Two of the Main Men from Gutman Locks

Two of the Main Men

Standing in front is Shmuli, one of the most loving guys you could ever meet. I have mentioned him a few times in these articles. Behind him is Yussi, who is the manager of the Chabad Kotel team.

(Gutman with the old Kotel tefillin stand -1986)


In 1986, I worked the Kotel tefillin stand by myself. I was the only one standing there all day, and I could keep up with the six pairs of tefillin that I had. Today, there are many, many more visitors to the Kotel each day, and a large team is needed to serve them all. There are some eight full-time, dedicated Chabadniks working here in two shifts, from sunrise until sunset, and there are around 30 pairs of tefillin.

These men deserve our greatest appreciation for the work that they do, bringing thousands of Jews closer to Torah through the mitzvah of tefillin. But in truth, they are perhaps the most fortunate men in the world to be privileged to stand at the Kotel all day, looking for Jews to help.

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