Poetry Corner Please Contribute! Yosef Daniel and more!

 In Memory of Leiby Kletzky a”h Leiby a”h brought Klal Yisroel together. Let us honor him by staying together. Leiby;s name is yehudah ben Nachman a’h Let us dedicate this blog and our positive actions make a difference Yehudah is the name all the JEWISH people take i.e. Yid  Let us build in this tragic time. Yehudah comes from the word thanks! See how Leiby’s parents continue to thank – ?p=198

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More from Yosef Daniel from the up and coming new album!

Close To You

I close my eyes, to hide myself
I walk away, I fade my breath
And the this night, I am afraid
To see the light, that take my hand
To guide me back, to what was lost…

//Oh, I’m so alone when You’re far away//

I open up, my heart to You
I raise again, to take Your truth
Your day is near, I’m not afraid
To follow You, so take my hand
And guide me back, to what was lost…

//Oh it feels so good to be close to You//

To feel Your redemption
To feel Your salvation
To feel that masterpiece is my heart
To hear that You love me
To see that You’re with m
To know that You want me on Your path

Beyond words!

We have to learn from our times to really look out for each other especially our children!

The\”3 Weeks\” should be a time of increased giving charity and Torah learning,

A Short Tribute to a Great Cause- Bet Shemesh Educational Center!: 4AzkY3x

The Jaffa Institute is the place to donate!
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7 thoughts on “Poetry Corner Please Contribute! Yosef Daniel and more!

  1. Fire On the Mountain- Reflections on the Air of Destruction by Yaakov Lehman

    17 Tammuz, 1,941 years ago- The siege of Jerusalem commences ultimately leading to the destruction of the Holy Jewish Temple and the subsequent 2000 year running exile of the Jewish people.

    17 July, 11 days ago. The Jerusalem forest bursts into flames destroying 37 acres and forcing an evacuation Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem.

    Walking atop their respective ruins, I reflect…

    Born into the aftermath of destruction. The charred remains still throb with fire, searing my lungs, burning my eyes, emptying my heart of seemingly all consolation.

    Enchanted garden, once so lush and teaming with life vibrancy, flittering with the exuberance of everything so fresh, so alive, so real.

    Reduced now to a scarred memory, former magnificence staling with each gust of exhausted wind. A battlefield sore and aching, casting sordid sorrows into the soul of the earth.

    Disheveled survivors of the infernal deluge lay scattered about. Disfigured forms of former splendor. A tree stump smoldering in the morning sun, offering a final prayer to the heavens as its very existence dissolves into a steady breath of charcoaled steam. A few ancient rocks lay bear and exposed, all compassion and life singed from their blackened facade. Mounds of chalky ash projecting an icy complexion from the earths surface; a lifeless canvas unwittingly playing host to a handful of expiring shadows.

    Destruction. It is has come, it has passed; a reality to accept.

    Move on. We shall. Affirming the belief that life can be rebuilt atop the dregs of death. To flourish in the face of suffering- it is our unmitigated destiny.

    But before we take that brave step forward; into dream and ambition, accomplishment and success. Before we transition into the action which is indeed our calling, let us step back; pause, ponder the silent casualties of our past. Reflect and retreat into a space of unspoken stillness.

    You and I, we were born after the destruction. We saw not the tears, heard the screams, nor smelled the fires of expulsion, exile, and extermination.

    Yet were we not born of their very ashes, memories terminally encoded into the exalted algorithm of our spiritual DNA?

    If only…

    If only we cultivate the proper will. If we expend the necessary effort. We can relate, understand and empathize with the historical roots upholding our bodies and soul. We can consult the time weathered spirit of our illustrious ancestors; those who came before, who planted the seeds which govern our blooming fields of perception.

    The soil of our secluded forests may be covered in soot. The stones of our sacred temple may be trampled underfoot by google-eyed tourists imagining they are at some cotton candy dispensing archeological amusement park.

    Nevertheless, a true spirit lies dormant underneath; gestating, germinating, each mitzvah performed catalyzing the process of redemption one step closer.

