a great father! with a great pic recently taken!!!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Says in Pirkei avos (saying of our Fathers) that Hakodesh Baruch Hu (G-d) is the Boss and hes very pushy with his workers to do there job lol…

Therefore, here is a link to almost all my sites of work! I’m such a proud and grateful, son, even Hulk Hogan has seen the light of my father!

Now this was good news to start the day!

Jeff Keni Pulver @jeffpulver retweeted to 404,235 followers:

Anyhow, Thank G-d yesterday we made a great blog of an even greater person, but now its time to make a blog for the greatest man around (Edgware/the Edge). He introduced me to Jeff Pulver… Truth is with my mother and G-d as a partner introduced me to life… This is the one and only Martin Goldsmith… (I know the Mitzvah of honoring ones father doesn’t allow me to…

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