Old scool & old camera – Shabbos Kodesh/Holy Sabbath with A.Y!

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  • everything is from Hashem (G-d),
  • our lives are holy text through which Hashem communicates with each of us individually,
  • our life circumstances and experiences are exactly as they need to be for our souls to evolve in this lifetime, and
  • it is our job to be with whatever happens in a way that enables us to grow, to become who we were created to be, to make our rightful contributions to the world and to come closer to Hashem.

This blog is to bring comfort for Leiby’s soul and family as its been a year everybody, also today is the 17th of Tammuz which is a fast day! Meet Boruch Yiztchak Hatzaddick getting ready for his special Shabbos event… Leiby’s soul is in the world of eternal Shabbos!He’s going to get dressed up as over the past year he finished learning all 39 forms of work you can’t do on Shabbos/Shabbat! These laws are huge and complicated and these 39, form the basis for the all the laws of Shabbos/Shabbat! Each child was dressed in his one of the laws that he learned to say and sing about, and each law was cleverly connected to his name, in the rhyme. The head Rabbi said there that each law/child is to be received with simcha/happiness as you will see in the pics and vids displayed…

This is Boruch Yitzchak teaching us the law of the “final hammer blow on a vessel” , he flows great with his happy soul sharing us his law for Shabbos Kodesh…

You say “Shabbos”, I say “Shabbat”…..(this paragraph is from a kind shabbos website- i personally say “gut Shabbos” lol). How ever the Jewish people pronounce it, it remains a peaceful oasis of holiness and tranquility in our tumultuous times, that we wouldn’t miss for the world! Have you ever wanted to go away for a Shabbos, or perhaps experience one for the very first time, but did not have a Shabbos home to join? Do you wish you had a special guest to share the beauty of your family’s Shabbos experience, but do not know where to find them? Traveling for business or pleasure? Backpacking across the country or around the world? Find your perfect challah! Studying abroad or in Israel? Or perhaps you just came back from Israel and want the taste to linger a while longer? Find your perfect challah! Want to network in your profession, meet cool people, make lifelong friends and expand your social horizons (and perhaps meet your Bashert)? Find your perfect challah! Come from a limited Jewish background and would like to experience a traditional Shabbos? Find your perfect challah! Who understands Yiddesh? lol Ohi vey lol <-watch here! The Light of Shabbos is to light us all up with Simcha/Happiness and pleasure… The words on the hat mean’s “comes Shabbos comes rest…” A deep form of connecting to our purpose in this world… To recognize the truth that the world is being Created every minute and we have to take time to appreciate this…  <-watch here!The time ahead is called the 3 weeks and how they should be The happiest Three Weeks of the year, in the future, where it will always be Shabbos/Shabbot… The three-week time period from the 17th of Tamuz till the 9th of Av is a time of mourning, because the tragedies of the destruction of the Temple/ Beis HaMikdash began on the 17th of Tamuz and culminated in the burning of the Beis HaMikdash on the 9th of Av. The 3rd Temple/ Beis HaMikdash will be built as soon as we make a dwelling for Hashem in this world and this can be how our weekly Shabbos feels etc… Thanks to Boruch Yitzchak and friends for teaching us the importance of Shabbos and joy… P.S. There is also a special order of Haftaros [the portion of the Prophets that is read after the weekly Torah portion on Shabbos] during this time period and even after till the end of the ten days of Teshuvah between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in the new year, may it come for GOOD! The focus is change, comfort and promised times of eternal happiness, the perfect rememdy for these past weeks inspiration-in-honor-of-leiby-kletzky-and-the-ohr-hachayim-hakodesh-rav-chaim-ben!

The Chumush Seudah (the five books meal) is based on and recommended by our Sages in Pirkei Avot 5:21 :

“בן חמש שנים למקרא, בן עשר למשנה…בן חמש עשרה לתלמוד”

“The five-year-old [is brought] to the Written Torah,

And the best way to begin anything good and important is with Simcha and happiness… And eating and drinking of course with a blessing!

Ahron Yosef before…

the Rebbe,

Rebbe Pinchas puts his heart and soul into the children…

Every child is made to feel like a King taking his place on the podium with microphone and crown with cloak…All the decorations are filled with words of inspiration and phrases from the Torah…

The meal doesnt begin until many introductions and prayers for the future of all the children and families etc… The main rabbi from the school gives his blessing, amen…

With pictures of the Rebbe from Vitznitz that survived the war with his Father the prev. Rebbe and rebuilt the schools of pre-war Europe in the holy land, now based in Bnei Barak and Yerushalayim…

From times of tradegdy to times of rebuilding and joy…

Now the children begin to sing the 5 books of the Torah covering all the Sefers, and weekly Parshos and all the titles of the Mishnah and Gemarah (Talmud) etc…

The main thing is the simcha and nachus that is felt at this holy time, which is compared to receiving the Torah at Har Sinai, and each child is like a dancing Sefer Torah (leibidik Torah Scroll)…they sing!

they eat!

they dance!

True pure simcha… A time the children and family shall cherish!

wishin u all simchos and nachus …

From father to son…  send us your powerful moments umuse613@gmail.com

beyond words…

Enjoy some more pics – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.215292135172755.48891.100000759096176


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