Led Zeppelin brings drum kit home to the holy land lol

A great story from Led Zeppelin re-union concert at the Royal Albert Hall put on by my family the Goldsmiths, watch the vids to see the heros etc…

It all comes together with beautiful drums for studio work and concerts…

Thanks to Jeff Pulver .COM

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Eli Pmusic
Wow, what an inspirational story – I liked what your friend wrote about what you are doing too. Thanks for all this – send my love to …. and the little ones – I’ll be in touch soon.

great pics too http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.193809257321043.38217.100000759096176 Unity Concert 11′ Jerusalem with thanks to Jeremy Vann great pics
B”H read this the reality hits home and Hashem YeRachem
My name is Boruch .i am a rapper originally from New york but i have lived in a variety of states from the south to the
east.my story is very complicated so i’m going to try to make this very short.I was born in manhaten and my parents lived
in crown heights they i am the youngest of 4 children.basiclly my parents didn’t have a stable marrige and were always fighting
and took agression out on us soo social service took us away.we went to foster care and all the foster homes were very cruel
and evil i’m not going to get in to what happened.at the age of seven i got adopted.I grew up always in to chabad nigunim and always had a passion for music never knew at the age of 11 and 12 i would be getting in to rap music.i started actually listening to rap
at the age of 13 not to get off the subject.at age 12 my adopted parents got divorced and my adopted mom raised me and still supports me in everything till this day.i do have a stable relationship with my birth father though he lives in jerusalem and is re married.
so at the age of 14 i started rapping and it was real horible.by the age of 15 i got kicked out of all the yeshivas i went to.so i went to the summit school for kids who have behavirial problems.because i was a real troubled teenager stealing popping pills not a lot bringing knifes to the bath room in and out of hospitals hanging out with not such good people.so i went there and continued to do my music. i wrote songs mostly about depression and suicide and girls and drugs i never sold.at the age of 16 i went to a more intense program called kidspeace cus the other school couldn’t handle my suicidle situation.kids peace was a program for juvanile deliquents or kids who just got out of the mentle hospital.and i was roomates with a lot of kids who got out of juvanile or from really rough neighborhooods or even guys in gangs.i though it was cool.they excepted me for the most part.and we used to rap on tape recorders over instrumentals.i was pretty bad but a lot of people went with it and told me i was dope and others said i sucked and laughed.
some big puertorican guy even called me dr dreidle.but i was always passionite about my music and serious.always writting about
things around me like stories guys would tell me about afiliation with gangs or girls who cut them selfs; and ruthless things.my last roomate there was this kid named brian and he was from cha town me and him always rapped together and had a group called the connex.he loved my style and i spoke to him even after i got out.he currentlly is in and out of the jail system.after i got discharged from kidspeace i went back to the summit school and graduated from there at the age of 18.i met some interesting people there
and smoked a lot of pot got in to some trouble but nothing to big.at the age of 18 i decided i wanted some spirituality in my life so i told my adopted mom i want to go to israel.i was really inspired to become religous from this artist who people might know as matisyahu his words were unbelievable.his live shows were crazy and it just brought me to peace.he really inspired me and some of my non jewish friends liked it to.so my mom being religous though it was a great idea for me to go to israel this was 2007 almost 2 years ago.so i went to yeshiva this place called netsach and i wasn’t learning so much that year but i became religous and got a lot of chizuk from chabad and the lubavitcher Rebbe.at the end of the year the midnight rabbi introduced me to these 2 brothers shimmy and ezra and once i heard shimmys beats i was like wow i got hooked up.by then my flow was really going pretty good and i am still improving every day.so we recorded 2 songs believe and fight your evil.i started writting songs about spirituality and G-d and judiasm and stopped cussing on my songs.i came back another year to Israel this is this year’and i am flying away with the learning with the music.every day i’m becoming closer to G_d and i am close to a bunch of rabbis.i also worked with a dedicated dj ezra leyton.he makes my beats and were dedicated to what we do.were in the midddle of making an album called fight your evil.the messege is fighting off the yetcha hara and not giving in to physicality.and we go to the shuk every erev shabbas with speakers to rap and people really love it.we got 70 sheck this time in like 30 45 minutes and music is also helping me to become close to G0d and stay away from certain places.i also want to thank the midnight rabbi cus he really brought most of the spirituality in my life i used to stay up last year talking to him for hours and he really affected my neshama and brought me a lot of ruchnius i was blown away when ever i spoke to him and he always encoureged me to do more.i disagrea with him on some things now but i consider him a tsadik who changed my life and would do any thing for another person.this year i moved on to other rabbis and i still learn with him every day But Boruch Hashem i have a packed learning schedule in ner yaakov and it is an amazing school and i’m growing so much i can’t even explain.
the messge of the music is to bring people closer to spirituality and elevate this angry music and physical music and turn it into to spirituality. i also write about my life still but the main thing is to do it for G-d and change the world threw music thats what i’m trying to do and thats what umus is also doing.well i’m going to end on this not hope you enjoy my story.
Mashiach Now.


6 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin brings drum kit home to the holy land lol

  1. Please be in contact with elipmusic or email umuse613@gmail.com
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    professional promotion. This is a unified effort to help the children
    of Israel.

    I express my warmest regards and most sincere thanks for your part in
    helping us to continue these much needed services.

    As ever,

    Eli Goldsmith

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  3. […] A great story from Led Zeppelin re-union concert at the Royal Albert Hall put on by my family the Goldsmiths, watch the vids to see the heros etc… It all comes together with beautiful drums for studio work and concerts… Thanks to Jeff Pulver .COM Eli Pmusic Wow, what an insp … Read More […]

  4. […] A great story from Led Zeppelin re-union concert at the Royal Albert Hall put on by my family the Goldsmiths, watch the vids to see the heros etc… It all comes together with beautiful drums for studio work and concerts… Thanks to Jeff Pulver .COM Eli Pmusic Wow, what an insp … Read More […]

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