Inspirational words from a warm heart, enjoy!

Everyone should grow from the peak of the cold of winter and live inspired to warm the hearts of man kind with kindness Midnightrabbi inspiresd style! I’m going to be visiting London Jan 12th-17th, hope 2 see some warm hearts there too!

This pic is a new concept in development , stay tuned how  we are going to Please G-d warm up the whole year and all our hearts….

The translation of the Shalosh Seudah Torah  from Harav Moshe Wolfson Shlita is here thank G-d…

Parshas VAYIGASH – CHODESH TEVES is ready on our site. Download at NO COST! click Here

Rabbi Sitorsky of Bayswater’s weekly Torah shiur (available on this site in MP3 format) is an advanced level discussion on the weekly Torah parsha. The Rav goes deeper into the Torah parsha covering key topics and connecting and relating them to the calendar and their significance to us. He weaves his unique shiurim with an eclectic array of sources including Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim and Sifrei Kabbala. If you enjoy these MP3 Torah parsha shiurim, please tell a friend about this site.The learning for this week’s shiur, Vayechi, (latest shiur is updated weekly), lick here to be automatically emailed when new MP3s are uploaded.), is to merit the redemption of:

Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).

Please remember him in your tefillos.

Every Day… From Gutman Locks!

Every day, every minute… almost non-stop, the stories fly by. There are way too many to send them all out to you, but they are all so important to the people whose stories they are. It seems that they should be heard.

One after the other…,

I helped this nice American family put on tefillin. I spent time with them, mostly to educate the grandchildren regarding marrying only Jewish girls.

Three of the sons married Jewish girls and have Jewish families. But one of the sons married a Catholic girl who goes to church and, according to the brother who married her, she worships statues! How can it be? It is one family… four brothers… but this brother’s wife and children are not Jewish, and even though none of the families are religious now, his life is so very different than his brothers’ lives. He has, without giving it any real thought, pulled himself away from his siblings, most likely forever. How does it happen? One Grandfather… four sons… all nice Jewish people.

Next, this young Jew from Argentina cried to me, “I want to do t’shuvah”(repent & follow the Torah’s teachings). I said, “You mean that you want to come home.” Although the word t’shuvah means return, for him it meant to repent and to stop sinning. But I wanted to impress upon him that he was returning to the place that he started from, his natural spiritual home.

The soul comes into this world as a holy soul. It is only when the soul allows the animal aspect to rule, that uncleanliness covers and hides the holiness of the soul. So, returning to righteousness is really returning to your original place, your home.

Next, a little boy helped his father to read the Shema. They are from Georgia (USA). The father sends the boy to Torah lessons once a week, so the boy knows more Hebrew than he does. Even though he is not at all religious, he loves his son very much and wants to be sure that his family stays Jewish.

Next, three America brothers and their children pray for their families…. Look at their faces, and you can see that each has his own loves and needs.

Then, I saw this little boy davening (praying) so intently, and I wondered, “How different life is when you are born into a Torah observant family!”


       Everyone has a story. Everyone is coming from somewhere, and everyone is going somewhere. Each of these stories is a journey, and each journey is immensely important. Every story is a life.
The Treasures of Teves 

The Baal Shem Tov taught the following:
This world is filled with sparks of holiness that have fallen. In very low places or times, there lie buried sparks that have fallen from very high realms. This is because the higher the place an item falls from, the deeper it will plummet.
When we serve Hashem in a specific place, time, and with specific items, we release the sparks trapped in that time, place and item and they are redeemed and return to their origin.

The days of Teves are very low; they are days of the destruction of the Temple. Therefore, they contain sparks of holiness that have fallen from the highest realms.
It is very difficult to serve Hashem in these days; there is a sluggish feeling and it is difficult to conjure up the energy necessary to pray or learn Torah properly. However, one should not make the mistake of surrendering to his lethargy.
As difficult as it is to serve Hashem, that is how important it is that we do so – because it is in the lowly days of Teves that holy sparks, fallen from the loftiest realms, are trapped.
Our service of Hashem – specifically in Teves when it is not easy – will free these sparks and they will be elevated back to their origin.

Click here for pdf of Shalosh Seudos Torah Parshas Vayigash

He Wouldn’t Listen

We all tried, but he wouldn’t listen. He was a young American who is studying history in Switzerland. He came to the Kotel with two friends. We got his friends to put on tefillin, one of them for the first time in his life, but he wouldn’t do it. His friends had a great time, and they even tried to convince him to put them on, too, but he refused. I tried everything, but he had a deep-seated problem that kept him from putting them on.

Just then, an America Chassid walked by, (picture)below )and he tried. He told him that he is an insurance examiner, and that one day he went to the president of Mercedes of all America, and when he went to his office the secretary told him that he had to wait…the president was busy. But then, the president called out from his inner office and told her to let the man in.

He was amazed to see the president of Mercedes sitting there with wearing tefillin! He was davening (praying) and the secretary knew not to disturb him, but a Chassidic visitor was welcome to go in.

Still, he would not put on tefillin. He wasn’t even moved.

One of the Chassidic boys who helps out, tried, and he even begged him saying, “Do me a favor. Do it for my sake.”

He refused.

Then with a bit of anger in his voice he told me what his problem was, “You do not believe that all people are equal!”

“That’s right,” I agreed with him. “Black people are better basketball players, at least there are a larger than proportional share on them on the professional basketball teams.”

“Ha!” he grunted at me, “So you think that basketball skills are genetic?”

“I don’t know about basketball skills being genetic, but tallness sure seems to be.”

He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I tried to explain, “We are all one, but we are not all the same. It’s like the organs in your body…each organ is extremely important, but none of them are the same. Different people in the world have different skills, and different roles to match those skills. Apparently, blacks are better at playing basketball, and Jews are better at winning Noble Prizes.”

It didn’t help. The fact that he didn’t walk away showed that really he was interested, and that he wanted to be convinced. He was an almost radical liberal trying to make his “all things are equal” philosophy work. He was studying history and wanted to have an “overall objective” view. But the truth is that he was throwing away reality.

“You are studying history,” I told him. “When you go to a new place, you don’t tell them what their history is, you try to learn from them. You should be coming here open and inquiring, not refusing.”

It did not faze him, not in the least. His attitude was so unfitting for his field of study. He should have at least been inquisitive.

I told him, “You know why I want you to put on tefillin?… Because I know that Jews who refuse to put on tefillin most likely do not care if they marry a Jew or not. And I want the Jewish people to survive. Would you marry only a Jew,” I asked.

He said, “That’s not important.”

So that seems to be the bottom line…do we survive as a thriving people, or do we end up being a mere remnant in a history book?

The truth is, G-d has promised us that we will be redeemed, and that we will inherit our land. We know this will, and in fact, is happening right now. So really the question is not, will the Jewish people will survive. It is certain that we are going to survive. The question is, will your family be counted among us?


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  1. Fast well and know the best thing on a day like today is be kind!

    keep spreading the unity song and yours too

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