Baby’s born and we thank G-d!

Please keep up the good  simchus. My brother in london just had twin boys & we just had a beautiful healthy baby girl, thank G-d,

mindel-tovah- good girl and granny will be happy!

Midnightrabbi inspires re-invents himself from saving souls to waking up again and again for babys, a true life saver ! Like this!

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– Parshas Vayera
The Miraculous Existence of the Jewish Nation 

Yitzchok’s birth was a miracle. Both Avraham and Sarah were aged, and Sarah was infertile. The miracle of his birth was just the first in a string of countless wonders that never ceased.
The survival of the Jewish People throughout exile contradicts every axiom historians know to be true. That a small, persecuted, scattered people remain in existence while the largest and strongest societies faded away is baffling.

The Jewish state in Eretz Yisroel is a tremendous miracle that is happening in our times. It is surrounded by a few hundred million Arabs who are sworn to its destruction.
What is stopping the Arabs from gratifying their bloodthirsty lusts? World opinion? They know good and well that Jewish blood is cheap. They remember that six million Jew were murdered and the world cared very little. Propriety? These are people who commit the most outrageous, insane atrocities mankind has been capable of committing. International law? Hah! They don’t give a hoot about that.

Who is keeping the Jewish People safe in Eretz Yisroel today?
The same one who enable an infertile, ninety year old women to give birth to their patriarch.

Chef Sam Talks to Hashem

Chef Sam grew up in an observant home, fell “out of the program”, and returned to Hashem big-time by way of emuna books and CDs. I’m so very proud of him. Together with Lipa Schmeltzer, Chef Sam has inspired many other Williamsburg and Monsey “expatriates” and helped them become upright observant Jews out of choice and through love, not force. Let’s hear what Chef Sam has to say:

Have a great shabbos Vayeira_5772.MP3

3 thoughts on “Baby’s born and we thank G-d!

  1. Enjoy this new song.
    The words “Sos Asis BaHashem” are from the prophet Yeshayahu (61:10). They literally mean “I will rejoice intensely with G-d”.
    The Maggid of Mezritch explained the deeper meaning however as follows: “Sos”- I rejoice; “Asis BaHashem”- over the fact that G-d rejoices over me!’Ani Sameach, Bzeh Sh’Ani M’Sameach et Hashem’- I am happy over the fact that I make G-d happy.
    Check it out on facebook-

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