Highlights from the High Holy days of Tishrei! :) new year too!

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Don’t be a chicken! 🙂

 !Don’t be like Chickens Yom tov is coming

Erev Yom Kippur

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Hallel, Hoshanos

The Festival of Sukkot – Blessing the Lulav…

Rebbe Sukkus time intense , shsh



Kaliver Rebbe had us in mind when he was waking up the lost yidden

Hoshanah rabbah – Judgement

Dancing children Sukkot in Jerusalem 5771


3 thoughts on “Highlights from the High Holy days of Tishrei! :) new year too!

  1. http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/inspirations-for-today/ Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we have been instructed to be more meticulous in observing the laws and practices [1]. This leads to the obvious question of what long term purpose this has being that we can seemingly return to our old ways straight after?

    Every year, on the Torah reading on the Shabbos before Rosh Hashana, we are assured that the Torah is not the other side of the ocean such that we should ask who will go to fetch it for us [2]. Nevertheless, we have been informed that if it was, then we would have to get it [3]. But why tell us this theoretical fact?
    Rather then, the Torah must be the other side of the ocean! But if so, how can we understand the statement that it is “not the other side of the ocean”?

    Two donkeys were carrying their respective loads: the first was carrying heavy salt sacks whilst the second light sponges. After a while, the donkey carrying the heavy load began to bear the burden of the weight, and watched the other donkey travel in happiness and became jealous and began to cry. A few hours later they arrived at a river that they had to cross. When the donkey carrying the salt entered the water the salt began to dissolve and after a few minutes was left with empty sacks and he became happy. But when the second donkey entered the river, his sponges absorbed a large amount of water and became very heavy loads for the donkey and he buckled under the weight.

    If we ‘carry the burden’ a bit in then when we immerse in the Torah (which is compared to water [4]) then it makes us feel lighter! But if always looking for easier option – then indeed Torah weighs us down!

    The Torah is indeed the other side of the ocean, but it “is not the other side of the ocean that we should ask who will go and fetch it for us”. Rather it is for us to get it ourselves.
    If we ask and dwell on it being far then it is indeed the other side of the ocean, but if we don’t then we receive Divine assistance and it becomes near [5].

    And so from Rosh Hashana we exert ourselves and improve our Divine service, even if we only intend to do so temporarily. If we take this suggestion seriously, the result is that we have made an effort to ‘carry the burden’ and not always seek the easier option. Subsequently we become the recipient of this special Divine assistance and ultimately realise how much nearer we really are to “the other side of the ocean” and long term spiritual improvement.

    Have a boatiful Shabbos and a resolute Rosh Hashana,


    Additional sources:
    Parable: Chasdei Avos 130 (Ben Ish Chai)
    [1] For example, not to eat kosher bread which has been made entirely by a non-Jew [Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 130:2; M.B 603:1; Tur (Avi Ezri from Yerushalmi) [Be’er Gola in Mishna Brura]. It is added [Shaar hatziyun, 609:1] that this includes even that which is strictly permissible.
    [2] Devarim 30:12, 13
    [3] Eiruvin 55a
    [4] E.g. Bava Kamma 17b
    [5] See also Pirkei Avos 3:5

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    #True #sincerity is the key to all we do, this #song brought me #home 😀 Read below and really #listen to the sincerity Struggle Group year!
    And #sincerely #Donate http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/3517 the #keytolife and ♥
    As the year 5773 draws to a close [Next Wednesday at dusk begins Rosh Hashana, the day the world came into beinh, the day that all creatures stand in judgement before their creator] we reflect on our deeds of the past year as we prepare for Judgement [ who in the coming year 5774 shall live, who shall die, who shall prosper and who shall become poor], we ask God – our father and our king – to forgive our sins. But God can only forgive our sins against God. In order to have complete forgiveness and a good judgement, we must first seek forgiveness from each and every peron we may have hurt or offended in any way. Second, and perhaps more difficult and more important, we need to forgive all others – including those near and dear to us, and including ourselves!
    I ask of you to forgive me if I have offended you personally in any way .https://midnightrabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/highlights-from-the-best-blogs-tishrei-2010-5771/

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