We are happy to present Tonight Nachman Solomon from HaMokor and Yehuda Solomon’s from Moshav Band (Official) old guitarist and bro Meir Mizmor will be performing @Midnightrabbi inspires Music Mystic hour Yeshivat Ashreinu
As part of a JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith & Ashreinu project together!

Please share the good word (8pm for locals) and updated blog and post will follow -> http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center/

Nachman Solomon – HaMakor – makin way for Eliyahu Hanavi!
Well my first meeting with Nachman Solomon , head-piece of HaMakor was at the Unity of Bands concert 09′. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/130359 His special holy family alwa…

Eli Pmusic call me 0573175856 and enjoy 🙂

Midnightrabbi Inspires

HaMakor and more great acts with your donations will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-d @Yeshivat Ashreinu! Email Umuse613@gmail.com to sponsor thanks!

We hosted HaMakor for the second time thank G-d We Are So Excited To Have Hosted 3 of the Solomon Bros and now a fourth ofThe Talented Solomon Brothers, Yosef, formerly of the Moshav band, At Our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music Hour With The Fortunate Ones! Their Talent Is Beyond Words And Take A Glimpse At The Best Jewish Music Brothers Around. We all Loved It Beyond Talent,  Thank G-D! We Hope To Bring The Whole Band and brothers Here Soon With A Rockin’ Midnightrabbi Concert For More Fortunate Ones! Bs’d!

The pics are here <-

Well my first meeting with Nachman Solomon , head-piece of HaMakor was at the Unity of Bands concert 09′.


His special holy family always fascinated me , especially that there whole path was…

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