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Bar Mitzvah Celebrations for our Ethiopian Students


The Jaffa Institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Education established the Bet Shemesh Educational andResidentialCenterin 1986.  The Center is a junior and senior high boarding school for boys, dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children.  Founded in 1986 with only the barest of essentials for its first sixteen students, the campus is now fully equipped with newly furnished classrooms, modern computer facilities, a beautiful synagogue, and a science and technology center.

The BetShemeshCenter’s high academic standards were officially recognized when it was awarded the prestigious National Education Prize from the Ministry of Education in 1995 and again in 2004. Having since been established as an autonomous U.S. 501(c) (3) organization, the Center now enrolls over 300 children from some of the most destitute areas in the country.

Bar Mitzvah’s for out Ethiopian Students


Since 1992, the Jaffa Institute has been helping Ethiopian youths cope with the stress of integration.  As part of the integration program, the Jaffa Institute offers a Bar Mitzvah program to prepare Ethiopian immigrant children for their special day. Through weekly group workshops as well as individual sessions, our professional staff teaches the children about the significance of the Bar Mitzvah.


The celebratory day begins at8:00in the morning when the Ethiopian youth received their gift of t’fillin before t’filah. After services, the boys and their family are treated to a luxuriously catered breakfast where their teachers and friends are also invited to celebrate in the momentous occasion.

Following breakfast, the boys are taken on a field trip. Last year, the boys were taken to Moshav Zanoach where they had the opportunity to see first hand the process of making t’fillin. Next, the boys were taken on a special treat to the park/museum Mini Israel where hundreds of exact-copy models of architectural, historical, religious, archeological and socially important sites fromalloverIsraelare displayed.

The cost to give each Ethiopian youngster the experience of a lifetime totals approximately $1,000.  Students receive their first pair of t’fillin, talitot, new watches and briefcases, a trip toJerusalemand a festive breakfast and lunch with their parents and siblings.

Please help us provide our Ethiopian students with a meaningful day of growth and celebration.


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