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My own story is that more than 16 years ago i was in Brighton. Not so bright as you may imagine being that i was in Sussex University in England etc… However, G-d had grace on me and the same friend who donated 5000$ for the Bar Mitzvah (see above) the other week , also had a father with good hookups in property and found me a place by the sea and next to the only shul (he was a Chabad shliach which we will get to that story another time bs’d) in 1000;s of miles etc…

However, as yet unafliated to any shul i was trying to keep shabbos/Shabbat/the sanctified day of rest. Little did i know, lol and truth to be told i ate cold food and slept and read most the day. Friends would come try and get me to smoke up or chill with some tunes, but my life was now Shabbosdik…. At the end of one quiet Shabbos where the only Siddur i had happened to be a reform piece of junk, i decided to walk down to the beach to watch the sunset (didnt know about Eruv etc…). Anyhow, a man dressed all in blue and with piecing blue eyes came and said shalom… Now remember Brighton is filled with Gays , but this guy had something more important to say… He said his name was David and saw me trying to read the Hebrew which funny enough was Tehillim/psalms from David Hamelech and i honestly said “i havent a clue etc…” He said to me very stongly , u will be able to read this in a few months and soon all the Siddur and all books like this , and then he went on to tell all personal things which all the things gave me strength to move on in my life and have the courage to leave Uni and come to Israel etc… After he finished he went to the toilet and never retutrned … The sun was set and within a few months through the darkenss of night i was in the holy land reciting that prayer with renewed clarity and strength. Tehilim/Psalm 34 ” Sur merah, veaseh Tov Bakesh Shalom Rodfeio” Run from evil and do good , seek shalom and it will find you… Eliyahu Hanavi will bring Shalom to the world, between Father and son and hearts of sons to fathers etc… (see end of the prophet Malachi in Tannach, the last of the Prophets for the end of days)


Excuse spelling mistakes … this is from the heart!
REALLY Private please don’t copy withouti permission!

“Holocaust now, Final solution Now, Return at the end of the night!’
Shalom all

Hope all is doing well
The story begins with the Midnight Rebbe he was created by a yeshivah Bochur in a place formally known as Ner Yaakov, or better known as Ner Jake*(the candle of Jack). Shimmey wanted to reconnect a soul back to the internet world, and that soul was me, and I needed a name. Since I was coming every night at the midnight hours to say the least, Shimmey said “you know what, you’re the Midnight Rebbe.” The boss agreed in the New Year that this was the franchise that had to stick. He made a not so funny joke that maybe I’m the midday rabbi but after a little bit of banter the Midnight Rebbe name became official, The Midnight Rebbe Job.

The story all begins with a world that needs the Midnight Rebbe. Why? Because the youth are in a time called the end of days. We all need a little bit of light in those dark hours. The holy city of Jerusalem, the center of the holy land of Israel is where it all began. The streets are busy with the youth of the end of days wandering around, searching, chilling, drinking, doing drugs, hooking up, googling, facebooking, texting, smoking, video chatting, gaming, xboxing (my previous name was the xbox rebbe) etc. these holy people are in a holey world where time could just be lost especially in the days of youth where time is so precious and it could build their whole future to come, they can have purpose, inspiration, time management, and a life of success that lasts with a happy home and all this brings. The bottom line is someone needs to talk to the youth and this is the Midnight Rebbe. For example right now, Nate is the inspiration to begin this book at 5 in the morning to keep his eyes off facebook as slowly his life starts to get back into gear. This book will be a remembrance for him and everyone else where it started at those late midnight hours.

The story really begins being born into Edgware, London in the year 1980,
Lonely (תשמ(
was my english name and ploni hakohen was my Hebrew name. my north London parents worked hard to build a home which already consisted of two older brothers, eight years and five years ahead of my birth. My mother always said she hoped I was the girl they always wanted. She had even made a doll called Abigail hoping that would be her first present. Hashem had other plans, just like she always says when her son chose this meshuga religious lifestyle eventhough deep down she always sheps nachas.