    Life: tis’ a journey untamed, a long-winded process bringing us to our eventual destination. We the travelers, our goals and values at the wheel, our good deeds providing the combustion that powers us forward.

    Hope, persistence, optimism: these constitute our windshield into the future. Yet as a people we must from time to time glance up into the rearview, backtracking our trajectory to ascertain how we arrived here, from where we initially departed, and where it was we sought to travel in the first place.

    It makes no difference whether the flames subsided 2 weeks or 2 thousand years ago. Our future is seeded in our past. The past is the key to our future.

    To quote a contemporary non-Jewish sage of the musical persuasion, “We know where we’re going, we know where we’re from, we’re leaving Babylon, going to the promised land”

    We must dance between these two immutable spheres of reality, gliding with pure intent along the rhythmic contours of time and space.

    Alive and awake, delighted and dancing, we shall persevere.

    Yaakov Lehman
    יעקב בן ראובן 李家樹
    Jerusalem, Israel

    D A J Ü S
    Diversity ~ Awareness ~Justice ~ Understanding ~ Sustainability
    T O R A H

  2. http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/elyon-eliezer-kosoy-soul-ful-sounds-and-teacher/#comment-133 new blog and our lyrics

    (כ םילהת) …’ה םשב ונחנאו…בכרב הלא (1 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy .בקעי יקלא םש ךבגשי הרצ םויב ‘ה ךנעי .ךדעסי ןויצמו שדקמ ךרזע חלשי .ריכזנ וניקלא ’ה םשב ונחנאו םיםוםב הלאו בכרב הלא .אלמי ךתצע לכו ךבבלכ ךל ןתי .ךיתולאשמ לכ ‘ה אלמי …ךתעושיב הננרנ …בכרב הלא .וחישמ ‘ה עישוה יכ יתעדי התע .ונארק םויב וננעי ךלמה העישוה ’ה…ושדק ימשמ והנעי …בכרב הלא 1) Aila Varechev (Psalms 20) May Hashem answer you on the day of distress, may you be made impregnable by the Name of the G-d of Jacob. May he dispatch your help from the Sanctuary, and from Zion support you. Chorus: Some with chariots and some with horses, but we in the name of Hashem our G-d call out. May he grant you as your heart desires, and every plan of yours may He fulfill. May we sing for joy at your salvation… May Hashem fulfill all your requests. Ch: Now I know that Hashem has saved His anointed one. He will answer him from His sacred heaven… Hashem save! May the king answer us on the day we call. (דלק םילהת) …םכדי ואש (3 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy .תולילב ‘ה תיבב םידמעה ’ה ידבע לכ ‘ה תא וכרב הנה תולעמה ריש .’ה תא וכרבו שדק םכדי ואש .ץראו םימש השע ןויצמ ‘ה ךכרבי 3) Siyu Yedaichem (Psalms 134) A song of ascents. Behold, bless Hashem all you servants of Hashem, who stand in the House of Hashem in the nights. Chorus: Lift up your hands in the Sanctuary and bless Hashem. May Hashem bless you from Zion, maker of heaven and earth. (גק םילהת) …ישפנ יכרב (6 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy .ושדק םש יברק לכו ’ה תא ישפנ יכרב .וילומג לכ יחכשת לאו ‘ה תא ישפנ ירכב .’ה תא ישפנ יכרב… .ורבד לוקב עמשל ורבד ישע חכ ירבג ויכאלמ ‘ה וכרב .ונוצר ישע ויתרשמ ויאבצ לכ ’ה וכרב .’ה תא ישפנ יכרב ותלשממ תומקמ לכב וישעמ לכ ‘ה וכרב …ויכאלמ ’ה ורכב 6) Borchi Nafshi (Psalms 103) Bless, my soul, Hashem and all that is within me, His Holy Name. Bless, my soul, Hashem and don’t forget all His kindnesses. ….Bless, my soul, Hashem. Chorus: Bless Hashem, His angels mighty in strength, who do His word, to hear the voice of His word. Bless Hashem, all His legions, His servants who do His will. Bless Hashem all His works, in all the places of His dominion, Bless my soul Hashem. (הנ םילהת) …ךלשה (7 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy …ךבהי ‘ה לע ךלשה .קידצל טומ םלועל ןתי אל ךלכלכי אוהו 7) Hashlech (Psalms 55) Chorus: Cast upon Hashem your burden… And He will sustain you; He will never allow the faltering of the righteous. (ק םילהת) … ודבע (9 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy .הננרב וינפל ואב החמשב ‘ה תא ודבע .ומש וכרב ול ודוה הלהתב ויתרצח הדותב וירעש ואב .