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We are waiting for you to make a difference, either donate your money now and donate your talents and contribute your poetry… like from-exile-to-redemption-with-inspiration-from-yaakov-lehman-d-a-j-u-s

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Bet Shemesh #comment-146
2011: Our 20th Graduating Class
On June 19th, the young men at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center celebrated a most important event in their lives. Together with their families in an atmosphere of great accomplishment, 22 students marked their graduation from high school. In many communities in Israel and throughout the world, children grow up in families where from a young age there is a basic assumption that they will graduate from high school. In families where parents for various reasons are unable to provide the needed emotional, educational or financial support to their children, graduating high school is not at all taken for granted. The majority of the students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center fall into this category. With this background in mind, the overwhelming feelings of success at the graduation ceremony were something that everyone present felt very strongly.
With great patience, support and a guiding and encouraging hand, the Educational Center’s teaching staff, as well as the social worker and dormitory counselors, have helped our students grow from boys to young men, who are leaving the sheltered setting of the Center and embarking on challenging new directions. 11 of the graduates will continue in various settings for a year or two before serving in the Israeli army. 8 will begin their army service within the coming months, including 5 who will become combat soldiers. 3 of the graduates will be participating in a program that combines studies towards becoming an electrical technician, prior to applying their studies towards serving in the Israeli Air Force. All of the graduates have gained confidence and emotional strength from their experiences at the Educational Center, enabling them to move on to become the next generation of contributing Israeli citizens. We extend our congratulations and warm wishes to all of the graduates.
For more information visit: http://www.betshemesh-educenter.org.il

Poetry Corner Please Contribute! Yosef Daniel and more!  In Memory of Leiby Kletzky a”h Leiby a”h brought Klal Yisroel together. Let us honor him by staying together. Leiby;s name is yehudah ben Nachman a’h Let us dedicate this blog and our positive actions make a difference Yehudah is the name all the JEWISH people take i.e. Yid  Let us build in this tragic time. Yehudah comes from the word thanks! See how Leiby’s parents continue to thank – ?p=198   Also are prev. poem corner pages… http://miRead More

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2 thoughts on “Poetry Corner Please Contribute! Also this means donate! and more!

  1. Heres our 1st contribution from today from Gev’ Art http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1444548922
    “Beauty and ugliness”
    The root of the evil can’t trear away cause it’s also the one of property , the property and the evil are the flowers of the same plant as G-D didn’t create, a plant borned in the millenium laboratory of the man and didn’t cultivate by him
    Why run out setting the property against the evil instead of disdaining it?
    The real fight, the just fight , it’s the one of the beauty against the ugliness , of G-D against the Man who doesn’t knoiw to be God
    G-D created beauty . it’s enough to contemplate his work , to notuce it.
    Who knows how to see the beauty admits it in him
    Who knows how to see the beauty knows how to be beautiful and to return the beauty
    but more and more men are blind and the world through their work becomes ugly
    One G-D is alive and the other is dead only for the blind persons , the ones who are seeked by ugliness , structures…. industrai; products…. forced bodies…. daily propaganda , lowness and idiocy …
    As those people whom blinds the poverty of the body and the spirit , remains a quite powerful God, the one of the death , a god in the name of whom to kill , to be killed
    this text was inspired to me last sunday cause every sunday morning on french television

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