Time for a claim to name! Daughter of Yisrael!



Thank Hashem – Rivkalah is home and the doctor says its miraculously healing with out operation! Prayers & more work always! Been to 2 @hospitals and now the new baby is home, now we just need a name, any ideas appreciated, even though the parents are the ones with divine incite!

From Rav Wolfson – The translation of the Shalosh Seudah Torah of this past week is ready on our site. Download FREE!
Parshas Noach –
The Sukkah Accompanies us into the Year 

Devar Torah for Parshas Lech Lecha
Avraham Avinu – The First of a New Species 

With the birth of Avraham Avinu the creation of the world was completed. He was the first of the species that finalized creation, the species called ‘The Jewish People’. What characteristic do Jews posses that separates them from all other species?

Knowledge is not hereditary. A father can memorize the entire Mishna, but his son will not know it at birth; he will have to commit it to memory by himself.
Yet in nature, we do see that there is certain knowledge that species inherit genetically. A beaver will built a dam, not because it studied engineering, but out of instinct it will know what to do.

Every intelligent human being will be held accountable for not coming to the conclusion through rational deduction that there is a G-d. But the faith of a Jew is much deeper than that; it is part of his essence.
A Jew believes in Hashem by instinct. He feels and knows his creator the same way he knows that he has to eat when he’s hungry. He can forget or deny his instinctive faith, just as he can lose his appetite when ill, or starve himself by will; but it is still there.

Just as all babies are born with the sucking reflex, a Jewish baby is born knowing Hashem. 

And from Rav Daniel Leeman @revealing-the-secret-inspiring-us

Avram’s name was changed after G-d revealed Himself to him [1]. From then on he would be called Avraham as he would be the “father of many (av hamon) nations” [2]. But why should his name change as a result of this? And why is it specifically the letter ‘hey’ that was added?

Furthermore, it is actually forbidden to refer to Avraham as Avram [3]. But even after G-d revealed Himself to him, we find that the Torah still refers to him as Avram! [4]


One evening, Rabbi Yehuda Deutsch of Ramat Shlomo and Rabbi Yitzchak Meit Shternbuch of Darchei Torah Yeshiva went to visit Rabbi Naftali Nusbaum to discuss an important matter. When they arrived they asked their taxi to wait for they would be about 15 minutes. But one thing led to another, and when they returned the taxi had already left.


They were discussing how terrible it was that they were unable to pay and that – being that the driver was an Arab and the taxi unmarked – it would be virtually impossible to trace him. Just then, Rabbi Deutsch realised that he had left his tefillin in the taxi! Aside from their cost, he desperately needed them for the next morning.


That night he could not sleep. He dedicated money to charity, prayed some heartfelt prayers and then put his trust in G-d that he would receive them back in time. His prayers paid off… just 2 hours later he received a phone call from his brother in law, “Did you lose your tefillin?” He explained…


An Arab had been driving past the Ohr haTzafon synagogue at 1:30am and when he spotted me come out, he began calling out and repeating “it was you!” and he threw something out his car. Initially I thought it was a bomb, but when it did not explode, I examined it and it was a pair of tefilin!

“I looked at them bad and saw my initials! – it really was me!!!

Whose could they be – they were not mine? I thought to myself, and then I remembered that you also have my initials,” he told his brother in law, “all 5 of them: yud, aleph, mem, tzadi, dales – Yehuda Aryeh Marim Tzvi Deutsch!”

A remarkable fact to consider being that they were not blood relatives and looked completely opposite – one tall the other short.

The power of prayer.


Needless to say Rabbi Deutsch went round immediately to get them back!



Why did Avraham merit becoming the father of the nations? Immediately beforehand we see that he prayed [5]. G-d doesn’t need our prayers, but rather we need them! They affect and improve us [6]. The same is true of Avraham. Perhaps this is also why he merited his new name – for by his prayers he became a ‘new’ person, and therefore required a different name.

But why specifically the letter hey? Hey is the letter with which this world was created [7] and prayer, which is one of the foundations of this world [8], is for this-worldly needs [9].

Avraham received his new name because he was to be the father of the nations. But was that the only reason? It seems that there is a continuation… “And there will be a covenant between Me and your offspring forever” [10]. This is a covenant of a permanent [11] connection to G-d; a covenant between us and G-d enabling us to connect to Him via prayer [12].

Don’t lose out: pray instead?

Have a hey-day of a Shabbos,



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  1. Safest country in the world is?
    Safest country in the world Totourisrael like it ! Midnightrabbi inspires http://www.facebook.com/totourisrael.thebestway

    Nobody here in Ashdod can possibly ignore the amazing miracles that Hashem did for us during the recent rocket attacks from Gaza. Totally non-religious people in the street are now talking emuna, and there’s a big spiritual awakening as you’ll see in the following clip, courtesy of Arutz 7 and Israel National News in English:

  2. New blog coming tomorrow on http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/

    Yehuda Meir Shapiro (or Shapira), (March 3, 1887 – October 27, 1934), was a prominent Hasidic rabbi and rosh yeshiva, also known as the Lubliner Rav. He is noted for his promotion of the Daf Yomi study program in 1923, and establishing the Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva in 1930.

  3. ‎Midnightrabbi inspires Good News Week and RAINN keep coming !

    All in a good time with much Success and Blessing! We just named our 2nd daughter mindel tovah, thank G-d! For bringing the GOOD alive!

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