Mindel tovah – good news 4 us all, bli ayin horah!

like Midnightrabbi inspires Please let me hear your good news too! Write below in comments! 

Mazel tov family simchas Midnightrabbi inspires Good News Week and RAINN keep coming ! All in a good time with much Success and Blessing! We just named our 2nd daughter mindel tovah, thank G-d! For bringing the GOOD alive!https://midnightrabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/time-for-a-claim-to-name-daughter-of-yisrael/ likehttp://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/

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I want to thank most sincerely a very special Mum in the U.s.A. who is sponsoring the kiddush of our special meidal,bas yisrael, daughter!
Also to thank the Jaffa Institute for there support and kind gifts of beautiful bouquet flowers!
Thanks for all your kind wishes and prayers and looking forward to only simchos together
eli and family sincere!
 — with Jaffa Institute.

2 thoughts on “Mindel tovah – good news 4 us all, bli ayin horah!

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