YLNight – For Chill with Eli in Teli- friends and family (via midnightrabbi inspires!)

Event for u Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 8:00-10:00pm
Where: MyBar, Bograshov 26, Tel Aviv.

Sign up on event.php?eid=202892753099541
Hows everything going, long time no hug/see lol https://midnightrabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/young-leaders-night-for-elis-friends-and-family/

 Young Leader's Night - For Eli's friends and family   What: The Jaffa Institute’s Young Leader’s Night: A Social Event and Discussion about Poverty in Israel   When: Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 8:00-10:00pm Where: MyBar, Bograshov 26, Tel Aviv. Check the this link for the full invo- JI Young Leader’s Night Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith Israel 00972-57-317-5856 U.S. line  718-705-7395 Email – umuse613@gmail.comThis link is almost the main stage for all the important sites we … Read More

via midnightrabbi inspires!


One thought on “YLNight – For Chill with Eli in Teli- friends and family (via midnightrabbi inspires!)

  1. http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/lchaim-to-the-family-and-friends-in-the-new-happy-year/

    just found this wanted to forward you an overview of my Brother, Eliezer Goldsmith and his valuable work in Israel…

    Here are some links and articles where Eli has featured.




    Eli has created an organisation – Umuse – and is known within the Yeshiva circles as the Midnight Rabbi. My email below is very frank.

    The Key aim is to help young people who suffer with drug and alcohol addictions, abuse problems, educational problems and family problems.
    Many are sent to Israel by their families as a last resort, to a Yeshiva in an attempt to learn but also rid themselves of the modern day ills.

    Eli’s has been employed (in a loose term as many do not pay) by Numerous Yeshivas to spend time with the Students when no one wants to – the midnight hours – help them to be inspired and achieve real changes that lead to lasting results.

    Imagine, 18 years old sent to Israel. It is like Freshers Year at University. The students get up to all sorts of mischief, particularly at night, it is this time when they are most vulnerable and Eli provides valuable support and understanding, adding hope and direction and developing their jewish understanding.

    Eli needs funding to continue his valuable work, many of the Yeshiva’s are struggling to employ. Although they see the value of his work, it is difficult for them to justify his expense.

    In addition, Eli spreads a positive vibe through Music. He has created a Music Studio and has organised Large Music Competitions and concerts (See link).

    Funds are required to continue the music studio, assist in financing the events (which are profitable) run a professional website, have a meeting place. The Aim is eventually to create a drop in centre, gym, studio, some where for the students to hang out and develop their creative expressions in a safe, healthy, happy and inspirational environment. Expanding with affiliation groups world wide.

    Eli has a full business plan in place and has an event on 8th May 2010 of which seed funds are desparately required.

    Previous Umuse events have had almost 1000 young students in attendance.

    Let me know your thoughts on the above.

    Any direction/support would be fantastic.

    From my visits to Israel, I can see the valuable work he is doing to create a better future for young Jewish Families.



    Please free to contact Eli Goldsmith
    Mobile here 0-57-317-5856


    Dear reb Eliezer Goldsmith “the midnight rabbi” Shlita,

    I don’t know if you heard about an article in a widely read Jewish newspaper in America. The article basically was trying to discredit neveh and other similar programs catering to kids coming to have a year in Israel. The author obviously was bent against neveh and had to mention Neveh as the place where a boy ODed a few years back. Luckily she wasn’t totally ludicrous and actually quoted the Mash, Rav Blumenfeld, on some very crucial issues. He definitely saved face for the yeshiva. I wanted to let you know he mentioned you as being a vital player in the Yeshiva doing all that is possible to provide a safe and constructive environment for these kids at risk. I think you were the biggest part of saving face for the yeshiva. SEE BELOW

    “Rabbi Yisrael Blumenfeld, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Neveh Tzion in Telz Stone, outside Jerusalem, says that the troubled boys who come to his yeshiva sometimes do go to Crack Square, but usually under supervision.
    “The dorm counselors usually hang out with them in town, so we usually know what’s going on.”
    Rabbi Blumenfeld’s yeshiva specializes in boys with known problems.
    “We’re a yeshiva that takes boys that need motivation. Many were already off the derech. They need direction, incentives, inspiritation. Every student has a close relationship with a rebbe. We have a ‘midnight’ rebbe who stays with the boys all night. . We’re constantly trying to get them to learn in the morning.”
    “The boys that we’re working with, we feel they need the freedom to work things out, to take responsibility for their actions. We try not to impose things on them. We want them to motivate themselves.”
    Usually, the rabbi says, the boys “were doing much worse in America than they’re doing here. Their parents know it doesn’t work to lock them up.”

    Hashem should give you the strength to continue your Avoda of saving these Neshamos. I hope the Yeshiva will be able to keep you aboard. I know how much Rav Tzvi Meyer holds of what you do, he even spent TWENTY FIVE minutes on the phone with me to better understand the yeshiva and your role in it. For a normal person that would be like spending a month on the phone.

    Hatloch UBracha
    Bkavod Rav Ubahava raba

    D…… Sl…..

