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Do You Want to Have a Better Life?

from Gutman Locks!

    Researchers have found that if you smile more, you will have a better life. “Smiling can have a profound effect on your life, and the more intense the smiling is, the better.”

An article in this week’s edition of Psychology Today states that a number of studies have indicated that your facial features may reflect your chances of future happiness.

The first study showed that the more the girls smiled as seniors in High School the greater were the odds that they would marry and be happy with their life.

The second study showed how pictures of someone smiling at a young age predicted lower divorce rates later in life, better social relationships, and even a longer lifespan.

The results showed that women tended to smile more and with more intensity than men, and that for both men and women, smile intensity was a good predictor of future life satisfaction.

It is not entirely clear from the study if smiling itself causes all these positive effects, but studies have shown that even if people are forced to smile, they feel happier, and that smiling changes their emotional state.

They say that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. So, take it easy. Smile. ;~)



  1. Do It In Pencil from Gutman Locks

    Here is a lesson that we try to teach over and over again: If a Jew will not transgress what seems to be a minor commandment, he surely will not transgress a “major” one.

    Pictured here is a very nice Jewish guy from America. When I put tefillin on him, I saw his foolish tattoo. I didn’t say anything until he finished with the prayers, but as I was about to take off the tefillin, I told him my “joke” about a prayer that he should say every day.

    “Dear G-d, if I have to make any mistakes today, let me make them in pencil.”

    He understood, and he laughed. I asked him if he was married… did he have any children? He said yes, and that he did. I told him that his sons are going to see his tattoo, and then they will want one, too. He shrugged a little, as if to say that it was already done and there was nothing that he could do about it. I asked if his children were Jewish. He said that they were not. Ouch!

    The sad truth is that since his kids are not Jewish, they can get tattoos (if they are stupid enough), but what hurt was that this very nice Jewish guy has, at least up until now, thrown away his Jewish inheritance. What a treasure to lose!

    If someone would have cared enough, he would have been told that tattooing was not something that a Jew should ever do. Had this been taught to him from his early youth, he would never have married a non-Jewish girl. What a shame that someone did not tell him.

    Whenever a young Jew from outside Israel strongly refuses to put on tefillin, I ask him if he would marry a non-Jewish girl. Almost all of them say that they would! The Torah says that themitzvahs guard our lives. This is one example of how.

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