“We got such a power”- Elyon inspires in Yeshivat Ashreinu, @ the Midnightabbi mystic music hour!

Happy times ahead, Good month & Purim book with Elyon! 0573114867 happy-purim-and-pesach-2013-bar-mitzvah-awaits-your-donation-now!

Will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-dYeshivat Ashreinu 🙂 the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center!

Elyon is Eliezer Kosoy (<-click here for more) musical creation and he came special this week for our Fortunate ones and students <-click here for info on Yeshivat Ashreinu, we ended off with a dance !  Elyon is Kosoy’s third original album and Hill has been featured as a backup vocalist and guitarist on over 20 albums. The two currently live in Israel where they learn Torah most of the day, and they bring a wealth of life experience and spiritual vision to their music. They originally met many years ago at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and discovered their musical connection while singing zemiros together at Hill’s Shabbos table. After recording a demo CD together 2 years ago, the duet began performing for kiruv groups and yeshivas throughout Israel. The response to their music was excellent, and groups were simultaneously inspired as well as entertained: “Your heartfelt niggunim and inspired songs helped create an atmosphere of deep simcha and real longing for kirvas Hashem…Your distinctive style and unique sound resonated with chein and truth, and a tangible sense of inner working and avodah.”

Elyon, which combines the beginnings of their first names, is also a Hebrew word which means high and exalted. True to its title, the album takes its listeners to a high and exalted place, with 13 inspirational and unforgettable tracks such as “Eye on the Light” and ” Siyu Yadeichem.” The vision of Elyon is to create a unique brand of Jewish music that will inspire, strengthen and arouse the hearts of Jews to come closer to Hashem. The music is strongly influenced by ideas from the Chasidic and Mussar movements, and takes from classical American folk. In an article written for Jemagazine entitled “If Simon and Garfunkel were frum” they were accurately compared to that legendary duo–the sweet voices of Elyon blend together in an unmistakable harmony.

(כ םילהת)  …’ה םשב ונחנאו…בכרב הלא (14) Going Higher

Words and Music by: Eliezer Kosoy


There was a fire that came down in the form of a man

A searching soul ran to him and cried, “Please help me to understand.”

“Believe in yourself my child, that’s what I’m here to say.

The past is gone the future’s not here…

you can make a fresh start everyday.”

Chorus: There’s a part in all of us burning with desire.  .

If we find the point of good it will always bring us higher…higher

I’m going higher.

His voice is ringing, “There is no such thing as despair!

If you believe you can break…believe you can repair.”

‘Hope and joy…carry them with you

A hearty laugh at yourself can change your point of view.’


I will search and I will find a way…I’m going higher.

Keep your spirit alive…’it’s forbidden to get old.

Smile on everyone…let shine shine your soul.’

He said, “I’m leaving now, but I will be right next to you.

Grab my words and they’ll lead you to a world that is true.’


 With a Smile

Words and Music by: E.iezer Kosoy

If you are facing adversity, really it was a gift to bring you to your knees.

You see, if you were perfect and your body was okay,

You’d never internalize that life is a passing day.

So, love your unease really it’s your friend.

It’s just a reminder that we all need to mend.

Chorus: You might try to find the good today.

You might welcome all that comes your way…with a smile.

You are exactly who you need to be.

The challenges you face are unique to your destiny.

Sometimes you complain and say I’ve had enough.

Don’t expect a smooth ride the surface here is rough.

Did you ever try to think that maybe you’ve been blessed?

You represent the strong, go embrace your lofty test…


There’s something so beautiful about what’s ailing you.

It’s screaming, ”Don’t get too used to it here…

remember your ancient view.

…Because we’re all here on loan, how much have we grown?

Now’s toil and labour, and then you can savour the rest when you get home.

Your body is pushing you to recall,

that your an angel in disguise walking through this hall.


Can you change your approach and see the privelege of pain?

Too much sunshine will dry you out, you grow when in it rains.

Take your joyous burden and run throughout the fields.

Maybe your the one to help others heal.

Be brave when your sad, you gotta fight to be glad.

Forces all around will try to take you down, don’t let them drive you mad.

Be soft with people, but hard in your resolve.

Try your best to work things out and accept what you can’t solve.

So put yourself at ease and laugh (at your unease), it’s always been your friend.

It’s just whispering…we’re all leaving in the end…so live with a smile.


10) Return

Words and Music by: Eliezer Kosoy

Remember… who you are, where you came from and where you’re going to.

Listen, there’s a voice that cries, your soul demands honesty,

when are you going to set it free?

Everywhere you look, temptation throws a hook.

Be careful of this veil, go and walk the righteous trail…Return.

Do you really know your past? Have you learned your history?

Whose values do you live? Can you pierce the subtleties?

You forgot your roots, and left your land.

Come on back home to what you may not understand.

You’ve been gone for a while, and got used to this exile.

You’re always welcome here, have no fear to reconcile…

Chorus: You and I need to look inside… and Return.

The sea already split, you saw it with your eyes.

It may be hidden now but soon you’ll recognize.

Reclaim your might, innocence and light.

Purity is what you are, why do you remain so far?

You may have your doubts, others philosophize…

You can justify all the time,

or you can trust with faith and realize…

Chorus: You and I we’ve got to try…to Return.

If you’re not for yourself, who will be for you?

And if you’re only for yourself what are you?

And if not now , when?

If you’ve got a weak heart, go and take yourself apart.

Learn from those who know the way, rebuild yourself everyday.

This life’s a tightrope walk, every step you take,

You could fall or rise and penetrate the skies.

Yes! You’re a teacher, you’re a healer.

You’re all the things you’ve ever thought, don’t deny what  you’ve got.

You know what’s right, and you know what’s wrong.

If you open up your mouth only sing the sweetest song.

Chorus: You and I we will fly…When we Return…Go Return.


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    Happy times ahead, Good month & Purim book with Elyon! 0573114867 happy-purim-and-pesach-2013-bar-mitzvah-awaits-your-donation-now!

    Will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-dYeshivat Ashreinu 🙂 the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center!

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