A Broken computer means Redemption :)

Inspiration from July 22nd, a Broken computer means Redemption 🙂

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ASHREINU is an innovative NEW Yeshiva designed to challenge and excite young men who want to COMBINE the study of Torah, with a FULL PROGRAM of communal, social and physical development.

Our mission is to instill in our students a lifelong love and commitment to Torah, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. This is accomplished through our unique curriculum combining a half day of Dynamic Torah Study, with Community Internships and a full program of educational and Challenging Tiyulim.

Ashreinu’s energetic staff is dedicated to the development of each and every student in a warm and caring environment!

The Nine Days and Licking our Wounds

The closer we get to Moshiach, the more Hashem is exposing previously concealed things. In other words, the truth is becoming more apparent daily.

People often ask me, how does one differentiate between a true Jew and a person with the spiritual makeup of erev rav (the tag-alongs that attached themselves to our people during the Exodus from Egypt and who initiated the Golden Calf fiasco)? Up until now, discerning between the two has been difficult. But, events in recent years reveals exactly who the erev rav are:

1. No Jew would force another Jew to lose his home, especially in the Land of Israel. Only the erev rav would do that.

2. No Jew would clamor for another Jew to go to jail because the latter truly devotes his life to learning Torah. Disdain of Torah is also another clear sign of erev rav.

RavElyashiv JPRav Elyashiv of saintly and blessed memory (image left courtesy ofjpost.com) left the physical world yesterday. We, the Jewish people, are licking a painful wound. The Rav zatza”l was surely a sacrifice for the World of Torah, which so many petty, self-serving, miniscule politicians yearning for notoriety have decided to attack in recent weeks. It’s truly amazing how the same party and politicians that initiated the devastating disengagement and destruction of Jewish Gaza, known popularly as Gush Katif, are the ones who have been demanding fierce sanctions including jail sentences for Torah learners who desire to cling to Torah. These are without a doubt the erev rav within our midst.

Do not take the passing of Rav Elyashiv zatza”l lightly; on the same day – yesterday – tragedy struck the Jewish people in the form of the terror attack in Bulgaria. Not only that, but with the Syrian mega-hit in Damascus yesterday, the final nail has been put in the coffin of Syrian stability. We now have highly volatile, instable borders with Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria. Tensions are very high, and a match could set off an explosion between Israel and Hizbolla/Iran.

So what do we do? During the Nine Days, beginning tonight, we must put aside virtually everything else and concentrate on getting closer to Hashem. That means more Torah, more teshuva, more emuna, and more personal prayer. Men, it’s time to start guarding your eyes and to take personal holiness seriously. Women, it’s time to start covering your hair and dressing modestly. People with fake emuna, even though they look the part, must begin serving Hashem for real. And yes, the fakes who are listed as Torah learners but who are walking around doing nothing should be drafted, right away along with all the secular kids who are dodging the draft too. We all have to fight with dedication; if not with a Gemara, then with an M-16.

The voice of Moses is calling once more, Mi L’Hashem ai’lie! He who chooses Hashem, join me! The People of Israel are down, but certainly not out. We’ll soon see big miracles, but on the way, there will be a tremendous birur, or sifting process. Make sure you make the right choice.

I’m not political but the Lubavitcher Rebbe said it all 🙂 new moves for JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith and Midnightrabbi inspires

Only when you are happy, when you are full of joy, then you can control your mind and get your mind to sit down and think straight. So, therefore, it says, “Ki b’simcha tetzeu [Isaiah 55] With joy you go out from exile.”

(Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – from the book “Rebbe Nachman Says…”)
You can buy the book online from www.shlomoc.com

“This book, in recording Rebbe Shlomo zatzal’s teachings for posterity, shows how his every utterance was a holy niggun. We owe a deep note of gratitude to Zivi Ritchie for his wonderful work.” — Rabbi Lazer Brody – – – – –


2 thoughts on “A Broken computer means Redemption :)

  1. thanks to Lazer Brody for his words of advice 🙂 but the key will always be shalom and unity, and TRUTH !

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