Inner Torah is a way to live happy and inspired !

What is Inner Torah?
Inner Torah is a term that reflects a way of being in this world – a way that recognizes that:

    • everything is from Hashem (G-d),
    • our lives are holy text through which Hashem communicates with each of us individually,
    • our life circumstances and experiences are exactly as they need to be for our souls to evolve in this lifetime, and
  • it is our job to be with whatever happens in a way that enables us to grow, to become who we were created to be, to make our rightful contributions to the world and to come closer to Hashem.

Inner Torah is the name of a process created to help us come into loving relationship with ourselves, others and Hashem. It is a process that involves skills that can be developed and practiced by anyone willing to devote the necessary time and energy to learning them.

These are skills we need throughout life. There will always be events and circumstances that awaken new or long-buried aspects of the self. Each stage and chapter of life brings its own challenges. Inner Torah helps us to meet those challenges in an alive, aware, and often even joyful, way — and to become more whole and more holy in the process.

Inner Torah is a way to come into fuller and more authentic embodiment of one’s soul, one’s true essence. Through the gateways of breath and body, it guides us into actual experience of the Divine and eternal life force that animates our existence.

Inner Torah is an invitation to know and grow oneself and to touch the holy, the infinite, the spark of Hashem within.

Inner Torah? Books by Miriam Millhauser Castle

The Inner Torah Series The Inner Torah Series

Inner Torah Inner Torah: Where Consciousness and Kedushah Meet

A groundbreaking book presenting a unique Torah-based approach to knowing and growing the self and coming closer to God. It gently but firmly guides us into the inner world – that vast inner expanse that is home to the essence of who we are. There we can cultivate serenity and stability even in the most turbulent times. And there we can connect to the eternal spark of divinity that enlivens each of us. Based on the author’s work helping women from around the world, this profound book offers guidance into the deeper realms of body and soul, and shares powerful true stories of women who have made this remarkable journey within.

NEW! Now available in Hebrew!


The Inner Torah Series

Practical Inner Torah Practical Inner Torah: A Guide to Going Within

A companion volume to the much-heralded Inner Torah, this book is vital for people seeking to know themselves, better their relations with others, and truly reach the enormous potential locked within them. Practical Inner Torah offers a dynamic and effective program to help people develop the skills to: enter deeply into their own inner world, get to know all facets of themselves, heal old wounds and change habitual reactions, and come closer to Hashem. Complete with real-life examples and an easy-to-use worksheet, it both inspires and guides.

NEW! Now available in Hebrew!


The Inner Torah Series

Breath and Body The Breath and Body of Inner Torah

Hashem gave each of us the capacity to stay in right relationship with ourselves and others. That capacity is so basic to our ability to be what He created us to be that He implanted it in the breath – the most essential component of life itself – and in the body – the soul’s home in the physical world. The breath and body can help us to come into deep contact with ourselves and maintain that contact in our encounters with others.

This book, the third in the Inner Torah series, is devoted to exploring ways in which breath and body can serve as doorways to our authentic selves and to closeness with G-d. It elaborates and expands on ideas discussed more generally in Inner Torah and is intended to be used in conjunction with Practical Inner Torah. Covering such core topics as breath, voice, movement, touch, energy, and boundaries, it is a remarkable guide to living a fully embodied life – a life of wholeness and holiness.


Related Works Related Works

Halachah is Jewish spiritual law, it directs our actions according to the needs of the soul. Those actions include much of what we do in our relationships with others and with ourselves. Torah-observant Jews strive to meet these halachic standards in their daily life. Unfortunately though, most people do not really understand what the halachic requirements are in this realm. They unknowingly underestimate or overestimate what is asked of them and then act, and view themselves, accordingly.

So it is important to have a resource that explains in enough detail to be practically applicable, just what the Torah is asking of us in our interpersonal relationships and even in our relationship with ourselves. To Live Among Friends is that resource. Once we know what the soul needs in any given situation we can do what we need to do to reach that level. We can also avoid holding ourselves to standards that may be beyond what halachah requires and only appropriate to someone who has reached a much higher level of piety.

