army, two join the IDF, and one participates in a Yeshivat Hesder program (an IDF program that combines military service with Talmudic education for those of whom wish to continue their religious studies).The graduation, which was attended by the students” families and friends, was a huge achievement for all the students. In particular, it was an admirable accomplishment for the six boys who came from Ethiopian-immigrant families. These boys came from severely impoverished backgrounds and the majority arrived at the school with weak levels of literacy and numeracy. All of those in attendance were filled with pride as they experienced the first step towards the successful futures of the Bet Shemesh graduates.

For more information, please contact Yechiel Marcus by email at or by telephone at +972-57-3175856.For more information, please visit:
   Date: August 2012 Make A Donation and mention eli in comments thanks !


A word from our Founder and Chairman: Dr. David J. Portowicz

In recent months the Jaffa Institute has been working hard to help underprivileged members of Israeli society live not only in comfort but also with dignity. While for most Israelis the Passover holiday represents a time for joy, celebration and delicious food, for a large minority it remains a sad reminder that their kitchen cupboards are empty and they cannot afford to provide their children with the festive treats they long for.

During Passover 2012, the Jaffa Institute strived to alleviate this hardship for the members of our community. Our Food Distribution Center delivered special Pesach food parcels to over 2,000 needy families, providing them with all of the nutritious festive food they required to observe the holiday with pride. Indeed, thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers – including Israeli school children participating in the annual “Good Deeds Day” – we were able to quadruple our regular list of recipients and reach even more disadvantaged residents of south Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

Moreover, the Bet Shemesh Educational Center – the Jaffa Institute”s sister organization – hosted a Pesach Seder (ritual Passover meal) for over 400 impoverished Ethiopian-immigrants. For many of the guests, this was their first ever experience of a Seder and proved to be a meaningful experience, never to be forgotten.

As summer arrived and the school year ended, the Jaffa Institute”s famous summer camp began. This 8-week camp allows the disadvantaged children in our care to enjoy an exciting range of summer activities within a supervised framework. From days spent at the local swimming pools to outings to Israel”s national parks, the Summer Camp endeavors to enhance our participants” self-esteem and help them believe they are worthy of such pleasures. With one month of this summer”s camp remaining, I appeal to you, our friends and supporters, to join us in our mission of providing these vulnerable children with a safe and rewarding alternative to the dangerous streets of Jaffa and south Tel Aviv.

In friendship,

Dr. David J. Portowicz

Summer in the Sun!
Every summer, when the school year ends, underprivileged children in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv continue to receive vital help and supervision from the Jaffa Institute. In order to uphold the goals of the Jaffa institute – which prioritizes the safety and success of the children in our care – our after-school programs transition to morning care in the form of Summer Camp during July and August.This year, the young children participating in the Jaffa Institute”s Annual Summer Camp have much to look forward to. In keeping with the ideals of summer, school work is put on hold and replaced with activities such as playing sports and games within the centers, taking part in drama and, arts and crafts activities, and observing Jewish and national holidays. In addition, the children regularly take field trips to swimming pools, movie theaters and hiking destinations in order to take advantage of the summer weather and encounter new challenges and experiences.During the 2012 summer vacation, the children also have the opportunity to take part in some out-of-the-ordinary activities as well. Indeed, with all of the exciting sporting events occurring this summer, the children have more than enough to keep them busy. Together, the children kept track of the European Soccer Cup, rooting for their favorite teams and keeping score on a special score-board. They have also made predictions for the Olympics and are creating their own Mini-Olympics Games with competitions in various sporting activities! As such, the Jaffa Institute summer camp not only provides the children with a safe and supervised setting, it also ensures that their vacation is filled with fun!To sponsor a child at the Summer Camp, For more information, Click here<- and please contact Eli Goldsmith by email at or by telephone at +972-57-3175856.
Stepping Stone to Success
In August 2012, the Jaffa Institute is launching an exciting new program that will cater exclusively for the needs of vulnerable teenage girls. The Stepping Stone Program will provide a supportive therapeutic and educational framework for adolescent girls who are at risk of falling through the cracks in the system and entering adulthood uneducated and with few opportunities for success. These vulnerable girls are from disadvantaged families in south Tel Aviv and often display harmful behaviors such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and promiscuity in response to abuse and neglect they have experienced. Crucially, the girls have begun to miss school, therefore jeopardizing their chance of graduating with any qualifications.At the Stepping Stone Center the girls will receive regular help with their school work to encourage them to engage in their education and reduce the risk of them dropping out of school. To help them overcome their psychological difficulties they will take part in both group therapy and one-on-one therapy with the program”s social worker. While the group therapy will help them to realize they are not alone in their suffering, the individual sessions will aim to address each girl”s unique issues. Furthermore, to encourage the girls to make healthy life choices, they will take part in a range of workshops focusing on lifestyle topics such as sexuality, personal relationships and drugs. Armed with increased confidence, healthy attitudes, and improved academic performance, these girls will be given the tools they need to succeed.For more information, please contact David Portowicz by email saying eli sent you at or by telephone at +972-(0)3-6832626. 
The Jaffa Institute relies on the generosity of its friends around the world in order to continue with our work in support of needy children.
To help us by making a donation, please visit the secure donations part of our website:, or you can send your donation to any branch of the Friends of The Jaffa Institute.Thank you so much for your wonderful support .and don”t forget to come visit!
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45 At-Risk Teenage Girls to be given a safe haven at the Beit Ruth Village
When the Beit Ruth Hostel opened in 2006, it signified the first stage in an ambitious plan to help thousands of Israeli teenage girls overcome traumatic experiences of abuse and neglect and achieve their academic and social potential. The unique methods used at the Hostel emphasize providing its residents with a nurturing environment and helping them to break down social barriers they have built in response to the cruelty they have endured. At the Hostel, the girls receive intensive therapy and at-home schooling as well as a comprehensive welfare program which tends to all of their physical needs. This holistic approach within an all-female setting has had astounding results, with graduates from the Hostel successfully re-integrating into their communities, completing their high school matriculation exams and enrolling into the Israeli army.Soon, these effective methods will be implemented at the Beit Ruth Educational Village. The Village, which is located near Afula, will eventually provide refuge to 200 at-risk girls. The campus is being built over 6 phases and is being populated gradually. Once completed it will boast ten separate residential units, a swimming pool and two, two-story public buildings, encompassing a day school, a dining room, an auditorium, a library, an art studio, a dance studio, and many more facilities designed to encourage the residents to excel and thrive.Phase 1 of the construction of the Village is close to completion. Indeed, by December 2012 three dormitory buildings, each housing 15 girls, will be ready for use. Although Beit Ruth has not actively publicized the launch of the Village, the registration list for participants is swiftly filling up as social workers all over the country endeavor to find an effective solution for the at-risk girls in their care. The girls are selected on the basis of the urgency of their case and their chances of success. Furthermore, like the Hostel, the Village seeks to empower the girls who attend it by giving them the choice to enroll into the program; as such, the Village seeks to recruit participants who genuinely want to take advantage of the innovative program and benefit from the rehabilitative and academic framework it will provide.
First Annual Beit Ruth Gala Dinner
On June 20 2012, the first annual Beit Ruth gala dinner was held in America to celebrate the achievements of Beit Ruth and honor Susan Ashner, the founder of Beit Ruth. 400 guests including Michael Oren – the Israeli Ambassador to USA – gathered at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York.Susan Ashner has been the driving force and visionary behind the Beit Ruth project. Her determination, together with her heartfelt dedication to relieving the suffering of teenage victims of abuse, has ensured that her dream of providing a large-scale solution for at-risk girls will soon become a reality. Indeed, the ongoing support of Susan and her husband, Michael Ashner, has been instrumental in the success of the Beit Ruth Hostel and vital to the expansion of the program at the Beit Ruth Village.The event was a great success and raised $1.8 million dollars towards the construction of the Beit Ruth Village.For more information, Click here<- and please contact Eli Goldsmith by email at or by telephone at +972-57-3175856.

