2012 / 5772 – Only one Midnightrabbi inspires!

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Parshas Ki Savoi 5771Rosh Hashanah; The Pleasure of Self Nullification

On Rosh Hashanah, Hashem is reestablished as King. The entire theme of the day is to subjugate oneself to His great and awe-inspiring kingdom.

The first paragraph of ‘Malchius’, the section from the prayer of Musaf on Rosh Hashana where we express the absolute sovereignty of Hashem, is “Aleinu Leshabeyach”, a prayer expressing our subjugation to Him. Its main theme is “Va’anachnu Korim Umeshtachavim Umodim”, ‘We prostate ourselves and bow and thank’.
Nullifying oneself in the face of the grandness of Hashem is the most pleasurable activity a human can engage in. It is only merited through effort and divine assistance.

The Imrei Pinchas advises that during the last Shalosh Seudah of the year, one should beg Hashem to merit being humble on Rosh Hashanah. A generation like ours had better get a head start and begin preparing early for the great divine service of nullifying ourselves to Hashem.

To acquire the trait of humbleness, one must work on not being petty, relinquishing jealousy, and forgoing our rights in order to prevent hostility. The correct attitude is – ‘everything I have is more than I deserve’.
A great bonus of such an attitude is that Hashem forgives the sins of anybody who forgoes his entitlements in order to avoid bitter feelings between Jews.

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