Inspiration in honor of Leiby Kletzky, and the Ohr Hachayim Hakodesh, Rav Chaim (ben Moshe z’l) BenAtar, lives on!

Shavuah Tov/ Good week everybody, as today is the 15th of Tammuz is the Hilula (yahrtzeit) of the Ohr Hachayim Hakodesh, Rav Chaim (ben Moshe z’l) BenAtar. He was the greatest mekubal (kabbalistic) from Morocco of all time!!! May His merit protect us and bring moshiach now, as he hinted that he had the soul of Moshiach (as did Baal Shem Tov Hakodesh say about him and even tried to travel to meet him), so what makes u more worthy now… we need him, more than ever…

Also In the days following the brutal murder of Leiby Kletzky, HY’D again we make this a dedication blog to him and his family, may his soul get peace and family be comforted…

The blog is being built , asap, to give us the needed strengthening in Faith/belief/knowledge that all is under G-d’s kind control…

It’s important for us all not to get depressed in any way, or give up at all (never!) …

Yitz Jordan- wants to point out: in the Talmud it teaches that when one sees a rainbow it means G-d wants to destroy the world but reminds Himself of the promise he made to Noah not to do so (the first rainbow, Genesis). and we had a rainbow over the entire Brooklyn on the same day Leiby Kletsky’s was found murdered.

Eli’s response-

Hashem is for sure calling out to us, this is the last short exile promised in the Zohar Hakodesh and our last main challenge is in the area of yesod, in keeping holy and this give us the ability to have true esteem and truly love and treat… our fellow person prop. otherwise if our yesod = symbolised by rainbow is messed up then G-d forbid we can not appreciate how amazing we our and how much love Hashem has for us, … Either way Yitz Jordan Hasem loves us no matter what , and will sought us all out in a positive way ultimately , … but its hidden whats going to be with this Levi guy, as he took the purist person a young boy etc… lets hear only good news and have a Shabbos that we fight our own base self and unite with the shecinah (divine presence) with Shalom … so Hashem can bring our redeemer and get us all out of Brooklyn and just sayin,,, we are on the last path of a great Truth and challenge, hang in there my friends…please make sure Shemspeed Daily represent the right path of family holiness from now on in all there statements and songs so the purity of our people especially in public like written above reflects our beautiful heritage … we all effect… each other and its not strange that last week we were all beyond upset with prev. posts and tweets, thanks for this one Yitz Jordan a sign of positive change! unfortunate that we have to learn through a Korban and tradgedy like this … please see my dedications http://midnightrabbi1eligo​


2 thoughts on “Inspiration in honor of Leiby Kletzky, and the Ohr Hachayim Hakodesh, Rav Chaim (ben Moshe z’l) BenAtar, lives on!

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