Yiddish Academy the place to learn Yiddish!

http://www.yiddishacademy.com/  We want to give you the tools to teach yourself Yiddish at home. Have fun while learning Yiddish!
Company Overview
www.yiddishacademy.com  provides information for people interested in learning Yiddish.
Have fun while learning Yiddish! All of the Yiddish words (over 350, not including our common words and phrases e-book) in our course are written in Hebrew characters are accompanied by Yiddish audio, as well as YIVO Yiddish transliteration and English definitions.
Helping you learn Yiddish with our Online Yiddish course. We want to give you the tools to teach yourself Yiddish at home.
Our beginners’ Yiddish course is already up and you can access it with a monthly membership. We’re planning on an intermediate and advanced course. You can try the free lessons and view the course contents first, to know exactly what you’re getting.

Yiddish Academy is our Dream Come True! (taken from the great website)

Just listen to what Yiddish Academy students are saying about the Beginner’s Course:

“The site was designed very well. I particularly enjoyed the sound feature to hear the yiddish words and phrases…. I thought it was fun. I even showed it to my kids and they enjoyed listening to the audio. I particularly enjoyed the beatles song.”

“So far I’m only on Lesson 1e so I’m very happy and pleased. I spend 1/2 hour each day (except Shabbos) working with the lessons on the site. My congregation is planning a Yiddish weekend next summer and I hope to know a bisl by then. A danke.”

“I sometimes volunteer in a hospital visiting lonely elderly patients. I have always wanted to be able to speak to them in Yiddish. After working through most of your course, I finally got the courage to speak to an old Jewish lady in Yiddish. She was so thrilled. It really made her day (and mine)! i hope to keep learning Yiddish so thanks so much for getting me started!!!”

We get such nachas from these letters… and we can’t wait to get more.

So join our many students currently learning Yiddish at Yiddish Academy and don’t miss this chance to learn Yiddish at a special discounted price.

Zei Gezunt!

Shmelke and Moishe

PS. We just got this email and we had to share it with you:

Grab your Yiddish Academy course NOW!

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A real photo from an Israeli cemetery – Grandma’s Walnut Cookie recipe is etched on the side!

5 thoughts on “Yiddish Academy the place to learn Yiddish!

  1. The Flintstones – in Yiddish!

    Well, there we are . . .

  2. Learn Yiddish Online
    Wait for the Yiddish…

  3. my favourite movie – Learn Yiddish Online
    This is pretty funny.

    Yiddish Star Wars

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