ותנומא רדו רד דעו ודסח םלועל ’ה בוט יכ 9) Eevdu (Psalms 100) Serve Hashem with Joy, come before Him with joyous song. Chorus: Enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courtyards with praise, give thanks to Him, bless His name. For Hashem is good, His kindness is forever, and from generation to generation is His faithfulness. (גכ – ה קרפ תובא) …רמןא המית ןב הדוהי (11 Music by: Eliezer Kosoy ,רשנכ לקו רמנכ זע יוה ,יראכ רובגו יבצכ ץר .םימשבש ךיבא ןוצר תושעל 11) Yehuda Ben Tema says (Pirkei Avos Chapter 5, 23) Be bold as a leopard, swift as an eagle, Run like a deer and be strong like a lion, To do the will of your Father in heaven. 4) Going Higher Words and Music by: Eliezer Kosoy There was a fire that came down in the form of a man A searching soul ran to him and cried, “Please help me to understand.” “Believe in yourself my child, that’s what I’m here to say. The past is gone the future’s not here… you can make a fresh start everyday.” Chorus: There’s a part in all of us burning with desire. . If we find the point of good it will always bring us higher…higher I’m going higher. His voice is ringing, “There is no such thing as despair! If you believe you can break…believe you can repair.” ‘Hope and joy…carry them with you A hearty laugh at yourself can change your point of view.’ Chorus I will search and I will find a way…I’m going higher. Keep your spirit alive…’it’s forbidden to get old. Smile on everyone…let shine shine your soul.’ He said, “I’m leaving now, but I will be right next to you. Grab my words and they’ll lead you to a world that is true.’ Chorus 5) Keep Your Eye on the Light Words by: Yonason Hill and Eliezer Kosoy Music by: Yonason Hill Keep your eye on the light, keep your eye on the road… Keep your eye on the time, ‘cause we’re moving on… Chorus: You give it your best each day…try to find your way… Keep your heart on the goal…bring out your soul. You lift your head up high…so much noise outside… Keep your heart on the goal…bring out your soul… Keep your eye on the light. Keep your ear on the sound, keep your ear on the voice, whispering to you, Keep your ear on the song, ‘cause we’re moving along… Chorus Keep your hands in the air, keep your feet on the ground, keep your feelings alive, bring them outside.. Chorus Keep your eye on the road…keep your eye on the light. With a Smile Words and Music by: E.iezer Kosoy If you are facing adversity, really it was a gift to bring you to your knees. You see, if you were perfect and your body was okay, You’d never internalize that life is a passing day. So, love your unease really it’s your friend. It’s just a reminder that we all need to mend. Chorus: You might try to find the good today. You might welcome all that comes your way…with a smile. You are exactly who you need to be. The challenges you face are unique to your destiny. Sometimes you complain and say I’ve had enough. Don’t expect a smooth ride the surface here is rough. Did you ever try to think that maybe you’ve been blessed? You represent the strong, go embrace your lofty test… Chorus There’s something so beautiful about what’s ailing you. It’s screaming, ”Don’t get too used to it here… remember your ancient view. …Because we’re all here on loan, how much have we grown? Now’s toil and labour, and then you can savour the rest when you get home. Your body is pushing you to recall, that your an angel in disguise walking through this hall. Chorus Can you change your approach and see the privelege of pain? Too much sunshine will dry you out, you grow when in it rains. Take your joyous burden and run throughout the fields. Maybe your the one to help others heal. Be brave when your sad, you gotta fight to be glad. Forces all around will try to take you down, don’t let them drive you mad. Be soft with people, but hard in your resolve. Try your best to work things out and accept what you can’t solve. So put yourself at ease and laugh (at your unease), it’s always been your friend. It’s just whispering…we’re all leaving in the end…so live with a smile. 