Lonley ploni went to school where there were nations from all over the world forming a very global picture for my early days. My best friend Mathew was a normal football obsessed child, and his father used to say stop doing so much talking and do some playing. For example, what got me on to the school team was mathews brilliant attempted shot on goal but I accidentally saved it and the manager was impressed. For sure I was brighter than the average child, as my mother worked hard on all those extra hours of practicing writing and tutoring which determined personality she is bore fruit. My other friend who I bumped into a few times, jonathan also shared a clever approach to school and my questions which came in on later in life is why does a jewish cop shine out?

This story begins really with the teenage years. The setting is a school called john lions, a lower class version of harrow school. My close friends were chosen to be jewish even though they were a minority. I didn’t understand why when I went out with my old friends from Edgware school the local park kids would batter me and not them. Once again the question I had later in life was why were all my best friends jewish? There were so many other people around and somehow we drifted. At first the school thing seemed important with the history teacher and others offering a deeper understanding of where we come from, but the racial comments of chosen boy left me confused. I remember in my previous school a boy with hate in his eyes threw a coin at me and said stingy Jew pick it up. Later on with my Jewish crowd of guys and girls getting a Baskin Robbins came in the same boy and attacked one of my best friends who took the beating for us all. This happened many times and the hate in the eyes of the streets didn’t deter us from hanging out.

The story begins with the guy girl story which everybody wants to hear, Hashem should help us understand that some things are private and the power of repentance can change everything to its proper perspective and ideal. Therefore, the true reality is that now there is an intense focus on this issue. This needs an introduction and the truth is the same with all that this story mentions. Never the less this needs a more delicate approach so bs’d we shall begin. The awesome teenager feelings, the first kiss, the incessant spilling of seed, the movies and world of pornos, the first girl friend, the first of “tell me more did you get very far”, the big brother and friends introducing stage never known but now its too late the purity was taken etc…

The story continues, but lets take a look of society’s example of relationships that was brain washed into every child’s mind who had a T.V. and spent many a lonely hour with one. The computer world wasn’t fully where it’s at now, but satellite T.V. opened whole new horizons, with the local video store for an 8 – 10 year old could get 15 – 18 year old movies quite easily, the VCR was a good teacher. The next door neighbors wise advice of corrupting influences of what to do and his older sister etc. The huge balls where numbers were double figures of how many catches and who you forgot. The point is the openness in society to bring guy and girl together and Baruch Hashem not guy and guy etc with me started the process of confusion, which didn’t get easier with the long term relationships and heart break etc. One of my songs sums this all up, even the name holds a hint for those who know me “Family” the chorus chimes in “you will never see me down” conversations and sensual thoughts that must be forgiven, flirting mind of casual decision and body language is where your heart lies ,,” ” you will never see me down family eternally” we can do teshuvah and this song is an expression of this.

The religious story begins with deformed reformed Judaism, or lunacism, the dark emperor from Star Wars film as Head Rabbi did little to open my heart. The late start there and the famous Sunday themed song of “I hate Hebrew school” coupled with some lunatic frantic women teacher who Baruch Hashem was laid off after too many complaints and then Michael Jackson took over and suffered at the bored hands of his supposed students, “beat it (him) “whose bad etc.” Anyhow, my friends there were few and what really shook me up was on my return later in life, during the performance or service whatever it was, I’d had enough of the girl winking and checking me out while we played (prayed not), I took a look around and wondered into the new main Rabbit office and lol to behold was the New English Bible and a few other surprises, he’s open mind impressed me so much that his brain must of fallen out lol. The family had there moments of spiritual awakenings like the Seder table Pesach Nach, where my Grand Father was blessed with seeing a grandson freaking out and be sedated with injections from an uncle screaming as he would put away the walkman at our religiously concerned meal. Not wanting to offend my family, there traditionally kept alive what they knew, and many a positive meals together with Grandpa Chassidish kiddish, Grandma’s lochshon in the chicken soup, the tasty challos and the candles that shed light on our family together, don’t deny the drive and weekly “Only fools and horses” program broke the family vibe with newspaper coming first before those lost connecting moments. The Shabbos day consisted of toasted peanut butter challoh sandwiches and trips to Camdon Town for earrings and grunge clothing added to holeiness of the day. What was Judaism all about ? good food, boring services that I didn’t understand, marrying Jewish.

