The Jaffa Institute Inaugural Tennis Tournament 11′ true thanks and naachus from Midnightrabbi inspires and Eli Pmusic


Make a real difference! jaffa_institute_flyer.pdf

Please check out which was founded in 1982 and orchestrated it’s merger with the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center in 1986. Thanks to martin-goldsmith for this post and see our great cause http://midnightabbi1eligol​​07/20/a-short-tribute-to-a​-great-cause-bet-shemesh-e​ducational-center/

Appreciate your concern and support!
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3 thoughts on “The Jaffa Institute Inaugural Tennis Tournament 11′

  1. Thanks to Eli for this post and see our great cause http://midnightabbi1eligol​​07/20/a-short-tribute-to-a​-great-cause-bet-shemesh-e​ducational-center/

    Join us: http://www.jaffainstitute.​org/ and donate generously after reading below http://www.jaffainstitute.​org/online-donations-to-th​e-jaffa-institute write in comments eli’s friends …

    And join our new blogs with some creative contribution to help us all be inspired ! http://midnightabbi1eligol​
    Even newer http://midnightrabbi1eligo​

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    A Short Tribute to a Great Cause- Bet Shemesh Educational Center!

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    The Jaffa Institute Inaugural Tennis Tournament 11′

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