Forgiveness 2012-3 5773, new beginnings!

Inspiration for the new year, with forgiveness, please forgive me and only good news for us all!

Click here for great inspiration from a deep source -> Shalosh_Seudah_Torah Vayelech

The learning for this week’s shiur, Vayeilech &more,  learning should be a zechus for the speedy redemption of:Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).Please remember him in your tefillos. Guys please share! The Supreme court will IYH look over appeals on September 24th (day before yom kippur) and decide which cases they will review.�
The supreme court receives 10,000 cases a year, but only reviews 75-80 of them! It’s up to us to spread the case to the whole world (or at least to people we know).�
Please sign the petition from the link below.
Gmar Chasima Tova to everyone.� Check out this new short clip about Sholom Rubashkin’s case and the justice system:�Send it to all your friends via twitter, facebook, and of course your entire email list!May Sholom Rubashkin indeed see the justice he so

Alex Clare meets Idolator. And hes not an Idol, hes the real thing , check it out for yourself!

Asking Forgiveness <- click here for orig. link! 🙂

For on this day [Yom Kippur] He shall effect atonement for you to cleanse you. Before G‑d, you shall be cleansed from all your sins—Leviticus16:30.

On Yom Kippur, G‑d mercifully erases all the sins we have committed “before G‑d”—but not the sins we may have committed against our fellow man. If we really want to come out of this holy day completely clean, we need to first approach any individual whom we may have wronged and beg their forgiveness. This applies whether the offense was physical, emotional, or financial (in which case, seeking forgiveness is in addition to making appropriate monetary restitution).

Just as the offending individual is enjoined to sincerely seek forgiveness, so, too, the victim is expected to wholeheartedly forgive—provided he is assured that the plea for forgiveness is indeed sincere.

More Details:

  • It is proper to specify the wrongdoing for which you are seeking forgiveness—unless doing so would cause further embarrassment to the victim.
  • If the injured party refuses to grant forgiveness, the offender should try approaching him several times, each time in the company of a few friends (who can try to convince the victim of the sincerity of the offender’s intentions).
  • If the individual whom you have wronged has since passed away, and the gravesite is in the vicinity, take a minyan to the gravesite and beg forgiveness there. If the gravesite is not in the vicinity, you can appoint someone to go to the grave together with a minyan to ask for forgiveness on your behalf.
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Thank G-d Rivkalah’s arm is better ! Thanks for your Tefillos!
No more cast like the Struggle Group 🙂

This is a great story how we suffered after yom tov, this plumber cleaned out 2 playmobile men from the toilet by filling our house with poo and still didn’t manage to clean the block, the worst plumber and he advertises as a playmobile man lol finally after some real cash paid came a real perosn and now we’re cleaned up spiritually and physically, thank you G-d ! Struggle Group!

Fiddler Raises the Roof

Daniel Ahaviel is one of the Jewish world’s top fiddlers; he’s also our dear friend and spiritual brother. He’s the one who plays the violin on our Judean Dream album. There’s no one who can fiddle and dance like he can. Daniel lives and breathes the joy of serving Hashem. Rebbe Nachman teaches that you can’t make teshuva if you’re not happy, so we need to put smiles on our face before Yom Kippur, and not be sullen like some folks think. And by the way, Yiddishkeit is cool…  

When the prophet noticed the Children of Israel deviating too far from their roots, he urged us, “Return Israel to Hashem, your G-d… return to Hashem” [1]. Why did the prophet see to repeat the fact that we must return to Hashem? In addition, why emphasise that it is Israel who must return: obviously if they are the ones who were sinning it is they that must repent?!

Furthermore, a significant part of the repentance prayers [2] seems to involve expressing that the complete repentance programme is too cumbersome! Are we trying to make things worse for ourselves?!

Amongst the many who were affected by the Tsumani disaster, was a South African Jewish family. The husband was out at sea at the time, whilst his wife, baby and maid were on the beach. The maid was the first to spot the gigantic Tsunami wave and unsuccessfully attempted to attract her employer’s attention. It was too late. He watched helplessly as his family was washed away, whilst he himself managed to grab onto a tree as he was washed ashore.

In the meantime his wife and maid were pressed up against the side of a tall building. They were up to their necks in water and the mother became frantic – she had lost hold of her baby!

In the meantime the maid felt something brush against her leg from the side. Instinctively she picked up this ‘thing’ – it was the baby!

G-d is our Heavenly parent. He wants us – his baby – to return to Him.

This is what the prophet is coming to emphasise:

It is not just about ‘returning to G-d’, but rather that we – the sons of Israel – the children of G-d, return to our Father in heaven.

We do not just simply return to G-d for our own benefit, but rather because just like a parent desires their child to ‘return’ to them, so too our Heavenly Father desires and helps us return to Him. The repentance programme of contemplation, removing oneself from sin, regret and acceptance to improve in the future might all seem daunting, or even ‘against all odds’. But so might reading, writing, walking for the first time or learning how to ride a bike. As long as our teachers want us to learn, then we can indeed succeed to great heights. And so we must remember that it is our Heavenly Father that we are talking about who wants us to return to Him! All we have to do is express our desire to return to Him, appreciate that we will need His help and take the first few steps to return to HimimHimH.

Have by father best Shabbos,

Dan. <-click here for more!

Knuckle Bumping[i] from Gutman locks IMG_1392
     When I told this Israeli to talk to G-d, he “smacked” his knuckles against the sky as if he was “knuckle bumping” Hashem! I thought that I had seen everything, but this one cracked me up.
What Are You Supposed to Think?
     What are you supposed to think when you see a Jew who looks like this? “Weirdo! Ha! Ha! I wonder where he has been? Oh Boy! Look at that!” …and on and on.
     But you know what? We all have looked like we needed help at sometime in our IMG_0120
lives. And you know what else? If you will extend yourself, and help even the strangest cases, G-d is going to extend Himself, and help even you. [i] A recent fad type of handshake!

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