The story continues that music was the big inspiration and almost you could say religion, replacing the Judism, but the truth be told football was the big pull back then.
Who can forget as a Spurs fan the final of the F.A. cup as Gazza and Linker one us for the one time victory or how Gazza’s tears led to Englands one time disaster with west Germany being the champs G-d forbid, but as Spurs and England got worse and the sounds of the guitar beckon me a new in lived religion took over. The tapes collection of M.J, and Nivarna grew to C.D’s and Records for fun. The electric guitar fender and amp brought my guitar lessons alive and the acoustic was shelved for now. The bands that never made it past the spliff and the fans that never made it to the conctest in B.B.Y.O and we still one my boys singing “a few of our own” . Music was the key to unknowen expression, creativity and dedication and the heart lifted up …

The story needs some introduction to some important friends. A key person in my life is Jonny-be-good, I met him as a young teenager roaming the streets of Edgware and noticed he could handle himself in most situations. For start interestingly he is now world trained as a tie fighter esc… many occasions he backed me up on the rough streets of London. But more importantly he was the man where we cruised on those many nights to those many parties and always sensed there was more to life than that. Music was a big focus of connection where we formed a band called “common ground” We jammed in his shed and in our high state the music sounded good and common ground continues with the basis for “Unity of the bands” as Unity is the foundation, this was the idea of “Common Ground in London. He wrote a very kind intro to what I am doing now and I’m going to share it with you.

Lonley Ploni is one of my oldest and closest friends. We grew up together in North London.

Growing up, our lives revolved around music, either talking about it, playing it, listening to records or going to concerts.

Ploni was a gifted guitarist and song writer and he worked at the local record shop on the weekends and after school.

We regularly worked together at the big concerts and festivals selling T-shirts and programmes and we nearly always manage to sneak in and watch the bands play.

Ploni went to Sussex University to study music and it was during his second year there that he decided to make his first trip to Israel.

Before then Ploni had very a limited jewish education. You could say that music was his religion!

In Israel, he automatically gravitated towards the creative and spiritual side of Judaism and there is where he found everything he needed to fuel his passions.

Ploni travelled throughout the country with his guitar on his back and played for everyone who would listen.

After some time he moved to Ohr Moshiach Yeshiva where he immersed himself in Torah study and continued to play his guitar for his fellow yeshiva buchers and rabbis.

Within a few years Lonley (now Ploni) got married and he currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 5 beautiful children.

Being a religious man with a big black beard at the same time as playing a mean electric guitar solo and having seen every great band live in concert meant that Ploni commanded immediate respect from the young guys in his religious community.

Ploni was always inventing imaginative ways of teaching and inspiring their creativeness – especially through music – and the youth always responded extremely well to him.

He found himself in the role of an older-brother figure who the boys could talk to about subjects which they had no one else to talk to about.

Ploni realised how important his role was, and he started to actively go out to the youth centres and walked the streets of Jerusalem to meet the kids who were hanging around, bored, confused and naturally getting up to things which bored and confused youth get up to.

He found that the youth in Jerusalem were experimenting with drugs, sex, alcohol, violence and had all the social problems which are associated with youth all over the world.

