Gutman Locks inspired, please inspire us more, with thanks!

All pics and comments are from Gutman Locks, who lives inspired , by inspiring us all! You too…

Hashem, Please…

Cover me with Your wings like a mother bird covers her young

Feed me like Your birds feed their little ones

Protect me from unseen dangers

Cleanse me

Support me

Catch me when I fall


Hashem, we wait only for You!

Want to personally thank Gutman Locks for all his inspiration!

And inform you all to be very careful of copyright law as i was just caught unaware, after a very inspirational night at a concert, needless to say we mustn’t post any videos with out prior permission , regardless of inspirational content!

So please provide me with some inspirational blog stories with a full heart so we can live ‎Midnightrabbi inspiresd

Send by facebook or email

Thanks to James with Mazel Tov for his great speech too


2 thoughts on “Gutman Locks inspired, please inspire us more, with thanks!

  1. When can an unhappy person find happiness? Blogs?
    We don’t have to travel to be happy. We don’t have to go outside the country. In your own house, teach your family the blessing that Hashem is giving us.

    If we come home on Shabbos and the sun is shining, remark: “How sweet is the light, what a pleasure is the sunshine!” Sunlight means happiness.

    Every minute, new sunlight is being delivered to the earth and that sunlight and gives us our food and our energy and shouldn’t we thank Hashem all day long?

    Teach your children to be happy with sunlight. Do you know what a gift that is? But the greatest of gifts is that these phenomena teach us knowledge about Hashem. (Tape #679)

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