10) Return Words and Music by: Eliezer Kosoy Remember… who you are, where you came from and where you’re going to. Listen, there’s a voice that cries, your soul demands honesty, when are you going to set it free? Everywhere you look, temptation throws a hook. Be careful of this veil, go and walk the righteous trail…Return. Do you really know your past? Have you learned your history? Whose values do you live? Can you pierce the subtleties? You forgot your roots, and left your land. Come on back home to what you may not understand. You’ve been gone for a while, and got used to this exile. You’re always welcome here, have no fear to reconcile… Chorus: You and I need to look inside… and Return. The sea already split, you saw it with your eyes. It may be hidden now but soon you’ll recognize. Reclaim your might, innocence and light. Purity is what you are, why do you remain so far? You may have your doubts, others philosophize… You can justify all the time, or you can trust with faith and realize… Chorus: You and I we’ve got to try…to Return. If you’re not for yourself, who will be for you? And if you’re only for yourself what are you? And if not now , when? If you’ve got a weak heart, go and take yourself apart. Learn from those who know the way, rebuild yourself everyday. This life’s a tightrope walk, every step you take, You could fall or rise and penetrate the skies. Yes! You’re a teacher, you’re a healer. You’re all the things you’ve ever thought, don’t deny what you’ve got. You know what’s right, and you know what’s wrong. If you open up your mouth only sing the sweetest song. Chorus: You and I we will fly…When we Return…Go Return. 12) Stop Looking Down the Road Words and Music by: Eliezer Kosoy Dina’s father took her to school today. Follow the rules dear and you’ll be okay. Daddy’s hopes and fears occupying all his years. I just want my girl to have an ordinary life like mine. But Dina had something in her mind which right now she could not find. It’s time you let your girl dive into the ocean, And find out what it’s like to be wind free in motion. Daddy I beg you please won’t you let go of your squeeze. Chorus: And stop your looking down the road. And let this river run the way it’s supposed to flow. I’ve got a pile of sand in this great big hand of mine. I’m looking to the mountaintops, I’m gonna listen to what they tell me. Dive into our valley girl we’ll provide you all the clouds you need. Go hug yourself a tree and don’t forget to breathe. You can read a million words but just remember one thing, You’re the one in charge commanding your voice to sing. It’s time you let me dive into the ocean. Find out what it’s like to be wind free in motion. Friends I beg you please won’t you let go of your squeeze. Chorus Now I’m here! The morning rains have fallen and the birds they are calling me. They’ve got a message for you and me to live a life of peace and serenity. My teachers taught the moon and the stars, ‘great men’ and their fancy cars. But what about compassion and healing the scars? They said, ‘go grab a book off the shelf and forget about your holy self.’ I think it’s time we turned around and recaptured what we found in the morning. It’s time I let myself dive into the ocean. Find out what it’s like to be wind free in motion. Hashem I beg you please, don’t let go of Your squeeze. Chorus: And stop their looking down the road. Let this river run the way it’s supposed to flow. I’ve got a pile of sand in this great big hand of mine. And it’s slipping right through my fingers!

  3. […]  In Memory of Leiby Kletzky a”h Leiby a”h brought Klal Yisroel together. Let us honor him by staying together. Leiby;s name is yehudah ben Nachman a’h Let us dedicate this blog and our positive actions make a difference Yehudah is the name all the JEWISH people take i.e. Yid  Let us build in this tragic time. Yehudah comes from the word thanks! See how Leiby’s parents continue to thank – ?p=198   Also are prev. poem corner pages… http://mi … Read More […]

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