Only less than 4 weeks to not Passover the wake up calls!

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony
Becoming Bar Mitzvah is often the most significant event in a teenage boy’s life. It marks the important boundary between childhood and adulthood and is generally a time for great joy as well as reflection. Sadly, many of the students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center simply cannot afford to celebrate this special occasion because of their families’ financial hardship.This year, the Bet Shemesh Educational Center seeks to fulfill the dreams of its Bar Mitzvah boys. After completing an educational course about the significance of becoming Bar Mitzvah, each of the boys will be given a set of teffilin, and a tallit, as well as a small gift in honor of the momentous event. They will also have the opportunity to celebrate their special day with their families and friends,when they are all treated to a luxuriously catered meal and taken on an exciting field trip. For more info click here<-.This meaningful day of growth and celebration will be unforgettable for our students!If you would like to help a Bar Mitzvah boy receive a trulyspecial Bar Mitzvah celebration,

please click here (and mention eli in comments) or contact Eli or

phone 0573175856/ 00972573175856

This coming Passover, (don’t you passover) the Jaffa Institute is hosting a Pesach Seder for 500 impoverished Ethiopian
immigrants in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center’s beautiful new dining hall. For many of these families, this will be
the first Seder of their lives; an experience never to be forgotten.

From Purim to Passvoer— its already hot! 

Eli Pmusic hopes to hear only good news after a great Purim and the refuah shlemah of Rochel Leah bas Malka!

any how we all need to wake up and come together, @lazer brody sent me this Stormy Shabbat: South of Israel Sustains over 100 Rocket AttacksMotzaei Shabbat (Saturday night), 9:15 PM Israel Time:

We had a very stormy Shabbat here in the south of Israel and particularly in my beloved hometown of Ashdod. Last night at 9:55 PM, multiple red alert sirens sent us scurrying for cover. Ashdod and surrounding areas were hit with nine GRAD missiles fired from Gaza. Subsequent attacks occurred at 12:25 AM, 2:50 AM, 6 AM, and 7:10 AM. The 7:10 AM attack caught me in the mikva; thank G-d, that’s a spiritually safe place to be…

The day was quiet more or less, except that everyone was sleepy in the synagogue from being up intermittently all night. In the middle of praying Shmona Esrai during Maariv at the termination of Shabbat, there was a sixth attack on Ashdod, namely at 6:30 PM. There was an additional attack an hour ago at 8:15 PM.

The Iron Dome missile defense system has worked superbly in Ashdod, knocking down several missiles that were headed for the center of town. Miraculously, all the other missiles landed in open areas and on the outskirts of town.

Tomorrow, school has been cancelled in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, and the Gaza-periphery settlements.

The chaos began after the IAF killed Zuheir al-Qaisi, the head of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), on Friday. Al Qaisi was killed following intelligence that the PRC was about to launch a deadly attack on Highway 12, which straddles the border with Egypt. He was the villain who planned the terrorist attack on the Egyptian border several months ago that killed 8 Israelis.

To the best of our knowledge, eight Israelis have been wounded by the rockets this weekend. Most suffered light to moderate wounds. One, a foreign worker, was seriously injured.

Hamas claims to be sitting on the sidelines, but most surely is doing nothing to hinder the PRC.

Let’s hope for better tidings; meanwhile, Shavua Tov from the south of Israel.


2 thoughts on “Only less than 4 weeks to not Passover the wake up calls!

  1. Great news !!! The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah is going ahead Monday 23rd April (Rosh Chodesh Iyar), as thank G-d many kind people have raised the funds necessary to make this special day for 30 young men.

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