Ladies please! Pray for us! We need it!

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Thanks to Gutman locks

Ladies, Be Healthy – Go To Synagogue

Israel National News reports:[i]

“Women who attend synagogue regularly are more optimistic than others, according to a Yeshiva University research report to be published this week in the Journal of Religion and Health.

The same conclusions apply to non-Jews who attend church.

A more optimistic view of life was expressed by 56 percent of those regularly attended prayer service.

A study in 2008 showed that religious people generally are healthier and less susceptible to stress than those who are not religious.”

“We know they’re less likely to die, and health outcomes can be related to psychological factors.”

Religious practice in general can encourage a “positive worldview, include calming rituals, and have other psychological and social benefits,” according to the new research report.” IMG_0774

Gutman suggests: Ladies, go pray. It’s cheaper than psychiatry, tastes better than pills, isn’t fattening, and the studies prove that it usually works.


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