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Click inspirations-for-today Everyday! From Gutman Locks – His Sons Are Not Jewish
I explained to them in a way that children could understand that G-d is Infinite, so they should never worship a limited god. Then, I showed them how to pray for their loved ones. Although we are to help all people, including non-Jews, if a non-Jew’s father is Jewish, we have an additional reason to try to help him.A Non-Jew’s CommentTo the video; Jews Should Marry Jews

If you are Jewish, and dating a non-Jew, read this 43-year-old American’s comment to my video on the importance of Jews marrying Jews.

He wrote:“I agree that Jews marrying Jew is the most important message. My family line ended up non-Jewish because my grandparent’s son did not marry Jewish, and now everyone in the family is not Jewish in two generations.”Gutman adds:

Look beyond the sensual moment before you get involved and become attached. Do not throw away your 4,000-year-old family for a physical attraction. A central prayer that we say three times a day warns; “Do not follow your eyes and hearts for they will lead you astray.”[i]

More from Gutman locks “He’s a Heretic!”You never know when you ask someone to do a mitzvah what is going to happen. This Israeli walked by, and when I asked him to put on tefillin he roughly pushed me off.A religious Jew who was walking in the other direction called out to me, “Forget him. He’s a complete kofer!” A kofer is a Jew who denies the Torah, a heretic.

Just then, as if the Israeli had heard him, but really he was way too far away to have heard, turned, came over, and told me to help him to put on tefillin.

After he finished I asked him what changed his mind. It was as if some mystical voice told him to do it. He said, “Someone has been pressing me to do it.”I said, “But it was a good thing to do, right?” He agreed, and he walked over to the Kotel looking satisfied.

     The Jew who heard him push me off, and called him a kofer did not see that he turned, so he still thinks that he is a denier. But you can never judge someone else’s place. It is hard enough to be fair even when you judge your own.August 30, 2012 (1 photo)

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eli gold old song “shalom” from 12 years ago saved from a wreck ->inspirations-for-today/

The Cry of a Child

You shall not see your brother’s ox or sheep going astray and ignore them; rather, you should restore them to your brother.

And so you shall do with every lost thing of your brother – you may not remain oblivious (22:1-3)

When Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch was a young man, he lived in the same house as his father, Rabbi Schneur Zalman. Rabbi DovBer and his family lived in the ground floor apartment, and Rabbi Schneur Zalman lived on the second floor.

One night, while Rabbi DovBer was deeply engrossed in his studies, his youngest child fell out of his cradle. Rabbi DovBer heard nothing. But Rabbi Schneur Zalman, who was also immersed in study in his room on the second floor, heard the infant’s cries. The Rebbe came downstairs, lifted the infant from the floor, soothed his tears, replaced him in the cradle, and rocked him to sleep. Rabbi DovBer remained oblivious throughout it all.

Later, Rabbi Schneur Zalman admonished his son: “No matter how lofty your involvements, you must never fail to hear the cry of a child.”

The Lubavitcher Rebbe told this story to a gathering of community activists in 1962. “To me,” said the Rebbe, “this story characterizes the approach of Chabad-Lubavitch. With all the emphasis on self-refinement and one’s personal service of the Almighty, one must always hear the cry of a child.

“This is most applicable today, when so many Jewish children of all ages, have fallen out of the cradle of their heritage. Their souls cry out to us, and we must have the sensitivity to hear their cries and to respond. We must interrupt our prayers and our studies and do everything in our power to sooth these desperate souls and restore them to their cradle.”

Jaffa Institute B’nei Mitzvah Project

This campaign is being run for the children of the Jaffa Institute.

Campaign Owner: Chantal Jacobs

THE  Jaffa Institute ‘s YOUTH 4 YOUTH Program



The most significant event in each young Jewish person’s life is their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah marks an individual’s entry into adult life and is an important time when adolescents can begin to reflect upon their responsibilities not only towards themselves and their families, but also towards the wider community.

Embarking upon a Bar or Bat Mitzvah project is a valuable experience which enhances the development of a young adult’s sense of social justice and reinforces the Jewish principle of Tzedaka. Learning about those less fortunate than themselves and taking action to relieve their suffering enriches the Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience and enhances its meaning.

Participants in the Jaffa Institute’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah program are encouraged to learn about the 30 different programs that the organization runs while considering the different needs that our services address. They often choose to embark upon their own fundraising initiative in order to contribute towards their favorite Jaffa Institute program.

When the participants or their friends and family come to Israel, they are always welcome to visit the program that they have supported and see the positive impact that their Bar or Bat Mitzvah has had upon the children of the Jaffa Institute. They can also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Institute’s Food Distribution Center where they can pack boxes of food for needy families.

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    • This photo is Rabbi Isaac Leader from Vital One Search and Rescue he Is known as RABBI 911 this photo was take by a famous potagrerefer in New Orleans by hurricane Katrina when RABBI saved the Chabad 5 Shafer Torah s

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