WAKE UP PEOPLE! Happy Purim Lchaim!

This is the final true translation of Rav Moshe Wolfson thanks to Emunas Yisrael, with true clarity on the issue and recommend listening <- click here!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Click here for true-important-ways-of-supporting-israel-in-times-of-need!Kollel Emunas Yisrael Beitar! Click here for our ->inspirations-for-today Check out below one day that people were inspired by !!!

Iran is currently a serious threat. The ruler of Iran repeatedly and explicitly announces that he wants to kill every Jew, as Haman declared. If he will succeed in attaining nuclear warfare, we will all be in serious danger. Those in the know predict that the bomb will be ready by the summer.
It is no secret that the secular Israeli government is considering attacking Iran to prevent them from acquiring the weapons which would render them capable of destroying the tiny country in moments. What is also understood is that such an attack will likely launch the Third World War.
With Israel and the world in so much danger, why are we…

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