Matisyahu in Jerusalem 11′ to be discussed! u 2 contribute!

People have asked me questions about what is going on… “Whats going on?”
Did you go?
Well i did ask my Rabbi.
And he said its doesnt sound like a kosher enviroment as seen in this special guest appearance of Shyne

Shyne aka Reb Moses Leivi ben Dovid performance was a wake up call see

So whats the story morning Glory?
I dont know, remember this is a generation with very complex set up and situation that for the Jewish people never was…
My approach based on the Tzaddikim (Righteous people) is to focus on the good, the G-dly spark that we all contain and is in every experience…
His lastest interview is good example of much good-
Something to disscuss with the ability to balance out the Torah with all of Creation etc… especially bringing up children today?
The main answer is i don’t know, do u?
However, i went for the sake of the many people i know who went and i want to share a few videos that display this good focus that we all can gain from…
and more good moments where the whole audiance sang this imp. lyrics of sincere prayer…

BUT… the enviroment could be much better and we all need to change more positively… and Tznius (respectable expression) will bring a more elevated experience…
Please try and help us and this message to spread email-
so we can find a middle way, that includes and unifies all of us with true elevating musical experiences which in the Beis Hamikdash (the Temple) we pray for everyday… And so did Matisyahu during the show, may it come soon in our days…


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