Deep ideas for Chanukah! Live inspired!

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Please daven for Maia Shani Chaya bat Sorah thanks. And thanks to Shmuel Diamond for  great pics and friends!

So we are getting ready Chanukah and Kislev is the inner/pinimius torah lighting up the darkness, every year the golus gets darker and darker! However, the light needs to be bigger to keep the balance! This is our job to look deep within every struggle and draw from our inner light like a menorah drawing on the oil with a little wick! This shines the light of Moshiach in to the whole world and will bring our redeemer bkrov, speedily in our days ! amen,

Chanukah is the Fiftieth Level of Holines
The physical world is comprised of seven dimensions. Seven times seven is forty nine.
The eighth corresponds to the fiftieth. Eight/fifty are numbers which represents sublime
heavenly spheres.
The essence of Chanukah is eight/fifty. It has eight days and the miracle of Chanukah
took place with שמן, oil. The word שמן is similar to the number שמונה, eight.
Reading about the Tefillin of Yaakov in Parshas Vayetzei, the first Shabbos in Kislev,
is a preparation for Chanukah. They are both from the fiftieth level of holiness.
The twenty fifth day of Kislev, when Chanukah begins, corresponds to the twenty five
letters of Shema, the ultimate declaration of Emunah that is placed into the Tefillin.
חנכה נר is gematria צפון הבעל, (they both equal 333). With the power of Emunah of
Chanukah, the kelipah of the idol ‘Baal Tzefon’, the representation of the fiftieth level of
tumah, which is atheism, is broken.
May we merit preparing properly for Chanukah, by submitting ourselves with self
sacrifice to the sovereignty of Hashem, as the Chashmonaim in the time of Chanukah did,
and thereby merit,
אור חדש על ציון תאיר ונזכה כלנו יחד במהרה לאורו

Fact is that I am trying to live by that with my clients.
I resolve the problems or perceived problems that companies have
So my approach is to give them an approach where they realise that it is only perceived darkness and that in essence they just have to reveal the greatness that is alreaqday there…ie the light
: Kind of like using their capabilities and enhancing their processes, which is like doing more mitzvos and drawing more Ohr into the Kav
By getting better at what they already do and having the right discipline and structure, they can be the best thing possible.
Every human can achieve so much, its just a matter of tapping in.
Moshiach now!!!!The month of geula is here!
Chodesh Kislev!

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“ok i hear but use some of the time to listen to more torah it explains what we’re going through right now
the links i gave u are the best trust me!
its about giving our free time to Hashem by learing torah this will protect us more than everything! “i wnna find peace here
“u will by fighting
yaakov wants peace & then there more battles lol
Please listen & learn by clicking the links Chanukah E 

The translation of the Shalosh Seudah Torah
Parshas TOLDOS is ready on our site. Download it FREE! click HereDevar Torah for Chanukah
Elevating Jewish Souls on ChanukahThe Shechina, Divine Presence, never descends beneath ten handbreadths. The only exception is on Chanukah when we specifically light the candles under the usual boundary of ten handbreadths.
A Jewish Soul is compared to a candle. When we kindle the Chanukah lights in a low place, the souls of Jews that lie in the depth are lit up.

However, we won’t suffice with lighting up their souls and leaving them to glow in the dark. We will raise them back into holiness.

The Halacha is that on Friday we light the Chanukah candles before the kindling of the Shabbos candles. The Arizal states that the reason we light in this order, is so that the souls we illuminate with the Chanukah lights in the depth, should be uplifted into the sphere of Shabbos with the lighting of the Shabbos candles. We first ignite these Jewish souls, and then lift them back into holiness.
The flame of Chanukah is sublimely lifted and fuses with the flame of Shabbos. great inspiration Totourisrael                        

Rabbi Sitorsky’s Shiur on the weekly parsha on MP3 download pageAnd great torah to read

Nyet, Nyet, Nikavo! thanks Lazer Schmitdt Lazer Brody
Today, we’ll learn a lesson in Russian:

Nyet nyet nikavo krome yivo adnavo. Translated, this means, “No, no, there is no one other than Hashem – His Name is One.”

With the ink barely dried on my weekly column at Breslev Israel, Salvation Month, and once again Hashem is fighting our battles for us, causing an awesome explosion in Iran’s nuclear facilities at Isfahan, only 2 weeks after Hashem blew an Iranian missile depot sky high. If that’s not enough, only 5 days ago, a Hizbulla stronghold in southern Lebanon was rocked by a tremendous blast. Hashem’s fingerprints are all over the place. Shouldn’t we all be saying “Thank You” and praising Hashem’s Name? The month of Chanuka is the perfect time for expressing our gratitude, and gratitude invokes even more miracles!

I miss the Lubavitcher Rebbe – he knew how to praise Hashem. Let’s watch him sing “Nyet Nyet Nikavo” also during the month of Kislev, 5747 (December 1986):


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  1. JaffaInstitute Jaffa Institute
    #Talmud: a man’s greatness is measured not by how much money he can acquire, but rather how much he can part with

    Tolna Rebbe mazel tov @wedding!

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  3. […] inspires wants to leave u inspired- Chanukah Protects the Borders of Holiness Doing charity makes lives shine!!! Like and SHARE […]

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