Happy birthday DAD! 72-3 until 120!

Mr goldsmith/ tribute!  Thanks beyond words my special dad!

Says in Pirkei avos (saying of our Fathers) that Hakodesh Baruch Hu (G-d) is the Boss and hes very pushy with his workers to do there job lol…

Therefore, here is a link to almost all my sites of work! I’m such a proud and grateful, son, even Hulk Hogan has seen the light of my father!

Now this was good news to start the day!

Jeff Keni Pulver @jeffpulver retweeted to 404,235 followers:

midnightrabbi jeff pulver hugs  @jeffpulver

Anyhow, Thank G-d yesterday we made a great blog of an even greater person, but now its time to make a blog for the greatest man around (Edgware/the Edge). He introduced me to Jeff Pulver… Truth is with my mother and G-d as a partner introduced me to life… This is the one and only Martin Goldsmith… (I know the Mitzvah of honoring ones father doesn’t allow me to use his name, however, in the world of blogs and especially to honor him more, we make a difference lol).

Wow dont i look slim lol! My father is the tallest one in the pic lol!

The other two good-looking chaps are my brothers, Jeremy and Paul, their partners in my fathers great company

Event Merchandising Limited (<-)

 Office:Unit 11, The Edge Business Centre Location:Humber Road, London, NW2 6EW, London, United Kingdom

Event has been firmly established for over 25 years as the leading supplier of merchandise while being renowned for quality and innovative ideas.

Event develops and markets merchandise to a world-wide audience. We work closely with new & established brands.

From blue chip corporate requirements to selling at live events, from setting up licensing programmes to running online shops. Whether your requirement is for a single product or for a full merchandising solution, Event has over 25 years experience in bringing you unparalleled choice, excellent quality and an expert service.  Meet Jeremy my oldest brother and on twitter!

P1030644jeremy goldsmith
Md of event merchandising, I love merch as it takes me to the most exciting events in the world, olympics, big brother, idols, x factor, boat race etc
And my middle bro paulsgoldsmith- Paul Goldsmith
Finger on the pulse on merchandising at major UK events, London 2012 to Capital FM Ball, T4OTB to a Panda in a stately home London.
Here’s a happy birthday poem from my daughter to her great grandpa 😀
Now lets hear from my father what he says on Facebook
“Still working in the merchandising touring and promotional business.
Chairman eventmerchandising.
Current projects 2012 olympic games
licence holder, office in shepperton film studios, marbella,nw2 6ew
Toured with many of the worlds most iconic artists and some of the most historic musicians, and charity concerts for over 35 years.
3 sons two in the business eli the youngest lives in Jerusalem has become very well-known for helping kids and saving lives from drug and the usual problems young people get addicted to in their youth

Family simchos and get together in the U.K. and the holy land! Enjoy the best video i have of my dad … Making a difference… Thanks Dad! and family…

Anyhow come and visit in the new year and enjoy feasting on some home-made nachus with much blessings, the Dad of the century!

Eli Pmusic added 45 new photos to the album Happy new year 5-6 yummy challos B’H

Some great stories you can hear only from my father like this one we posted! ->machoman-randy-savage-has-passed-away-may-his-soul-go-up-in-a-good-way-its-never-to-late
Anyhow come and visit in the new year and enjoy feasting on some home-made nachus with much blessings Dad of the century!

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    🙂 birthday, important to honor the father that makes this blog inspired 😀 and more…

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