Israel’s Number One Spa Resort

Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?

– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.



We were really nervous about organizing our wedding in a country that was foreign to us, but you immediately put our minds at ease. We were so impressed with your ability to translate our unique and complicated wedding vision down to the smallest details with such style, elegance and professionalism. Your knowledgeable advice when it came to choosing the right venue, accommodations and photographer was second to none. Even though we were required to go through a lot of city bureaucracy to obtain approval before being married in the ruins in the old city, you were able to make it happen. We were able to truly relax and enjoy our special day knowing everything was in your capable hands. We cannot even begin to express our appreciation for all that you did to turn our dreams into a reality. You exceeded all of our expectations when planning our wedding and we’d highly recommend your services to anyone!

-Yael Zvia Bauer

Thank you for making our special wedding day such a resounding success! We were a little apprehensive about the challenges we’d face planning our wedding in a foreign country, but with your valuable expertise and professional guidance, we were able to have the ceremony of our dreams on a modest budget. You saved us so much time and stress by taking care of all the arrangements with our service providers and making sure the day went as smoothly as possible. Your efficiency, incredible organizational skills and friendly support we exactly what we needed. We can’t express enough gratitude for all your hard work and dedication! We’d highly recommend you to anyone thinking about planning their wedding in Israel.

-Shoshana Siegel

Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?

– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.

For more information, call: Israel 02.650.8840, America 1(800) 651-7026, UK 0203-150-0418, or email:

Israel’s Number One Spa Resort


Each day spent in Israel is like a journey through time and nature. You will experience breathtaking monuments and natural wonders with each tour you take. Such a journey can also be draining, so it’s important to stay in a hotel that offers the right environment for rest and relaxation. There are plenty of choices, but none offers the unique blend of luxury and natural beauty like the five star Mount Carmel Forest Spa Resort.

Nestled within the lush forests of the Mount Carmel mountain range, this spa and resort surrounds visitors with some of the most beautiful natural wonders Israel has to offer. Visitors can choose to start their morning off with a jog through stunning forest trails before embarking on that days tour. For those that want to be a little closer to nature, the vast mountain range offers plenty of hiking trails. If you just need some time to wind down after a week full of activities, the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are just a short walk away.

The rooms within the Carmel Forest Spa Resort feature everything that guests will need for a luxurious visit. High definition televisions will introduce you to Israel’s distinctive culture. A mini-bar and coffee maker provides visitors with their favorite beverages, while each room’s balcony offers a spectacular view. The double beds allow couples to enjoy a restful nights sleep. The furnishings also enhance the hotel’s luxurious environment.

The staff at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort also strive to keep you in good health during your visit. The gymnasium features plenty of exercising equipment to help you maintain your health during your stay. Massages and other various spa treatments will help ease tension and stress. The hotel’s restaurant offers cuisine that is just as nutritious as it is delicious. And there are plenty of fitness areas that allow families to stay fit together.

The Carmel Forest Spa Resort is also the best choice for your next business trip. The conference rooms are large enough to fit groups of any size and can be utilized for any business event from presentations to strategic planning. Your privacy is guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about outside distractions.


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