Where was Eliyahu this week to bring us good news? Dedication blog to Leiby z’l!

A dedication blog 2 Leibby Kletzky, Borough Park boy, found; Murdered, may his soul get peace and family be comforted…
Among-st all the mourners of Israel…

The blog is being built , asap, to give us the needed strengthening in Faith/belief/knowledge that all is under G-d’s kind control…

This week is parshos Pinchos, Pinchas is Eliyahu who brings only good news and good shabbos.

My own story is that more than 13 years ago i was in Brighton. Not so bright as you may imagine being that i was in Sussex University in England etc… However, G-d had grace on me and the same friend who donated 5000$ for the Bar Mitzvah (see above) the other week , also had a father with good hookups in property and found me a place by the sea and next to the only shul (he was a Chabad shliach which we will get to that story another time bs’d) in 1000;s of miles etc…
However, as yet unafliated to any shul i was trying to keep shabbos/Shabbat/the sanctified day of rest. Little did i know, lol and truth to be told i ate cold food and slept and read most the day. Friends would come try and get me to smoke up or chill with some tunes, but my life was now Shabbosdik…. At the end of one quiet Shabbos where the only Siddur i had happened to be a reform piece of junk, i decided to walk down to the beach to watch the sunset (didnt know about Eruv etc…). Anyhow, a man dressed all in blue and with piecing blue eyes came and said shalom… Now remember Brighton is filled with Gays , but this guy had something more important to say… He said his name was David and saw me trying to read the Hebrew which funny enough was Tehillim/psalms from David Hamelech and i honestly said “i havent a clue etc…” He said to me very stongly , u will be able to read this in a few months and soon all the Siddur and all books like this , and then he went on to tell all personal things which all the things gave me strength to move on in my life and have the courage to leave Uni and come to Israel etc… After he finished he went to the toilet and never retutrned … The sun was set and within a few months through the darkenss of night i was in the holy land reciting that prayer with renewed clarity and strength. Tehilim/Psalm 34 ” Sur merah, veaseh Tov Bakesh Shalom Rodfeio” Run from evil and do good , seek shalom and it will find you… Eliyahu Hanavi will bring Shalom to the world, between Father and son and hearts of sons to fathers etc… (see end of the prophet Malachi in Tannach, the last of the Prophets for the end of days)

Lots of stories as yet unreleased…for this and that profitable blog…”
New http://midnightabbi1eligol​dsmith.wordpress.com/
Even newer http://midnightrabbi1eligo​ldsmith.wordpress.com/
JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnig
htrabbi eli goldsmith


One thought on “Where was Eliyahu this week to bring us good news? Dedication blog to Leiby z’l!

  1. Please make a difference and dedicate some charity in this holy souls name…

    Please asap help our great cause, as the summer warms up so does our kind hearts.. http://t.co/l0SWEXw

    Jaffa Institute The place to donate is
    write in comments eli’s friends

    For stories to help us in this terrible state to be inspired , please send to umuse613@gmail.com


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