Led Zeppelin brings drum kit home to the holy land lol (via midnightrabbi inspires!)

Yo thanks to bovi aka Boruch for chillin with the Matisyahu concert in Jerusalem 11′ – good points, u 2 contribute ur view? « midnightrabbi inspires http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwp.me%2Fp1ywhk-2w&h=323cd
heres some of his rhymes and story from a few years back and…
bro- Chosen Bloggers award too lol
Boruch Samuel Vidal chill @Kotel in Jtown, bump into Matisyahu http://t.co/oaUnGga http://t.co/t5QwJVm @midnightrabbi ⓂⒾⒹⓃⒾⒼⒽⓉ ⓇⒶⒷⒷⒾ

Also a big thanks to Jeff Pulver and lookin foward to see him @Summer Party on 30 June.
http://www.amiando.com/tlv11.html?discountCode=fbfriends great to thank someone in person with a HUG….

Led Zeppelin brings drum kit home to the holy land lol A great story from Led Zeppelin re-union concert at the Royal Albert Hall put on by my family the Goldsmiths, watch the vids to see the heros etc… It all comes together with beautiful drums for studio work and concerts… Thanks to Jeff Pulver .COM Eli Pmusic Wow, what an insp … Read More

via midnightrabbi inspires!


One thought on “Led Zeppelin brings drum kit home to the holy land lol (via midnightrabbi inspires!)

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrEDD7bs330&NR=1 Wow Baruch Hashem.,.. people are wanting to help …, can u donate too please and ask ur friends.,..
    This means so much beyond words and we hope to make the Bar Mitzvah
    Rosh Hashanah time…
    We hope that the full amount will be raised with your help and others asap…
    The place to donate is
    write in comments eli friends … or on this web page

    The blog for more info i made bs’d is

    Personally, you have made a big difference
    sincere thanks

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