Happy Purim :)

‎”Absolutely great! Rabbi Machlis has a most excellent spirit and as a humanitarian leader, he is surely one of Israel’s national treasures! – comment from the UK

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“TO BE OR NOT TO BE” – Purim Drunk?

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Shalom Rabbi Machlis and friends 

This blog is a small way of showing your appreciation, at time where the ways of kindness is what will aid our people more than we realize.

My life was changed and we all know of many others, thanks to your open house on Shabbos /Shabbat and your kind words of inspiration.

Many years ago we were looking for a place to pray and eat for Shabbos morning.

We found our way to your Minyan and prayed with simcha. Then you kindly invited us all back to your house for a meal. The house was overflowing with guests which were all happy to be there. And we enjoyed the food and comfort. You even encouraged people like me to speak and try to inspire us all. I even remember what I spoke about. It was to do with the spiritual connection we can all gain…

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