Every night Ploni went out to the meet and listen to the youth – he played video games with them, they listened to music, they talked, and Ploni gave them gentle, helpful and modern guidance – and most importantly, he always took his guitar…

Ploni saw that these troubled youth loved music. They used it as a way to live another life. They related more to their Hip Hop heroes than to the rabbis who were teaching them daily, and Ploni knew that with the right guidance, their heroes could be exactly the inspiration that the youth needed to get themselves out of their troubled ways.

And this is how U-MUSE was born….

U-MUSE : Youth and Music – has been set up as a way to encourage the youth of Jerusalem to get involved in Music Ploni has organized practice sessions ….

The other friends like Joely a sincere true person has many ways to be explained, for example he helped me understand the power of music and we worked hard together to write many songs together, which really opened my creative potential and opened my heart to a more inspired place etc… He sits peacefully in his room composing and perfecting his music, the sincere words of a special soul helped me many times, for example, he told me that a man shouldn’t spill seed, something which most teenagers do incessantly. Instead to hold back became a new challenge, and according to our deep sefarim (books) is the key to all holiness and spiritual growth etc… This was his merit due to his sincere self to understand deep wisdoms and ways without never receiving this type of education. The Jewish people are hiding away huge talent and potential which once in a while we merit glimpsing this,,,
The music connection as you already sense is a huge part of the youth today, almost religiously approached and lived. We wanted to be rock stars, hippies, drugies, M.C’s for the coolest D.J.’s in the coolest clubs and we managed this on some level
This is a quote from a blogg of someone who inspired me here Gil is well-known at the Western Wall’s Chabad Tefillin Booth. With humor, warmth and love, he helps thousands of Jews, tourists, seekers, cool Israelis, soldiers, visiting politicians, to try this mitzvah. Making the experience personal and meaningful, he asks the person to “picture everyone in your family, one at a time. Try to picture them with light on their faces and smiling. Pray for their well-being, and for everyone you love. Pray for all of us. Don’t forget our soldiers, Jews in dangerous places, and those in the hospitals hurting.”
Sharing lessons learned the hard way, Gil gives hope and direction to many. “Why did I have to go through these long and torturous steps before I came home?” he muses. Though he usually describes his days wrapped in a tablecloth with his hair tied in a knot on his head with humor, “It was not really much fun to sit there in my hut in the woods, holding my hands clenched until they cracked and bled. Nor were those many months of having demons torture me during times of great joy.” But when called in desperation by a worried young man whose Buddhist meditation started turning into voices and a wrestle with evil forces, Gil was able to guide him as only one who knows the terrain can.
Rather than walk away from his past, its unique and crazy lessons are utilized to help others. Gil’s mission now is not to “escape the movie and come to a place where the world just doesn’t affect you anymore,” but to live up to what he has found to be the highest teaching of the Torah, encapsulated in the words of the Rebbe Maharash, Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch: “One ought to know the route to the supernal chambers, though it is not necessary. All you need is to help your fellow with a complete heart, to take pleasure in doing another person a favor.”
“Came from london long hair earing and all, tell the guru gill story to white bearded tefilin guy, he says thats me wanna come for the seder tonite, yeah and now check me out can we appreciate the effect our changes teshuvah makes, he’s straight and spiritual inspired me. IMP is he knows how to chill with his old friends too

Also you should know the path of teshuvah has its tests and down time, and those moments were lifted up with a strength from deep within to sing and dance know matter what. The power of simcha and truth really kept me a live in many dark moments, this is what enables me to help others in there dark moments. There were many occasions where my emmunah (faith ) and life style were tested and Baruch Hashem was able to look deep inside with the help of good advice and a good wife to make the right choices, this is a fundamental part of life where a person can pass his tests.

So lets get to a story you all want to hear the big test that changed my life from a self loving hunky secular music fanatic football fan night club runner drug dealer hippy skater smoker drinker gambler pimp etc,,, you know the average teenager these days to a focused spiritual life of Hashem loving torah lifestyle from within and without etc…gtg go last bus lol



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