The Keyboard Warrior and my friend Dov!


Shalom to my talented friend and teacher Dov Halpern! An inspiration for electronic generation!

Metalectronica / Party Metal

Now working on 2 different albums, one heavy metal/trance themed, and one primarily electronia/trance themed, though both encapsulate many similar vibes. 

CONQUEST, the metal one will potentially have the following songs:

1. Planarian King
2. Cryptobiosis
3. Face Plant
4. Conquistador
5. Glorious Mutiny
6. Nomad

FILTHY GOODNESS, the electronica sounding one, will have either 3 or 4 songs, 2 of which are already basically complete

1. Chainsaw vs. Predator
2. Inner Alien
3. TBA

I am working on releasing my first album, a progressive metal album, called ‘Conquest.’ In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with GarageBand to make the tracks you may have seen Youtube. Due to the positive feedback I’ve been getting, I’m gonna keep the tracks coming, so stay tuned!

I first picked up a keyboard in 2007 after graduating high school. I spent the next two years in Israel undergoing a spiritual journey and during that time, I taught myself how to play with the midnight rabbi in israel. However after I came back to the US and started college, I stopped playing for about a year and half. Now, I’ve been playing again for six months and am working on some seriously epic material. My style is primarily a fusion of Metal, Hip Hop, and Trance, and I plan to show the world how modern day Rock N’ Roll should sound. My motto in life is “Go Big or Go Home” and I bring that mentality to my music as well. Expect nothing short of greatness from my tracks.

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