Time to wake up- Our cousins are calling as we bring True Unity!

This is my prefered approach to the new year and to keep positive etc-charitynewyear/… Please watch and read below!

These 7 blessings signify the unity of Bride and Groom us-Yisrael with Hashem! May this come soon!

But its important to hear whats going on. Thanks to Lazer Bordey for some real scarey news!

Rabbi  Arush  gave his weekly address to the Yeshiva yesterday, and said as follows:

–  He  has been informed by one of the Zadikim Nistarim (hidden zadik) [who he  has  known for many years], that the ‘Gates of Tshuva’ are closing soon [ie,  there will be no more Tshuva – repentance/returning to Hashem – after that date].The Rav shlit’a said that Moshiach will be here soon; once Moshiach arrives, the gates of teshuva will be closed, so now is the time to make teshuva. The Rav did not say that the gates of teshuva will be closed on September 21 or on any other specific date.

–  There is a terrible decree in Shamayim [heaven] that [chas ve’shalom] on 21st  Ellul  [20th  September  2011]  six Arab nations plan to send up to 3 million Arabs to march on Jerusalem, un-armed.

– [This might not sound particularly terrible, seeing as they are un-armed. However,  Rav  Arush  stressed  that we do not understand how terrible this decree will be and that we must all pray for it to be rescinded.]

–  Rav Arush is taking the message from the Zadik Nistar very seriously, despite the fact the many other of our religious leaders are not taking this seriously. He told  the Yeshiva that he personally called up non-religious family members and  asked them to please start keeping Shabbat, and to put on Tefillin and keep  any  other  mitzvahs they can. Now may be the last time that a person will be able to do Tshuva and return to Hashem. No one knows when time will run out, so teshuva can be delayed no longer.

–  Rav Arush then made immediate changes to the Yeshiva. He has changed the normal  learning  schedule  so that instead of learning from 1pm – 5pm, all students  at  the  Yeshiva  are  to go out at this time to distribute Torah literature,  CD’s  and books… 

For months now, we’ve been calling on everyone to strengthen ourselves in emuna and teshuva. Hashem’s global wakeup calls have included missile barrages, tragic murders, earthquakes, floods, and a killer hurricane. Now, Egypt is about to be taken over by radical Islamis, the Sinai border is hostile, Turkey is aligning with Iran and Hamas and Iran against Israel, and Syria and Hizbulla are itching to use chemical warheads against us. What more do we need to make teshuva? No one seems to get the message. But, those few families who strengthen themselves in true emuna and teshuva will see miracles and salvation, speedily, amen!

In the night with the Arabs calling we make 7 blessing of Unity between Husband and Wife in the holy city of Jerusalem.http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/help-for-the-new-year-ethiopian-barmitzvot-now/ Make a difference and do charity now!


7 thoughts on “Time to wake up- Our cousins are calling as we bring True Unity!

  1. September 21st: What Did Rav Shalom Really Say?

    Our email boxes are currently flooded with dozens of emails asking to confirm a chain email that summarizes what my beloved rabbi and spiritual guide Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a said in a talk to our Yeshiva student body yesterday.

    Most of the email which appears below in italics is accurate. I have colored the inaccurate portion in red, followed by what the Rav shlit’a really said in green, as follows: read above thanks

  2. just been reading some books on the tradgedy and miracles of that day, simchos and miss u ,
    What will the Israeli government do if millions of them decide to march on our borders on September 20? We had better start taking things seriously. Exactly 10 years ago, on September 11, 2001, Hashem gave a wake-up call to our brothers and sisters in the USA to start taking things seriously; unfortunately, few did. After the smoke and the debris settled at Ground Zero, it was business as usual. In Israel, it is no longer business as usual. Our neighbors’ noose is closing around our necks. It’s time to wake up, for who knows how loud the next wakeup call will be.
    911 Video – Remembering What We Saw http://www.nationalterroralert.com/2011/09/10/911-video-%E2%80%93-remembering-what-we-saw/

  3. one of my students died that a scool couldnt afford to pay be for the last year and a half to help! Rav Belsky’s grandson, i tried to volunteer but was never invited , just like with u , U gotta donate so we can do our work ! we gotta be on these kids or else !

  4. […] SERIOUSLY, make a difference!   @midnightrabbi off to lavayh #escort #the #dead #RIPto Yitzchak #belsky simchos, #in Bet Shemesh!http://wp.me/p1B48D-5utime-to-wake-up-the-arabs-are-calling-as-we-bring-true-unity/#comment-191 […]

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