Freedom with Gilad and the Good points of the Chag!

Thank G-d! We prayed and Prayed! See last years post where his parents, with shyne and rebbe and all our prayers free gilad shalit also please pray for my daughter Tehilah Rivkah bas Masha @pray-for-my-daughter

The name Gilad is all about focusing on the good ! To reveal the good inside! This is the spark of the Tzaddik/Essential good that exists in us all just like Yosef Hatzaddik who visited us the same day of Gilad’s release ! At Sukkot we have 7 visitors, and Yosef Hatzaddik is the 6th visitor, on the 6th day, representing Yesod and the truth of our peoples intrinsic holiness no matter what! These pictures and videos here with our goal is to reveal this point/”Ad” in Hebrew is Ayin Daled the big letters in the Shemah! Aid = the witness to the Unity! That our nation is One and with Determination like Gilad’s father and all our prayers we can accomplish everything!

I remember meeting him with Shyne and telling Gilad’s father how beautiful his sons name is , and all i could see is he wanted him free no matter what! and Hashem helped!

Rabbi Shlomo Price was emailed this amazing Hashgocho/Divine providence story and am spreading the wealth. As his Rebbe once saw a sign, “Don’t keep  the faith, spread it around!”

“This is the kind of story that you read about in books or hear from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard from a friend etc. I heard this story at the Kotel on Simchat Torah and thought it was too fantastic to be true… until I met the Shliach whose story it is in Shul this morning and heard it again first hand. I’m recounting this to the best of my knowledge… I hope you’ll forgive me if I get any of the details wrong…

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Eliyahu and Chana Canterman are the Chabad Shluchim in Talbiyeh, Jerusalem. They live around the corner from my family’s apartment and the Rebbetzen is a cousin of my Rabbi’s wife back in Manchester, England. I first met them about three years ago when they set up their Chabad house. I went to help make a Minyan in their apartment for a member of their community who needed to say Kaddish. They struck me then as typical Chabad Shluchim, with a home that was open to all, and always willing to go that extra mile for another Jew regardless of the inconvenience caused to themselves.

When they founded their Chabad House, one of the projects that the Cantermans took on, along with other Chabad Shluchim and local organisations, was to provide meals each day to the parents of Gilad Shalit, Aviva and Noam, at the protest tents outside the Prime Minister’s residence on the border of Talbiyeh & Rechavia. Naturally, they became close friends with Aviva and Noam, providing not only food but emotional and pyschological support during this time.

Around Purim time last year, Chana Canterman brought a special gift to Aviva Shalit along with her meal: a dollar that she had received many years before from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that was to be given to a worthy charity. “Take this dollar” said Chana, “and may it be a Segulah (merit) that Gilad be released this year”. Aviva accepted the dollar gratefully and carried it with her wherever she went.

Rebbetzen Canterman didn’t hear anything more about the dollar until she received a text from Aviva Shalit last Wednesday, the 19th of October (the 21st of Tishrei), the day after her son, Gilad, had come home. In the text, Aviva asked Rebbetzen Canterman if she remembered when she had received the dollar from the Rebbe. Unsure, the Rebbetzen replied that she didn’t remember exactly when she had received it as it was over twenty years before, but that, as with all dollars given by the Rebbe to be distributed to charity, the date should be written on the dollar itself.

The date on the dollar that the Rebbetzen gave to Aviva Shalit before Purim, the dollar that she had received over twenty years before from the Lubavitcher Rebbe was Chaf (the twentieth of) Tishrei, the date that Gilad Shalit came home to his family and his people.

Hope you all get as much from the above as I did… I know for a fact that the Rabbi and Rebbetzen aren’t publicising this story themselves as they don’t want people to think their motives for helping the Shalits were anything other than altruistic, however, I feel that it’s too amazing, too inspiring a story to keep from other people.

Two worlds meet and are truly one!

Make a difference – Midnightrabbi inspires wants us to live Inspired like Eli Pmusic new pics of Sukkot!


3 thoughts on “Freedom with Gilad and the Good points of the Chag!



    Why did this Jew from America tell me that standing at the Kotel crying was the highlight of his entire two-week trip to Israel?

    I told him to close his eyes, picture his loved ones, and thank G-d for all of the good that He has given him. He closed his eyes, mumbled something softly, and then burst out crying.

    There are two kinds of crying at the Kotel. There is crying from sadness, as when you are in pain, and there is crying from spiritual awakening, which is really crying from joy.

    For the first time in many years, if not in his entire life, this Jew felt like he was standing before G-d and being overwhelmed by His greatness. “Thank you… thank you… thank you.”

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    Its good to keep remembering the good points to prepare us for the Chag happily 😀

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