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midnightrabbi inspires!

This is very real cause that is  close to my heart as a 7 and half years daily project, which was a and is a real life changer!  Daf Yomi has been taken up since by hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide, including myself, which together keeps us together, and with millions of Jews united with Israel bringing Moshaich now!Before we begin i recommend a charity yomi/daily giving a small amount of time/money to help charitable causes! like be-kind-with-true-people-and-causes and like Midnightrabbi inspires!

This track brought me to tears from dirshu , and a holocaust survivor, listen here!

More inspiration just in – Please G-d we are finishing Shas (the whole six sections of talmud) and know loads of you will want to  come, please G-d! For more info come-visit-for-the-midnightrabbi-tour-of-the-kotel-because-you-care/ for tickets and practical info call me now 00972-573175856 or email!

Looking forward to this 12TH DAFYOMI SIYUM…

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