True Friendship and Nachus- make a difference Friends!

Please read below and feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel 00972-57-317-5856
Email –
This is what friendship is all about! Read an email from a friend who not only donated but is an example to us all what friendship is and how we make the world a beautiful place to live together!
Hi Guys,
Really good to see you all at the most incredible wedding and thoroughly enjoyable week!
You may have noticed the rockin’ rabbi at the wedding – for those of you who didn’t get to chat to him, this is our friend Eliezer formerly known as Elliot Goldsmith aka the Midnight Rabbi formerly the X-box rabbi also goes by ‘lead guitarist of the Red Hot Kosher Peppers’ and occasionally Sir Schvitz Alot…..
Anyway, our friend Eli works at The Jaffa Institute – which is an amazing organisation providing housing, food and education for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam.
Check the website for more info:
As we were all lucky enough to enjoy an amazing simcha in Israel – it seems only right that we give something back….
One of the programmes in need of help this year funds the Bar Mitzvah’s of 28 of the Jewish Ethiopian Immigrant kids from their Beth Shemesh Educational and Residential Center.
A Bar Mitzvah costs $944 per child and includes the ceremony, a new pair of Teffilin, a breakfast for the kids and their families and an educational field trip.
It would be amazing if you could help these kids who come from absolutely nothing and give them a really special day!
Attached is a breakdown of costs and some more info – every dollar/shekel helps – so please let me or Eli know asap if you wish to take part in this massive mitzvah…
your true friend! Much nachus….

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One thought on “True Friendship and Nachus- make a difference Friends!

  1. did this post twice just in case u want more lol nachus – be kind and share and donate

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