Caring people get us ready for the year 2012!

2012 awaits, the Masgiach rav Wolfson still here big things are going on here and above , a great Month of Elul is here for us all to get ready! Make a difference with kindness!

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Tovah / Good new happy year! גמר כתיבה וחתימה

Our Sephardi Jewish brothers have already started saying Selichot – forgiveness prayers before daybreak – which continue the whole month of Elul and then in Tishrei until Yom Kippur.

In Jail!

A Jewish businessman made a bad mistake. He took something that wasn’t his. Oh, for sure, he claims that he had a right to do what he did, but the judge did not agree. In Jail! He has been granted some clemency now, and he is being moved to a halfway house. Soon, please G-d, he will be released.


I am so saddened that a Jew is in such a predicament, especially a religious Jew. In some ways, he has really embarrassed the Torah. Surely we feel sorry for him, but look at the mess he has put himself in; What can he do in jail? Three walls and a gate! Someone asked whether he should he even put on his tefillin and let the other prisoners see that a religious Jew has been locked up….


His wife wrote.


“I spoke to Barry tonight and just thought I would relay our conversation. I think you would be proud of him. It seems he is the unofficial Rabbi there. He has had the zechut [merit] of puttingtefillin on a couple of Jews who have never done it before, and made the berachot [blessing] for the first time. He has also changed 2 peoples’ choice of food. They are now only receiving kosher food. I am very proud of him. He is up to 6 people in his circle. I thought of you and just wanted to share these thoughts.

“We are still waiting for a bed to open in the halfway house. He is number 3 on the list. Thank you for your prayers.”


Barry’s acts of spiritual kindness while in jail are softening his spiritual and physical judgment. Knowing Barry as I do, he is not helping those other Jews for this reason. He is helping them because they need help.


Finding a way to help is not the hard part. The hard part is caring enough to try.

People who care , thanks Gutman Locks!


4 thoughts on “Caring people get us ready for the year 2012!

  1. Interesting point! The Power of Translation
    based on She’eris Yisroel Villednik
    The Holy Yisroel Villedniker
    A Talmid of the great Rav Mottel’e Czernoble
    The Villedniker taught Sha’ar haZmanin Drushim on Shavous 3rd Ma’amar…
    “The Torah was given over in seventy languages clearly explained” (see Shabbos 88b) etc. The holy Torah itself is [written using] holy letters. Their are initially enclothed in the holy tongue [Hebrew]. Afterwards they are enclothed in sackcloth in thousands of different vestments and it contains the entirety of those seventy languages.
    In our place [in Europe] since we translate the entire Torah using the Ashkenazi language [of Yiddish] which is common among us, we have greatly prepared that language for receiving the sanctity contained in the holy tongue. It has an advantage [over the traditional Aramaic] in that we use it to explain and elucidate all matters of holiness that pertain to us more so than we use the Targum [of Aramaic] which does not aid us in clarification and understanding. . .
    I heard from my master the Holy rebbe of Czernoble that it was revealed to him from heaven in a dream that for three hundred years they are preparing and organizing the limbs of the Moshiach. He was told that it is hinted to in a Rashi that this preparation and organization is using La’az, foreign languages, meaning to say that Moshiach’s limbs are are prepared specifically through foreign languages, this is a very deep thing indeed.
    This is because Moshiach’s concept is to cause all the nations to call out clearly in their language in Hashem’s name (Tzefania 7:15) because Moshiach is revealed once the seventy languages have been gathered together from among the seventy angelic princes which are sackcloth garments for Torah, and become nullified to the Torah as we all call out in Hashem’s name. Not so when the Torah was given when there were seventy distinct languages, and they were including at that time in the holy Torah. However in the future all the power of the seventy languages will be nullified completely as it says in Tzefania above.
    Truthfully the final task of refinement called Birurim is achieved trough languages, since every word and idea contains a spark of holiness and that spark is refined and uplifted through true unifications and combinations using foreign languages to elucidate and explain the holy Torah this is the purpose of the unifications and upliftment of the holy sparks.
    Therefore when you study and learn you should translate all you learn specifically into La’az – a foreign language. This rectifies sinful thoughts and evil thoughts which cause the holy sparks to fall into the realm of the broken vessels. This is because La’az – foreign language is the aspect of evil thoughts as in the words of Chaza’l our sages in Gittin 5b one who slanders and speaks ill of, is called Motzi La’az. However if you learn clearly [without translation] you do not purify them.”
    read more Contact me for more info
    The Baal Shem Tov’s vision

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