Time to make a difference Midnightrabbi syle Riot breaks out on Jerusalem bus after secular man tells Ultra Orthodox Jew that he stinks
A riot broke out on an Egged bus on Wednesday evening after a young secular man refused to allow a Belz Hasid to sit next to him.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Now thank G-d , waking up the learn with my son this Shabbos brought me to the Kaliver Rebbe’s shul!

Here i was able to here from the lips of a great living memory from the world before, who full of life now wants us to strengthen in something many of us take for granted or know little about! We are part of the end of days where we feel very far from our true selves and very far from a focussed positive daily lifestyle. The world brings us to externality more and more where we miss our true inner essence. Recently, we just witnessed this very strongly with the Beit Shemesh going ons and the focus of the press and reactions after. The Kaliver Rebbe stopped us twice in prayer to emphasise we must say the Shema Yisrael together! We see this in both last week and this…

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