Great news our Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah will be on 23rd April in Bet Shemesh!

Great news !!! The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah (<- click here for more info) 

is going ahead Monday 23rd April (Rosh Chodesh Iyar), as thank G-d many kind people have raised the funds necessary to make this special day for 30 young men.

Thank you making a difference now! A date and invitations are on the way. WE Need your kind help now! For the new year already! Share the cause (<-click here) and mention eli sent you in comments when u donate!

Happy Tu’bshevat – Tu B’Shevat The New Year for Trees (<-Click here for last years pics and vids!)

Thanks to Gutman Locks for his appropriately timed blog today!

Mazal Tov

One of the four most important days in a Jewish man’s life is his Bar Mitzvah. At 13 years of age, G-d will say to the boy, “You are old enough now to be responsible for My mitzvahs.” Pictured here is a father watching his son put on tefillin for the first time in preparation for the big day.

                                                                                    Kotel 5:30 AM

His next big day will come some 6 years later when his parents find the proper young woman for him. G-d will then say to him, “Be fruitful and multiply,” and he and his kallah (bride) will merge into one being…, and he will move into the next stage of his life. Pictured here is a ‘chatan (bridegroom) wearing his spodik (fur hat) for the first time, the morning before his wedding.

The other two most important days are the day of his bris milah (circumcision) when he receives his name, and the day of his passing when he moves into the next world to receive his reward for all of the good that he was able to do.

Jewish life cycles… around and around…

“How goodly are your tents O Yaakov, your dwelling places, O Israel!”[i] Especially when there is UNITY!!! in kindness…

[i] Numbers 24.5


3 thoughts on “Great news our Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah will be on 23rd April in Bet Shemesh!

  1. lets make some more special times with u all ! get ready & have a unity for Truth week… see the Tu;bshvat note * Tachanun is not said at Mincha or tomorrow, lechaim and elevate the world with appreciation and blessings …

  2. The Chlidren Of Yisrael – A Short Tribute To A Great Cause- Bet Shemesh Educational Center!

  3. […] Here’s my fathers – Bar Mitzvah and getting ready for ours 23rd April for all the students and kind donations that made there day!!! (click here <=) […]

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