Please Describe why Cheesecake is so positive and yummy!

G-d Said, “Be Holy—Eat a Matzah After the cheesecake right?”

Singing with redeeming words of struggle and redemption is the unmistakable sound of DeScribe. The Brooklyn-based recording artist sings with the passion of a prophet mixing pop music and Caribbean influences with meaning, intertwining spirituality with the street.…

I don’t like the pop style of the music and wish the marley brothers would have more influence on the style and we have the power to keep the message pure , but this is a great video enjoy from A GOOD FRIEND WITH LOVE AND BLESSINGS 🙂

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When we do a mitzvah properly, trying to understand why Hashem wants us to do that mitzvah, and we try to see what changes when we do it, spiritual joy comes into our life. Hashem did not give us the mitzvahs to burden us. He gave them to us to remove a burden. Either we serve G-d, or we serve our senses. Thanks to ‎Gutman Locks,  as G-d Said, “Be Holy, Eat a Matzah after cheesecake lol”

Kedusha cover art

Ahavah Rabah

  • Click here for the ->Digital Track -and more  Abundant Love!


3 thoughts on “Please Describe why Cheesecake is so positive and yummy!

  1. Cheese cakes tastes oh so mouth watering, I can eat them all they long. My mom used to bake lots of cheesecakes when i was a little one and this was favorite since then. `..`”

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