Enjoy an incite and live inspired and protected lol http://youtu.be/BE4uMU9nfiA

midnightrabbi inspires!

This is a recent post from a holy yid ” Before the Nazi-vandalism which occurred in Highland Park last night, I posted a status about the the leading suspect responsible for the vandalism who threatened “kristallnacht again!”, this was shared with me by an eyewitness and friend. Later in the night 6 STORES VANDILIZED WITH BRICKS IN THE WINDOWS. We need to wake up look around and stop the Nazis before they strike. Its time for ACTION. And another thing Shuls in America need to stop with the speeches on global terrorism, and start being active in fighting the Nazis re-surfacing in this country! Shuls and Jewish centers need to shift their focus from nonsense and step up.”

However, ‎Midnightrabbi inspires response “And we need to do teshuvah, as the danger is much much more every minute from within, instant access to the whole world of anti-G-d/anti-yid visually and…

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