That’s where Inner Torah comes in. It’s not always easy to behave on the emotional and spiritual level that halachah requires, and certainly not on the higher levels beyond that. So even once people know what is expected of them, for example not to hold a grudge in a specific situation or to judge another favorably in another situation, they might not know how to genuinely get there. They may be stuck in feelings or attitudes that are counter to what halachah requires. Inner Torah then offers a way to clear whatever it is blocking one from feeling or acting in alignment with halachah – in alignment with the needs of the soul.

To Live Among Friends- By Rabbi Dovid Castle To Live Among Friends- Laws and Ethics of Everyday Interactions
By Rabbi Dovid Castle

An encyclopedic work of astounding depth and breadth on every aspect of interpersonal interactions. With eminent practicality, the author- a sought-after lecturer, Rav, and dayan (rabbinic judge)–presents cases both thorny and simplistic which every reader will benefit from studying. This beautiful and essential two-volume set includes such a vast myriad of topics and examples that it is difficult to give even a partial list of them. Suffice it to say, this work contains such detail and description that its pages leave “no stone unturned” in the laws and ethics of everyday interactions.


Other Books by Miriam Millhauser Castle Other Books by Miriam Millhauser Castle

Walking Mom Home- Cover Image Walking Mom Home

A daughter’s poignant account of the time she spent with her mother in the last year of her mother’s life. Mother and daughter joined forces to face the challenges of terminal illness and in the process grew in ways that neither could have imagined. This book is a magical weave of the inner and outer experience of some of life’s most challenging times – living in one’s dying days, serving as the caregiver of a loved one, grieving a great loss and going on from there. It shows us how one’s last days can be a time of awesome potential, how endings can become beginnings, and how love can blossom in any circumstance.


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    Miriam Millhauser Castle is a Torah-observant teacher and healer as well as a conflict resolution specialist and lawyer. Powerful early childhood experiences catapulted her into a direct relationship with dimensions beyond the physical world. At the same time, as the daughter of German Jewish Holocaust refugees, she also learned early on to be practical and disciplined and to pay close attention to the people and the world around her. These two very different orientations, reflected in all aspects of her life, are seen clearly in her client work and writing which unite heaven and earth in a unique and powerful way.

    She practiced law, becoming a partner in a large law firm. Seeing greater possibilities than those afforded by the traditional legal system, she went on to found CONFLICT Consulting, a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution, helping individuals, corporations, courts, government agencies, and other organizations handle conflict in constructive, creative, and conscious ways. As a well-known expert in dispute resolution, she published numerous articles, lectured and presented workshops across the United States. In Israel, her teaching included Torah perspectives on conflict.

    Her approach always emphasized the need for awareness and self-knowledge in order to effect genuine change. Eventually, she made this her area of focus and, incorporating her aptitude for working with energy, the body, and breath, opened a Torah-based healing clinic for women. There she worked with women interested in going on the remarkable inner journey that is the subject of her first book, Inner Torah: Where Consciousness and Kedushah Meet.

    After the publication of Inner Torah, she received many requests for guidance on how to do Inner Torah work on one’s own. Readers resonated deeply with her words and wanted very much to start plumbing the depths of their lives and their souls, but were not sure how and where to start. In response to these requests, she distilled the essence of Inner Torah into a step by step process that she describes in her second book, Practical Inner Torah: A Guide to Going Within. That book was written for men and women alike.

    The third book in the Inner Torah series, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah, also expands on concepts discussed in the original book, again in a way that enables readers to work by themselves individually or in pairs or small groups. In this book, the emphasis is on ways to be with one’s breath and body in service of coming into more authentic relationship with the self and others, and of coming closer to Hashem.

    Miriam Millhauser Castle’s commitment to spiritual and emotional growth in all life circumstances has been evident throughout her life. Her most recent book, Walking Mom Home: sharing the blessings of this life’s final journey, describes the time she spent with her mother in the last year of her mother’s life. It is Inner Torah in action, weaving together inner and outer, spiritual and material, life and death — with tender love and care.

    This same love and care is present in her work today as she helps people around the world, in person and on the telephone, heal and grow and come closer to Hashem through the Inner Torah process. The fruits of her experiences and client work are continually shared through soulful writings that guide and inspire. She also conducts workshops, teaches classes, and trains those who want to do Inner Torah work with others.

    Miriam lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Rabbi Dovid Castle.

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