Matisyahu means a gift from Hashem ! Happy New year – Chanukah!

now-thats-what-i-call-a-birthday-cake on Matisyahu <- click here for more!

Before anyone gets confused, please read this , an Anonymous answer to Matisyahu’s changes and his article in with five big ?’s!

The first big question is why does post an Exclusive Interview about an Exclusive person such as Matisyahu , which should right now only confuse people 🙂 ? Why didn’t you post a response to Matisyahu’s post which is bordering on Apicorus etc… and Matisyahy has much more influence in this article than

The second big question is why post from Matisyahu numerous times his confusing response about re-defining Judism, and comments such as  “I was literally walking out of a jail cell that I had been in”… ?

The third big question is why are people focusing so much on the external issues like beard and peah’s when there are more fundamental issues, like dying Matisyahu’s hair yellow which is against Torah Mitzvos, holding a girl on Matisyahu’s lap, stage diving , crowd surfing and the general vibe of little consideration of the Holiness of himself and our Torah rules towards the men and women laws ?!? And many more fundamental issues that is missing ?

The fourth big question is where is and other Rabbonim openness to guide people like Matisyahu threw crisis of faith/ Baal Teshuvah issues, and isn’t embarased to admit that there kiruv (=bringing people closer) is too superficial to help long term issues such as Matisyahu is struggling with? Where is Matisyahu’s inspirational figures in his journey and people he can turn to for advice, Where is the second line Kiruv ?

The fifth big question is where is Matisyahu heading and all the other friends like Erez Shemspeed and and Y-love who are condoning Gay life styles while also appearing in articles? Can’t there be more credibility to post about good clear examples of Baal Teshuvah , who have battled the confusion head on  and clarified with advice from Rabbonim , while being able to express their talents and fulfilled Torah life styles!?:)

The bottom line is to focus on the positive that we Jews are struggling with the hardest challenges in history both externally and internally. And any movement towards G-d will be praised, like Aish Hatorah’s true kiruv movement and the sincere people within, like Matisyahu connection to G-d through prayer and inspirational songs of old. But where is his wife and family heading, with a father filled with tests beyond the biggest Righteuos people in history, and what makes Maitsyahu think he can be a spark seeker , when our most important role is simply just to do G-d’s will and this will elevate the sparks more than enough 🙂

Matisyahu needs tremendous Mercy amongst all confused people of our day , along with websites and organaisations like I wonder if they showed their Head of Yeshivah what they post and the goals and content?

May we all be guided by the truth of real Teshuvah that brings us all sincerely closer to Hashem , including Maitsyahu ben Rochel Malka and all our confused friends, to real Emunah (faith) and success that is a kiddush Hashem for all time with Moshiach NOW!

Now feel free to read below and remember , this is very confused!!!

Happy Chanukah – Click this for my deep ideas shared! A very high soul that can come down very low! Dear Matisyahu . Miracles it is !

Chanukah Mivtzoim

This is what Rav Wolfson ended off his shabbos inspirations with” The entire Jewish People, including Matisyahu, the neshama of Chanukah, that lights up etc… read our blog below for more! Beard wheres your yid , yid wheres your beard lol Come visit israel  ‎Totourisrael with or with out the beard Midnightrabbi inspires  Indeed Midnightrabbi inspires don’t go too low, just upward together – KEEP STRONG note_from_matisyahu/ Chazzak V’ematz!g3oc.jpg

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This guy is nuts! Matisyahu hope u dont mind this madness but we need moshiach now! watch here lol


9 thoughts on “Matisyahu means a gift from Hashem ! Happy New year – Chanukah!

  1. Chanukah a time to give and share light and charity!

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  3. He didn’t shave it off to be secular,he shaved it off because Crown Heights is a place where you’re judged for what you look like instead of who you are. Unfortunately a very large percentage of the people in Crown Heights are phonies and not religious. Matisyahu was one of the few real Jews in Crown Heights. But now we lost a real Jew to California.

    • we got to open there minds check this conversation -> tried to call u great tunes
      2nd blog will include interview of u guys

      im sure ur not so happy about thing with Yitz
      i support him cuz at least he has that releif now, instead of holding it inside

      yeah but the torah wants him the fight this way of life not givein , he could champion the fight to feel gay but not live gay, instead hes doing p.r. to permit and get married which is forbidden , he has my respect if he fights the gay life not p.r.,
      the truth of torah is our foundation

      im happy he has releif

      his yetzer horah is relieved
      the soul of our people is not
      its in mourning
      we gotta to know what way of life is the ememy
      liberal headspace ag. the torah is wrong bro

      ther needs to be a change tho in apporach to gay jews
      Liberal headspace is what brought me to chassidus, its all abouit liberal kindness love

      a gay person fighting gay feelings together with all the jewish people fighting desires

      we even say ‘;Hashem acts liberally”
      thats translation in davenin

      but not saying its cool and marriage is legit

      Mishley says to be liberal

      liberal with our failings but not as a group turning away from the truth

      the truth doesnt say to be Daate Leumi either

      i posted u guys because your rap is mostly true
      ylove is not true anymore

      and they are the most anti liberal jews around

      unless he agrees to fight the gay desire within
      then we can all help him and others
      we will respect people with failings fighting desires but not people saying this is a way of life ag. the torah

      again i bring up Tzioni judaism which has taken over much of the country
      and america

      chassidus is all about loving G-d. torah and yisrael
      not permiting something the torah forbids
      he has to fight the gay desire
      all other groups have good points

      im saying tho is the relig jewish world has wrongd alot of gay jews
      in that they are so insesnsitive

      as long as they follow the torah they will succeed

      to ther struggle
      not you
      but I grew up in “modern yeshiva day school”

      i help yitz with his struggle and hes gotta to keep fighting

      its not right how kids and teachers criticise and make fun of gay ppl

      dont give gay life credit in order to stop the small minded frum jews

      im not rabbi
      but it has to do with prob

      teach people about the power of struggle and gay guys have the biggest reward
      i look up to them as long as they fight

      small minded frum jews are in every spectrum of ‘frum judaism’ thats an issue
      not dealt with

      yeah but not for u to give p.r. top the ones who are giving in on the fight
      we got to fight bigotry and the desire to be gay
      now make a group for that and im in
      the struggle group gets the biggest reward in the next world and brings moshiach now

  4. Part 1: Matisyahu: “No More Chassidic Reggae Superstar”

  5. […] Matisyahu means a gift from Hashem ! Happy New year – Chanukah! […]

  6. […] Matisyahu means a gift from Hashem ! Happy New year – Chanukah! […]

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