Toys and our new program Mishkenotecha Yisrael!

A message from the Jaffa Institute We’re always on the look-out for donations of games and toys – if you have some unused ones hanging around, please send them our way! The Jaffa Institute children will be ever grateful!

Firstly check out Mishkenotecha Yisrael our new program at Bet Shemesh Educational Center the sister school from the Jaffa institute! 

This year there are 75 students in this program- 48 in two 9th grade classes, and 27 in the 10th grade. Both of the 9th grade classes are new this year. 6 of the 10th graders are new this year, while the other 21 in that class continued from last year.  (At the end of last year there were 28 students in the 9th grade, and 21 returned. This was due to some that left and some that were asked to leave since they did not fit into the program.)

This program is geared towards students who have learned in the Haredi school system through 8th grade, where there has been a major emphasis on religious studies and minimal secular studies. If they remained in that system, these boys would enter what is called the “yeshiva ketana” where there are exclusively religious studies. These students were not cut out for a full day of yeshiva studies. They would most likely not be accepted to a yeshiva ketana and would have to move to either non-religious schools or drop out of school. Without a secular studies background, it would be almost impossible for them to fit into a school where the other students were learning secular studies at a 9th grade level. Mishkenotecha provides a program that is in a religious setting that is acceptable to the boys’ families, with a full religious studies curriculum, but most importantly accepts them at a low level of secular studies and works to bring them up to the proper level in the secular realm.

The boys study Gemarah, the Prophets, Jewish law, Mishna, the Bible and the weekly portion on the religious side. Secular studies include English, math, literature, history, written expression, science, computers and sport. The program has set as its goal that the students will be prepared to take the bagrut exams starting in 10th grade. In order to do this they will need a lot of enrichment and tutoring in small groups in the secular studies. As in any group of students, some are very bright and others exhibit lower levels of academic ability, but with the proper tutoring they would be capable of completing the bagrut requirements.

In general, the students are at an above average level in their religious studies, but at a low level in their secular studies.

Included in the student body are 12 students from Jerusalem, 16 from Yeruham, Ashkelon and the south, and 7 from Bet Shemesh. The remainder are from a wide variety of locations including B’nei Brak, Petach Tikva and moshavim in the center of the country.

All of the students live in the dormitories in Bet Shemesh and return home for most Shabbatot. Every evening there are activities for the boys, including Kapuera, basketball, a supervised weight room, guitar classes, drums and we are trying to institute a drama group as well.

The boys have a highly varied and rich learning experience in this program, and develop important relationships with their teachers and counselors that are picked specifically for their ability not only to teach but also to connect to each student on a personal level.

Please send an email with your info –

Secondly, thank G-d we have managed to raise 30,000$ with some smaller donations on the way for a cause that breaks our hearts until it is filled.

And need to raise another $30,000 for the new year of students 5773 /2013 please donate now! And mention Eli and the Bar Mitzvah celebration in comments!

Imagine not having ability to get married, or in this case to have a
Bar Mitzvah, at least 28 children every year await your kindness to correct that now!

Join us: and donate generously after reading this  <- click here!

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  1. You can email us or message the facebook page for the gifts of toys for our Jaffa Institute children! and mention ‘Eli Gold sent you thanks

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