Click here to see a short film about Beit Ruth graduate, Tanya

For more information, please visit:

First annual Beit Ruth gala dinner held in New York


The Jaffa Institute hosted its first annual Beit Ruth gala dinner in New York on 20 June, 2012

Senator John McCain, together with other esteemed guests – Dr. Michael B. Oren and Sally Oren, gathered at the Grand Hyatt Hotel to honor Susan M. Ashner, the founder of Beit Ruth.

Thanks to Susan Ashner’s generosity and dedication, in 2006, the Jaffa Institute established the Beit Ruth Hostel for at-risk girls, which can accommodate 13 teenagers in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

Susan Ashner’s contribution and involvement in this project enabled the Jaffa Institute to extend its work towards the protection of at-risk young women. As the Beit Ruth Hostel has been very successful, and since the need for the Hostel vastly exceeds our present capacity to serve, we are currently building the Beit Ruth Educational Village where over 200 girls will be given refuge and the opportunity to rehabilitate.

The Beit Ruth Educational Village will be established on a 100,000 square foot plot (16 dunams) of land near the city of Afula. The Beit Ruth Educational Village will be a safe haven for teenage girls who struggle to develop socially, academically, and emotionally. This place will provide them with therapeutic, rehabilitating, social, recreational, and educational enrichment programs all while nurturing their personal sense of self-esteem and self belief.

When completed, the Beit Ruth Educational Village will eventually serve over 200 disadvantaged girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 24.

Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith

Israel – 00972-57-317-5856
Email –

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Summer Camp for our children!

2012 Summer Camp

From July onwards, for over one month and a half, Israeli children will stop going to school and will start their summer vacation. This marks the beginning of a dangerous period for the children in the care of the Jaffa Institute.

Indeed, as the school year ends, most Israeli children look forward to a long break filled with fun, games and relaxation. However, many of the parents of the children in our care cannot afford to pay for summer camps and need to keep working long hours.

As a result, in July and August, the children in our care find themselves unattended for most of the day. With Jaffa’s crime and drug abuse rates almost twice the national average, children on the streets are often placed in at-risk situations related to drugs, violence, and other forms of crime.

In addition to the dangers presented by this situation, these children will not enjoy the benefits provided by an experience at a summer camp. Indeed, such programs are known to give children the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a low pressure atmosphere as well as provide them with responsibilities that they may not otherwise be exposed to in a different environment. In addition to developing their leadership and social skills, an experience at a summer camp helps children gain self-esteem.

The Jaffa Institute believes that such benefits should be offered to all children, no matter how wealthy their parents are. Therefore, we organize an Annual Summer Camp that over 150 at-risk children attend. The summer camp takes place in our four after-school activity centers in the Greater Jaffa area.

The Annual Summer Camp aims to provide disadvantaged children with a safe and enriching alternative to being left at home unsupervised or exposed to the dangers of the streets. In addition, this program provides a “hook” to disadvantaged children to engage them in positive activities which can enhance their social, academic and personal growth.

Finally, our summer camp program is unique as our Therapeutic Center remains open in the summer in order to allow the children who receive social and educational support services during the school year to continue their therapy program without a break.

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