Holiday time! Make it worthwhile!

Check out the place to book to-tour-israel-the-best-way-personal-and-unique This weekend my family are going away to rejewvinate and renew are energy! To spend time as a family and most importantly this means without internet access… ! So see u later folks!

A break from  the world means a real break!

It’s important to remember all the miracles that Hashem/G-d does for us, as displayed by this video where Rav Tauber introduces his recommended Seminar weekend away Shalheves. Heres 2 links to some crucial lessons and books. Free! downloads Ravs.aspx?Path=English%7CRavDirectory%7CRavDir_%E8%7C7507%7CR7507&English=TrueInspiring and life changing! books

Remember the Carmel Fire and how this hotel we stayed at and are going to again tomorrow was saved , Thank G-d!!!   Mostly, we are going to spend time with the family, walking, talking, swimming, eating, chilling and enjoying the views together. But we all need to live inspired and the lessons from Rav Tauber and family help focus our holiday to be a holyday. We grow while we rest and this is our way of making it all worthwhile bs’d!

Rav Ezriel Tauber of “Shalhevis” said there has never been a generation where the pernicious influence of the street has devastated so many homes, and there really is nothing almost, which one can do. The Torah of Moshe Rabbenu he said, is not enough; we need the torah of the Avos, their kedusha , their middos. We can’t teach when there is no one to listen ; we must live and do the good  for it’s own sake.We must be givers just for the sake of being givers.

“V’omad ragluv al har tzion” , the generation of moshiach is the generation of the ‘Regalim ‘ – the Feet. The Truth is so open for viewing , that there is no ‘fluff’ at all. The emes  has to be so much into the blood of those who are true to haKodesh Boruch Hu and His Torah, that by our very existence we become ambassadors.

And truth to tell, although Moshe Rabbenu made a special prayer ,’v’niflinu Ani v’amcha,’, that there should always be a separation between ourselves and the people’s of the world, that ruach hakodesh should lie clearly and only on us, but the fact remains that all of humanity are children of adom harishon and this vast growing network has in it the seeds to restore the inherent unity of mankind.

Then is our mission here at our blog, to polarize , but yet to unify ,in a ‘virtual’ manner the many divergent strains of legitimate yiddishkeit by which our community is blessed. We can’t be just a ‘pareve’ community site, a directory setup for business, but we must take an active role in dealing with issues which affect and impact us all.

‘Yehe raava she divrenu yaaleh chein’

May our words find favour  before HaShem and his people.and may we actually serve to hasten the coming of Moshiach tzidkenu.

Also to have Rav Shimshon Pinkus brother Rav Binyamin Pinkus was an extra merit for worthwhile rest…|EMusar|R0009-2&RavID=0009

Have a break, have a worthwhile holiday, with your family and our larger family… Remember…

This blog is to bring comfort for Leiby’s soul and family as its been only 1 week everybody. We all need to be more like Dovid Hamelech/King David who would look out for everyone and take care of them… This kindness will protect all our people, being a light onto the world and this is what our blog is all about!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday time! Make it worthwhile!

  1. #Blog #great #causes #we #gotta #act& #help #children #donate

    the\”3 Weeks\”
    should be a time of increased giving of tzedakah and Torah learning,

    Jaffa Institute The place to donate is​online-donations-to-the-jaffa-​institute
    write in comments eli’s friends

  2. Heres another way to make it worthwhile – The Jaffa Institute runs over 37 different projects which assist thousands of severely disadvantaged children and their families at a number of different sites. Interactive group activities as well as site visits can be arranged for individuals and groups of various sizes. We welcome you to our site so that you can meet and touch the lives of the children we help.

    Interactive Group Activities

    Food Distribution Center

    Visitors to the Jaffa Institute Food Distribution Center can volunteer their time by helping out in the warehouse or helping to prepare packages for the next food delivery.

    Help prepare sandwiches for over 1,000 Israeli school children as part of the Jaffa Institute’s ‘Sandwich for Every Child Program’ – this program runs during term time and starts at 5 AM.

    Moadoniot/ After School Activities Centers

    Five days a week and during the summer holiday, hundreds of at-risk youth are transported daily from Jaffa’s local elementary schools to the Jaffa Institute’s Activity Centers (South Jaffa, Jaffa D, Bat-Yam, & Neve Ofer) for a broad spectrum of wholesome educational and recreational programs. Visitors get the chance to interact with our youngsters and participate in some of the activities. These include: Arts and crafts, music, sport games, checkers tournaments, board and word games, and gardening projects at the various program sites.

    Site Visits

    Welfare to Wellbeing Program

    The Food Distribution Center is also home to our Welfare to Wellbeing Program. This program trains a select group of mothers of children in our programs in telemarketing and communications skills and prepares them to join the workforce. A visit to this site would include meeting program participants, one of the program’s social workers, and hearing how the program is making an impact on the participants, their families and the community.

    Neve Ofer House

    The Neve Ofer House is a residential facility which provides immediate relief to children from Jaffa, Bat Yam and South Tel Aviv, in emergency or dire situations. These children have been urgently removed from their home by the local department of Welfare and Social Services due to parental incarceration, parental neglect, and/or abuse. Visitors to this site will have the opportunity to meet the staff and children. You will experience first-hand the love, tenderness, safety and warmth that creates a true home infused with constant support and encouragement.

    Beit Shemesh Educational & Residential Center

    The Center in Beit Shemesh provides over 340 needy boys suffering from extreme poverty, neglect or abuse with the opportunity to live and study in a caring environment, and to receive a quality Jewish education. Through the Center’s counseling program and modern educational facilities, children who might otherwise have been lost to the streets have graduated from high school, served in the armed forces, and have been accepted into institutions of higher education. A visit to the Center would include a tour of the facility, interviews with staff and discussions with some of the students whose lives have been changed since they first arrived at the Center.

    Beit Ruth Girls Hostel

    The Beit Ruth Girls Hostel is a 13-bed facility created to support the unique needs of troubled teenaged girls who have left their homes in despair after being victimized, abused, and made to feel unwanted. Most have abused drugs or alcohol, have eating disorders, and have even attempted suicide. Each girl lives in the Hostel for a minimum of one year. The dedicated staff combines intensive home schooling that is recognized by the Ministry of Education with integrated mental, social and recreational therapies; community involvement with volunteer mentors; and daily household responsibilities to facilitate the girls’ rehabilitation. Visitors to the Hostel will be able to speak with the girls and the staff to understand their needs and the path they currently travel.

    Preparations for group volunteering and site-visits must be arranged one month in advance. Meals and other accommodations may be coordinated at this point as well.

    Please contact:

    or Avril Tabachnik, Visits Coordinator

    Tel: +972 -3 -683 -2626 fax: +972-3-6832620


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