    I’m so happy you got a chance to meet Avi ( Y….. brother). They still need a little help getting along, but they are getting there. Maybe you can speak to him and explain to him that his brother really loves him, but the way he is now- I’m also glad you had a good Chanukah with your family. I wanted to write sooner but I didn’t want disturb your festivities of Chanukah. I don’t know if you know this, but Yosi mentioned that he introduced Joy to smoking cigarettes. This is not good for any one. Yosi needs to be guided off of smoking- this is one the major areas we had difficulties with- we hate it, his brother fights with him bitterly on this and Yosi has bad Asthma. Is there anything that can be done to get him “unhooked?” Also if we can work on his overall appearance and stress the importance of first impressions. How people view others at first just on their appearance. He needs to look sharp, clean, and well kept. He needs his hair cut and styled, – and not wear a hat all the time- (if he does). Also explain to him that not everyone has to know that he doesn’t always eat kosher ( he mentioned that to my cousins- ) he should understand that they will only remember that part of the visit- ( they are not observant). I do hear that there are some changes- positive ones and I am grateful for those changes- but as you know there is still more work to be done. Yosi also has to realize that he is an adult and will be held accountable for his actions- unlike when he was younger.

    Thank you again,
    Hatzlacha Rabba

    Hi, sorry to bother you but you are the only one I trust. Please help me with Avi he is very upset about the whole situation- not to mention his best friend is leaving tomorrow because of everything that is going on. I did speak to Rabbi B………. but I think you understand how to talk to these kids. If you can’t talk to Avi maybe you have a a friend in the school or near by that Avi can be mentored by. Hope all is well with your family – thanks again

    Yosi is still in the air. When he arrives I will have him email you. Yes you are correct about a lot of things about Yosi. I made the return ticket when I did because I wasn’t sure of when he should go back. At this point , I can’t change the date, but with Hashem’s help this will be a good thing. We have to remember that Hashem does everything beautifully and all is for the good . Yosi knows that we are not very excited about him coming home because we too have changed just like Yosi and we have to learn the how to get along with the “new” Yosi. Baruch Hashem Yosi has us and you and of course Hashem on his his side – a real winning team. And yes when Yosi loves someone like you he gives his whole heart!!!! I’ll keep you posted. Just keep Yosi in your prayers.

    .i also want to thank the midnight rabbi cus he really brought most of the spirituality in my life i used to stay up last year talking to him for hours and he really affected my neshama and brought me a lot of ruchnius i was blown away when ever i spoke to him and he always encoureged me to do more.i disagrea with him on some things now but i consider him a tsadik who changed my life and would do any thing for another person.this year i moved on to other rabbis and i still learn with him every day But Boruch Hashem i have a packed learning schedule in ner yaakov and it is an amazing school and i’m growing so much i can’t even explain.

    Dear Rabbi Eli
    You are all welcome. It was an honor and our pleasure to share with your family. You and your family have made Y…. so happy that we hope we have done the same for yours. The only thing we ask of Mrs. Goldsmith is that she keeps our family in her prayers when she lights the shabbos candles. I know we pray for yours to be safe, see yiddish nachas from the children, and that the Midnight Rabbi continues to do his wonderful work kessed with all of you by his side.

    Keep in touch
    Have a good Shabbos
    Regards, from the entire Z……. family especially “Mum”

    Hello Rabbi Eli,
    Sorry I did not respond sooner, but my computer is not working well and not having Jonathan here to fix it complicates a little bit.
    I am very thankful for your e-mail, you have no idea how good is for us to hear such beautiful words about our son.
    Jonathan always being a good kid, but like you sad the street culture of America was swallowing him, no matter how careful we parents are about who your kids are friends with, there is always a chance that they will fallow the wrong direction and you may find yourself lost.
    I believe the best thing we did was to let him to go to Israel, believe me was not an easy decision financially and emotionally.
    But we had faith that Hashem would show him the right path to fallow, and Baruch Hashem he is finding himself and G-d, I can not ask for more then that.
    Also I want to thank you very, very much for helping him, he always talk about you and he like you very much, the connection you and him have is not only special, but also is very important and is helping him a lot to see that when you have G-d with you, you have everything.
    I agree with you also about Jessica, she is one of the best things that happen to my son, she is a wonderful person and I believe that they complete each other.
    Many times I found myself worry about what is Jonathan doing, if he is going to classes, if he is really taken advantage of this opportunity that he has being giving and you answer a lot off this question with your e-mail.
    Again we want to thank you very much for everything, and hope we will continue to be in touch.

    See a very positive comment about you below from Michael Isaacs.

    Well done.



    I know your nephew very well – he is a very special person and many of
    the boys ( including Benjamin) have a very good relationship with him.

    Unfortunately drugs and drinking are a major problem for many boys on
    their ‘year off’ and I know that 14 boys from a very well known Yeshivah
    have recently been arrested for drugs in another police undercover
    operation .

    It’s very difficult !!

    Thanks for your support in the past – I know that your nephew has a very
    large family and needs as much support as he can get. He is doing a
    really good job with these boys.


    This is an article about Neve Zion. Is this the yeshivah we are
    trustees of?

    My nephew is the “midnight rebbe” referred to in the article.


    Best wishes.


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